[Video] Paris Defies Ban On Pro Palestine Demonstrations, Clashes Break Out


Video From Revolution Et Libertes

Paris, France

The following video helps breakdown the sequences of events in Paris during todays (July 19th) demonstration in support of Palestine and in defiance of the French governments ban on Pro Palestinian / Anti Zionist protests.

The video breakdown is clear: 1: Peaceful Protestors Defying The Government Ban 2: Police React With Tear Gas Attacks 3: The People Resist

The French police can be seen HERE attacking a disabled pro Palestinian demonstrator who is bound to a wheelchair. As people rush to defend the man from the police and cameras appear, the police back off.

People who could not reach the main demonstration had their own demo in front of the train station

The ban on Pro Palestine demonstrations started after clashes broke out between a march of supporters of Palestine and Zionists. Video shows Zionists breaking store fronts and collecting weapons to use against the pro Palestine march. Moments later, video shows the Zionist running for their lives as pro Palestinians counter surge. The Zionists then run to safety hiding behind their main supporters: the State and its police:


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One thought on “[Video] Paris Defies Ban On Pro Palestine Demonstrations, Clashes Break Out

  1. Yesterday, I went to the event with my little camera. By desire to pass that I, I saw. At the same time the bourgeois media speak the language of the lie, it must be said, journalism office, cutting the bands of interest “journalists”, also the game of colonial policy, the same was made ​​vis-à-vis the French colonies. They are recognizable by the way they distort, from beginning to end, the events that support the creation of a Palestinian state. France suffers from the press, because the press is in the hands of the bourgeoisie and thus is in its meaning.

    Pacific Protest

    I arrived around 2:15 p.m. at Barbès Rochechouart metro after getting off at Pigalle to really feel the balance of power, see the number of vans of police, it was not wrong. It is a sort of mental preparation to empty the mind and spirit. Indeed, when we go to a banned demonstration, one never really knows what it will fall. However, often when an event is prohibited by the Prefecture of Police, any gathering is rendered impossible: they renew protesters elsewhere. This was not the case, we can consider that there was a tolerance of the Prefecture of Police or the willingness to take the demonstrators in a well organized operation, as will be seen later. Indeed, they had ample means to hold the prefectural given vans present in the 18th arrondissement.

    The demonstrators expressed in the own interest of Palestine. Of course, the crowd was motivated and determined. Arrived 45 minutes earlier, I could see a small crowd gather. There must have been a hundred people packed when I arrived at the subway exit. Then the crowd came gradually fill, then she took the whole of the two channels in the metro. shouting: “Israel Assassin”, “Children of Gaza, Palestine Child, This is humanity being murdered”, “Zionists, fascists, you’re terrorists.” The NPA also came there with a car and a banner, and Ensemble. Good humor reigned in the streets of Paris.

    People are mounted on the building under construction opposite the metro waving Palestinian flags, but also to burn Israeli flags repeatedly. I think it was a bad idea and I also regret. This gives a bad image.

    Then the rally turned into a protest when he began to advance on the Boulevard Barbès towards Marcadet – Fishmongers. There must have been 6,000 people in motion. Simply everything was going well. At this time, public order reigned in the event. There was no problem of any kind, walking was happening in the quiet and smooth with the police.

    Of course, people are angry, some say we should not import the Palestinian cause in France. They call for restraint, that is to say forget the ongoing conflict that has killed 300 people and injured thousands of Palestinian side and 1 to 3 Israeli deaths (two soldiers) and tens of wounded. No, we can not tolerate all these unnecessary deaths and injuries or tolerate seeing a government and parliamentarians mostly unable to take strong decisions for peace and sovereignty of the Palestinian state. Our state has developed violent press against Palestinians, on our behalf, so it is our duty to show that we condemn the massacre there. Thus, while public order reigned, anger was controlled and managed. It is an undeniable fact.

    The Challenge:

    The demonstration was stopped by four police vans at the Mobile Street Fishmonger. The demonstrators headed to the Mobile Police in the booing, but always without incident. The tension grew slowly gradually. The refusal to let the event go forward, the Mobile Police gave way gradually to CRS. There must have been around 1000 to 2000 people in front of the van, then the first tear gas canister exploded creating a real disturbing public order. This is actually what I had planned in the morning before heading out to protest when I wrote an article of peace and measured:

    “But it is certainly not by attacking the attacked that we can reduce the disturbance of public order, worse, it is a pyromaniac and suicidal strategy, it will have an effect: increase the determination of the demonstrators and also increase the disorder. Is it fear of reprisals that the government refuses to act properly for the good of all? I do not know. […] There is little doubt about one thing, the area will be blocked by the police in fact providing a disturbing public order, especially creating their own disturbing public order, ironic is not it?”

    However, there was no summons pursuant to former Article R431-1 of the Penal Code codified to date in Article R211-11 of the Code of Homeland Security. Now, we have seen no statement into a megaphone or red rockets fired by police. We can therefore consider that the vocation of the first tear gas canister was not in order to disperse the demonstrators. The officers were not in danger. One really wonders the purpose of this first tear gas, since it is she who created the truly overflowing. Thus, we conclude effectively and clearly, that the vision of forces was not to hold the event and ensure the peace and security of people oh this event was it prohibited .

    According to a video, an Israeli flag burned would have triggered the grenade. Although I do not approve this act, it in any way justify the repression of the demonstration, as protesters were not threatening the police.

