7am Movement launch “And you’re quiet!” campaign for the detained women of Egypt



Thanks to @kelo3adi for the English translation:


Today, I will speak up for the women of Egypt.

I will speak up for the more than eighty Egyptian women incarcerated in the junta’s cells.

In the past year alone, over 3000 cases of violations against women have been documented. Three thousand in a single year, and the world remains strangely silent. Over 450 female students have been expelled from their schools and deprived from their future, and still the world remains silent. The women of Egypt have been subjected to a torrid of abuse by the military, security forces and police, subjected to torture, brutality, rape, incarceration and sexual harassment – and still the world at large is silent.

The silence of women right organisations has been deafening in Egypt, with the world choosing to turn away from the violations being committed daily. Girls have been killed in broad daylight, students dragged on the streets from their university, forced to undergo invasive pregnancy tests, beaten horrifically in detention and sexually harassed.

Karima El Serafy was taken from her house in the middle of the night as security forces broke their way in and kidnapped her. Yosra El Khateeb , a 21 year old, was arrested whilst on campus and given six years sentence initially after ten months of detention. Mahienour El-Masry, an activist and lawyer, had her freedom of opinion and expression clearly violated when she was arrested for taking part in a protest. Dareen Metaweh and her friends in Qanater Prison were tortured by security forces, leaving the girls with broken bones and bleeding uteruses. These women are not alone, since the start of the military coup, the junta has been ruthless; knowing they will go unchallenged they have worked at ruling in a reign of terror, quashing dissent with the employment of scare tactics.

The culture of silence must be broken, today, now, we stand in Egypt and we raise our voices for our women. Today we break the walls of silence and we speak up for our detainees, our voice will be the voice of the voiceless – the perpetrators will not go unchallenged and must be held accountable and brought to justice.

We call out to the world’s conscience at large to wake up, to break the silence and speak up for the women of Egypt.


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