On the Issue of Israel’s Radicals [PART TWO: Exposing the Israeli Left]

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While it’s necessary and urgent to delegitimize liberal Zionists, less clear is the position we should take from the anti-Zionist left. And although anti-Zionist Israelis are so few and far between and can hardly be considered a significant segment of the political or social sphere in Israel, they receive disproportionate coverage especially in progressive media outlets. We are aware, however, that this debate remains an elitist one centered on social media and the blogosphere and does not really preoccupy most Palestinians on the ground because they don’t even know about the anti-Zionist minority. And frankly, they are not supposed to care either.
During the last month, anti-Zionists have organized several small vigils against the aggression on Gaza in Tel Aviv and in Jerusalem. Those protests were often attacked by right-wing mob, as were individual and human rights organizations that are outspoken against Israeli crimes in Gaza. Veteran Israeli activists would quickly point out that this level of incitement against them is unprecedented and would go on to say something to the effect: “Leftists are the new Palestinians,” or “Palestinians and Israeli leftists are the victims of this new wave of Israeli racism.” The common theme in all that they say and write is the portrayal of Israeli leftists as victims.
No, dear Israeli radical leftists, you are not victims. You are part of the problem. You are part of the reason why our people continue to suffer. Your very existence at the moment comes at the expense of the refugees who were ethnically cleansed from Palestine and who continue to be bombed by Israel in Gaza. Just because you are beginning to experience a tiny fraction of what Palestinians face on a daily basis doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to play the victim role or even imagine the possibility of equating your “suffering” to that of the Palestinians.

Social price
We often hear about the social price that anti-Zionist dissidents are forced to pay, such as the fact that they are sometimes shunned by their own family and slandered and demonized by their society. It does perhaps make you feel better when you go home from your weekend activism but hey, don’t we all need to please the self-righteous part of us sometimes and pretend that we are sacrificing massively when we are in fact doing very little? It’s always nice to go home and say, “We were attacked by fascist mob because we opposed the war.” Western media would love it. Even Arab media would applaud you for your courage and will write poetics about your heroic actions. And some Palestinians would consider you a partner. Otherwise we’d be called racists because pointing out the privileged of the good colonizer constitutes racism apparently. CONTINUE READING


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