    In fact, no real desire to dispersion while the police had two logical reasons for this grenade: 1 / Suppress the event; 2 / Make escalate the event.

    The slippage of the event

    In any event, they were successful. A ball preparation done by the state of almost military way, to say that the state took care of CRS. From the second or third use of tear, a stampede started, the event degenerated. Both directions of movement took place: to Poissoniere street to metro station Barbès. For my part, I went to the Poissoniere street.

    We hear a lot that they were small groups of thugs came on purpose. An even bigger lie relayed by the bourgeois press! What the media call “thugs” were actually people who were protecting the protesters face violence and cruelty of the police. They prevented the police to move in the common good. The first thugs wearing a helmet, a shield and a baton. I ended up Square and Leon to find some peace and find water. An urban guerrilla unfolded before our eyes, or rather a police guerrillas. These are the forces who wanted to fight against the demonstrators, surely relax. Not far away, the inhabitants were helping giving water and handkerchiefs.

    When I returned to the Boulevard Barbès by the Rue de la Goutte d’Or, solidarity was there. Rainy tear gas fell into the corner of the street to prevent persons in the Goutte d’Or join the Boulevard Barbès. They tried to create a stampede to the Rue des Islettes overlooking the Boulevard de la Chapelle. Lots of people had milk bottles for us to put on the eyes to remove the effect of the tear and thus relieve us.

    On the Boulevard Barbès after the intersection of the Rue de la Goutte d’Or, inner courtyards were opened by the inhabitants. Water is very important, it helps to wash your eyes D system and refresh the head to remove the tear. But the police saw a dim view of the ongoing solidarity. They are the forces of disorder and selfishness. When police made ​​a charge, we had to leave quickly. The deluge continued tear, they wanted to invest the courtyards of buildings.

    We ended up back at the Barbès Rochechouart metro Boissieue between the street and the street Bervic. Yet so we reculions, no output was at our disposal.

    A whole set of protesters were helping those who were gassed, who could no longer breathe properly. People who no longer saw were taken by other forces for shelter. A true grassroots organization was established. The event had the air of revolution, one could believe it. It would really want to sweep this whole bourgeois republic and install the republic of workers, by workers and for workers. They understood that the face of repression, they are all equal and that only solidarity, mutual assistance and cooperation allow better forward.

    Then we continued to decline arriving in the subway. JDL – an extreme radical Jewish organization and ultraxénophobe ultraislamophobe also chummy with identity – was present in the subway looking protesters. She came to the provocation in the demonstration on February 13. A provocation that led to a stampede to the subway to take care of these vermin as one might say. Thus, the barriers have been forced, but it did not lead to anything. They had hot buttocks these pro-apartheid and pro-Palestinian activists genocide.

    Then there was a violent charge of the Police, taking us to the intersection of Rue de Maubeuge. Again, vans blocking the passage through the gates. At the back of the event, it warmed very serious way. We saw off tear. Then suddenly, fires broke out everywhere on the portion of the Boulevard de la Chapelle beneath the subway. Protesters used what was left of the market as fuel. People were really desperate. The Metro 2 had to be completely evacuated.

    A large Palestinian flag was deployed by nearly 50 meters long Recalling also that the basis of the protest was peaceful, no offense to all reactionaries and enforcement

    It should be understood that the police functioned as a steamroller street Rue Fleury giving two points on the rue de la Charbonnière and the Rue de la Goutte d’Or. However, the Charbonnière street was invaded by the tear gas, leaving two protesters solutions: reach the Rue de la Goutte d’Or or continue the street from the Charbonnière overlooking the street Jessaint, that is to say to St. Bernard Church (Church where there was the occupation of undocumented brutally repressed by the police). Barricades are formed, the CRS give way to the BAC.

    in conclusion

    In the end, the Police Department as the Minister of the Interior, must assume their share of responsibility for these incidents. They deliberately caused the event, refused to disperse and wanted to violently repress.

    Some ask me if there were anti-Semitic, because you know amalgams currently work wonderfully. The following words: Jews, Israel, Zionist are assembled in a single word for some people, this is totally unacceptable and condemnable.

    So I tell them, everywhere there are bad apples. People who are wrong battle and in fact had nothing to do in this event. Antisemites have the same genocidal logic Netanyahu in Israel, they are notified by the hatred of a religion they confuse with a people and a state. This is the same hatred, violence and even made ​​the same stupidity. But it is an opportunistic minority. Their gurus make money on the backs of Palestinians, including some used for fraud and tax evasion.

    As Manuel Valls said that the event was anti-Semitic, I think he did not saw the event. But, he reflected as an anti-Semite, but the wrong side. Believe that he must hate the Jewish religion to defend peace in the Middle East is the demonstration of the absence of his arguments. His buddy Christian Estrosi did the same, saying in a tweet: “Now I demand the prohibition of all pro-Palestinian demonstrations which became the voice of anti-Semitism.”

    The Palestinian struggle has no religion, ethnicity or another, it is a struggle for all mankind. Every Palestinian death is a wound in humanity. When we left, when you are a socialist then fights for greater international peace. Anti-Semitism or anti-Semitic arguments have no place in the Republic.

    Source : http://revolutionetlibertes.net/2014/07/20/la-police-mobile-porte-lentiere-responsabilite-de-la-tournure-de-la-manifestation/

    Traduction by Google.

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