A Sister’s Letter: Help Me Fight for my Brother Brutalized by the Police

The Thomas Family

The Thomas Family

Antoine Thomas, my brother, and his friend were stopped in 2007 in Fairfield, CA when for a random search by the Solono County police. The police who stopped him shoved four large fingers into his rectum, in public, damaging his rectal tissue. The other officers stood there and laughed while my brother writhed in pain. While they laughed, the cop then went for his testicles-and crushed them.

Background on Antoine’s Case

Is this funny? Is this what it means to PROTECT AND SERVE? Is this what tax payers are paying these “servants” for? To literally rape citizens, laugh while doing it, then throw him in jail for several weeks with no medical care for the horrendous injuries they inflicted? This sounds more like a sexually deviant game of power and perverse gratification.

What kind of a person could rape someone and laugh? I am hurt and perplexed by the brutality and deeply saddened by what society has deemed a “worthy” character profile of those who are HIRED to serve and protect. I do not know what type of training they receive that enables them to rape, murder and torture people, but I know it must stop, NOW.

Thomas’ case is not the only one–there are many, many more. These are a few examples:

Hope Steffey

Half of Wrongfully Convicted Prisoners in America are Black

Jacorey Calhoun

The horror doesn’t stop there. After Antione was let go, the family filed a complaint in regards to the abuse and torture he was subjected to during the police stop. This took several years to try to seek restitution. While the complaint was underway, they were plotting and planning for a way to silence him permanently. After all, this was a small town and it’s reputation was at stake.

Two years later, in 2009, he was re-arrested and set up–framed on false charges for a robbery that he was nowhere in the vicinity of. In 2010 he was sentenced to 65 years in Vacaville. He also was given a stiff sentence on a trumped up drug charge that constitutes about 3⁄4 of his 65 year sentence.

Thus, after being publicly raped and damaged, he was then framed for a crime he didn’t commit, merely because he exercised his constitutional rights to seek justice. Antoine Thomas is currently imprisoned as a result of a “payback” for filing charges against the police who destroyed his anal cavity and  testicles in public.

It makes me wonder how many others have endured this torture, and remained silent due to fears of retribution. It makes me afraid for others who are targeted and cavity-searched with such cruelty from sexually disturbed men/women in uniform. I am especially afraid for our children.police brutality grafitti

Please stand with us for justice against this BRUTAL Regime of sexual predators and the corrupt system which frames those who complain. If we do not all unite to STOP these horrendous crimes committed by the police, we or our loved ones will all be victims at one time or another.

I am asking you, as a friend, family or community member, activist or concerned citizen: please help!

I am working with the National Legal Professional Associates for my brother’s case, but need $8,000 to pay for his full legal representation. We have substantial and concrete evidence which would exonerate him. I am reaching out to all who care about justice, truth and a creating a better judicial system– freeing loved ones, one by one. The current system is broke, as it serves to fill the pockets of those in power while people such as you and I, ordinary folks lose our loved ones, if not ourselves, in this madness. The system targets people of color, oppressed people, poor people, even middle class people, whom they choose to target. No one is immune anymore.

Please consider donating to Antoine’s cause. Donate not only for him and his family and loved ones, but for the community as a whole–especially our children, as they are most vulnerable to this cruel and punitive system. It must be stopped and justice must be restored.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Antoine’s case, as well as any references you may need before making a donation. You can donate here.

I thank you in advance for your contribution and God Bless! Free Antoine Thomas!



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