A Learning Network of the South Salish Sea: Open Houses & Skill Shares: Nov 15 to Dec 7

southsalishseaopenhouseA new coalition of free skools or otherwise autonomous learning projects in the southern Salish Sea area (aka Puget Sound) is hosting a series of open houses. The purpose of these open houses/skill shares is to convoke people to gather for our collective self-determination. We will share our visions, dreams and current activities, and expand our capacity to work together in creating all that which education has suppressed. This is a long-term and multi-generational project for those of all levels of capacity.

No money will be charged to attend any of these open houses or for any activities connected to this network/coalition. Free means FREE. Food will be provided, potluck style. Please refrain from wearing strong fragrances to faciltate a fragrance free, accessible space. Wheelchair accessible.

These projects are taking place on contested lands which have been stolen from the indigenous peoples of this region by individual invaders/settlers, public and private corporations, and the US government. It is the intention of organizers of these gatherings to act in solidarity and joint struggle with native/tribal nations of the region and for the return and protection of their ancestral lands. Seattle is occupied Duwamish and Suquamish land. Olympia rests on occupied Nisqually territory. Tacoma is occupied Puyallupterritory. Bellingham is occupied Lummi Nation territory. Memory is power.

Updates at the Free Universe-ity here and on Facebook here.

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