Navajo Nation Investigates Albuquerque Police Department’s Pattern of Violence against Native People

La Jicarita


Johnny Descheny, a Navajo Nation Council delegate, pulled into the parking lot of the Farmington Wal-Mart in early June of 2006 and saw two men scuffling on the ground. He told KOAT-TV that one wore the uniform of the Farmington police. That man was holding down another man and beating him with his baton. He then shot the man four times with his service revolver. “Every time the guy got shot, his body just jerked—just jerked three times,” Descheny told reporters. “That’s when the officer went up, aimed at the guy’s head and shot him in the head.”

The officer was Farmington police officer Shawn Scott, and his victim was a twenty year-old Diné man named Clint John.

Officer Scott’s incident report told a much different story than the one Decheny told reporters. Scott told investigators that John had seized his baton and was swinging it at the officer when…

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