Egypt: 41 University Students Arrested


Translated from:

October 11, 2014

“Freedom for Students” campaign announced that a new crackdown on students started today early in the morning as more than 40 students from 12 different universities have been arrested before hours of the new academic year began.

The campaign displayed a name list of the students arrested today on its page on FaceBook.

Cairo University:

Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Moneim Faculty of Law
Muhammad Lutfi – House Science Faculty
Ahmed Hussein – House Science Faculty
Ahmed Abdul Samad – House Science Faculty
Maaz Saber – Faculty of Commerce
Mehmed _tjarh Cairo
Osama Tariq _engh Cairo (mechanics)
Alaa Mohammed _engh Cairo (Tanih Etisalat)

Helwan University:

Yasser Ahmed – Faculty of Computing and Information
Ibrahim Jamal – Faculty of Engineering
Ibrahim Salah – Faculty of Engineering.
Mohammed Deabes – Faculty of Engineering.

University of Kafr El-Sheikh:

Abdulrahman al-Badri – Faculty of Commerce
Abdulrahman Shaban – Faculty of Medicine
Abdulaziz Aboukhcbh – Faculty of Engineering
Mohamed Radi – Faculty of Engineering
Ahmed Chebbi – Faculty of Agriculture
Nader Ibrahim – Faculty of Commerce

Suez Canal University:

Mahmoud HE – Faculty of Commerce

Fayoum University:

Mamedsbera – Faculty of Education
Ahmed Badr
Yusuf Mohamed
Mustafa Ibrahim college education

Mansoura University:

Mohamed Adel – Faculty of Engineering and Acting President of the Union.
Mustafa Tariq

Islam Mandarin
Hassan Zenati Abualnoarj

Zagazig University:

Mahmoud Jamal onions Faculty of Computing and Information

Sohag University:

Muhannad Kamal
Mr. Mohammed
Hamid Gamal Hamed – Faculty of Engineering

University of Beni Suef:

Ahmed Ragab
Minia University
Abdulrahman al-Husseini – Faculty of Engineering
Guest Abdulrahman Mohi – Faculty of Engineering
Mustafa Ahmed – Faculty of Engineering
Mohammed Abdul Baki – Faculty of Science
Musab al-Masri – Faculty of Science
Walid Taha – Faculty of Agriculture


Abdul Rahman Ramadan
Ramadan Abdel-Rahman
Mohamed Awad names – secondary
Azhar Fayoum (exited after hours)
Abdullah Alqadom – a third of Sheikh Secondary


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