[Video]Eyewitness to Shooting of Michael Brown Speaks Out

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6 thoughts on “[Video]Eyewitness to Shooting of Michael Brown Speaks Out

  1. that coward, piece of shit cop should get life for MURDER. You just wait we’ll hear “i was in fear for my life”…. you know what? if you’re such a fucking pussy that you’re in fear for your life on every single stop you make… YOU SHOULDN’T BE A FUCKING COP.

  2. How many of our black boys need to die for some of these people to realize, ITS WRONG? We live in a country where laws don’t apply to the ones whom have badges. Where we have to be careful walking through a neighborhood your well known in. Where you have to be sure to watch how quick you reach down for your wallet in your pocket because that very well could be mistaken. Its not only our black community, though. Sadly, Its anyone in a lower class than the ones who have money. I fear for what will happen next.

  3. Official investigations be damned. Everyone whose civil rights are violated by police must sue their tormentor in civil (not criminal) court — regardless of any official investigatory outcome. The reason why is that anyone who works behind a badge and carries a gun on the job enjoys qualified immunity for mistakes committed in good faith.

    That’s the key right there: qualified immunity based on good faith. Violating a person’s constitutional rights is always an aggravated offence because the police have sworn oaths not to do that. They are expected to know the law and the Constitution which they swear to uphold.

    It is impossible for police to violate anyone’s civil rights by mistake or accident. If they do it, they must know they’ve done it, or else they’re not even qualified to hold the job. They’ve sworn legally binding oaths!

    Every cop has a performance bond. It’s required. Every cop has a pension fund. Both the bond and the pension are exposed in a civil complaint. If someone has a video or other proof of a person being brutalized by cops, that victim basically has a slam-dunk suit. The victim will win the bond and the pension.

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