Rasmea-Supporters in Oakland Lock Themselves to Fed Courthouse

Posted on Electronic IntifadaPhotos from Jaime Omar Yassin

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Following the guilty verdict against Chicago-based Palestinian American community leader Rasmea Odeh on Monday, activists in Chicago and Oakland held rallies and direct actions protesting the conviction and demanding her release.

In an interview with The Electronic Intifada on Tuesday, contributor Charlotte Silver said that “for a lot of the activists who were organizing the rallies outside the courthouse every day, who have been organizing really across the country in support of Rasmea for this past year, they are very aware that this is an attack on their community.”

In downtown Oakland today, activists chained themselves to the federal courthouse, condemning the trial as one that was politically-motivated in an attempt by the US government to silence Palestine solidarity activism around the country. The five activists were arrested by local police just hours after their protest began. They were cited and released.

In a recent press release, the US Palestinian Community Network states that “Activists in the [San Francisco] Bay Area will continue to protest, and vow to intensify their efforts until Odeh is released … The case against Odeh was originally part of a larger federal investigation in Chicago and Minneapolis,” USPCN adds, where the US government has led a probe of Palestine solidarity activists and Palestinian community organizers in the Midwest…

Read the entire article here.


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