Letter from Dr. Mutulu Shakur: On Seeking Parole

Forwarded from the Freedom Archives

[Who is Mutulu Shakur? Read more here

mutuluDear family and friends,

Thank you for giving me your support and resources during the recent parole hearing process. May (Allah) God bless you in the spirit of our ancestors. I deeply thank you.

As you may know, my parole hearing took place on August 12th in USP Victorville.  My attorneys, Tarif Warren and Peter Schey felt hopeful after the hearing examiner notified us that she would recommend to the US Parole Commission to grant me parole.

On September 15, 2014, I received a notice of action from the National Appeals Board rejecting the parole examiner’s recommendation to advance my release to April 2015. This rejection of the examiner’s opinion and recommendation is not the first time that we have had this experience dealing with the US Parole Board. Last week, we appealed this rejection and asked the Board to reconsider and provide reasons for its decision. The appeal is now pending and we will keep all friends, family and supporters advised of developments.

We are very excited and in awe of how our mobilization was carried out in preparation for the August 2014 parole hearing.  There has been a groundswell of people responding to our request for letters of support, contacts, resources, and encouragement.  Your support filled the parole hearing with character, integrity, and principles that demonstrate how unjustified the decision of the Parole Board was.

Let’s look at where we are: I am a political prisoner and our expectation for justice is not the paradigm. We seek relief and we wait for justice.

Due to their faulty calculations, my presumptive release date will be in 2016, if I continue as I have for the last 30 years to maintain a positive and proactive prison record.  I will continue to evade the traps, set-ups, and to tolerate political targeting.  There should be no legal or policy rationale to deny the February 2016 release date. I will once again be seen by the Parole Commission in May 2015.

In the interim, we are working on a commutation of sentence application to be addressed to President Obama and/or his Department of Justice. I kindly request that all those who supported me during many parole hearings now lend their support to a petition to commute my sentence. You will shortly receive a sample letter of support from my attorneys.

The petition for commutation of sentence will based in large part on my passion and plans to develop a Truth and Reconciliation Commission narrative in the U.S.  As far as I can tell, this will be the first opportunity for our modern society to request and develop such a body.  I am committed to this task.

I want to thank you, my supporters, and my family for your sacrifices in my struggle.

In closing, do not feel discouraged that this recent parole was rejected. We have done a great job.  Let us stay busy, let us stay encouraged.  Let us be creative and have the audacity to put into the ethers a just cause, deserving just results.





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