[Full Video] Police Officer Accidentally Shoots Himself in Elevator

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 1.37.00 PMFrom wlwt.com in Cincinnati


Dispatchers said the shooting happened about 8:30 p.m. at the Mercer Garage, near the corner of Mercer and Vine streets, in Over-the-Rhine.

Paramedics responded to the scene and took Officer Darryl Jouett to UC Medical Center, where he was treated for non-life-threatening injuries. He was listed in stable condition. Investigators said it appeared the Jouett’s gun accidentally went off while he was in an elevator.

Surveillance video from the elevator shows Jouett removing his gun from a holster under his coat with his right hand, then appearing to attempt to put it back, while holding a box and a bag in his left hand.

“He was transitioning the holster and transitioning the gun out of his holster. He was going to carry it in his hand as they walked to the car. As he was pulling the gun from the holster, a round discharged, ricocheted in the elevator, struck him in the stomach,” Cincinnati Capt. Michael John said.

The video shows Jouett fall to the floor as his wife calls for help. Jouett gets out of the elevator when the doors open and sits down again. Jouett’s wife was not hurt.

Police said Jouett is a 25-year veteran with the department.

The shooting remains under investigation.


35 thoughts on “[Full Video] Police Officer Accidentally Shoots Himself in Elevator

      • Shouldn’t the person carrying the weapon know about any issues with that weapon? Safety issues and any operating concerns? For me – 1st rule is “every gun is loaded”.. 2nd rule is “NEVER PULL YOUR GUN UNLESS YOU ARE GOING TO USE IT!” imo Andrew, he needs more lessons in safe weapon handling. That said, your right about the draw string problem.

      • thats not what happened in the video. he shouldnt have even had his gun out and he should be charged with discharging a firearm in city limits.

      • First, If “this” model of Glock is susceptible to this (which it isn’t), then ALL Glocks would be susceptible, since they all have the exact same safety system. Secondly, the Glock in the video is not a Model 22, but rather likely a 26 or 27. And no, this model Glock is not, “known for this.” As for the first pull of the trigger requiring a “10-20 lb. pull” on the first pull – uhhh, no. Glocks ship from the factory with a 5.5 lb. trigger pull. It would be unheard of for someone to rework the trigger to a 10-20 lb. pull. You obviously have no idea what a pull in that range feels like As for opinions that “these type guns are unsafe” – wrong again. Glock is one of the safest firearms available. I have carried a Glock of one model or another every day for 25 years now, with never a mishap – not even close. Finally, if you are going to walk around with a pistol on your person but no round chambered, you’re just carrying a hammer around because that is all it is good for. “How often do you expect to actually have to use your weapon?” Well, I pray I NEVER have to. But if and when I do I will not be fumbling around trying to chamber a round while the bad guy is advancing, possibly with a gun already aimed at me. Yes, it takes a second to chamber a round. That second has cost people their lives. If someone is afraid to have a round chambered, they shouldn’t be carrying a weapon. They are likely to get someone hurt. People, if you don’t know about weapons in general and especially about specific makes and models, don’t try to speculate about how you “think” they may operate. Quit spreading crap about a perfectly fine weapon that you know nothing, or at best very little, about. Bottom line, this discharge was TOTALLY the fault of the individual carrying the pistol and a direct result of his negligence – period, end of story.

  1. Was this guy not trained and tested on handling firearms before being paid to carry one around? When a professional makes a mistake like this its called negligence, amateurs have accidents. Let’s call it what it is.

    • wow. you have no idea at all how glocks work, do you? he’s an idiot. the only way this happens is if an inept moron pulls the trigger. his finger is the safety and he failed.

      • this hasbeen happening with Glock 22″s …what is happening is that the coats drawstring gets snagged on the gun by looping thru the trigger guard and when you pull up on the jacket it draws tension and the gun fires..google it is happening all over the us to departments who have been issued that model..a police chief did it twice in some place I forget the name.

    • This gun doesn’t have an external safety, and it can’t be “cocked” cuz it doesn’t have a hammer to “cock”….. why do ppl ask those uneducated questions????

    • Seriously? Why was it “cocked”? If there is a round in the chamber (like there should always be) a Glock is always “cocked”. Why was the safety “off”? It wasn’t. Glocks have an internal, triple safe system. Technically speaking, it is always “on”, until you pull the trigger. This bonehead has no business handling a gun. This was not an accident, but negligence, pure and simple.

      • It requires somewhat of a pull to pull the trigger (10-20 lbs on the first pull I believe) – but that is all the safety you get and IMO these guns are somewhat unsafe and I am not a fan of this sort of design. The guy is still an idiot if he did not know how to handle it safely.

        And I disagree that you should always have a round chambered. How often do you actually expect to need to use your weapon unless you are in hot zone? It takes but a second to chamber one and that would be good enough, IMP.

  2. Glock’s have a history of firing when mishandled in this way…they should have an external safety because people are IDIOTS. The Glock’s so called “safety” is in the trigger itself…so much for that.

  3. The bullet was meant for her! look at how he took the gun out and played with it-no one on their right mind would do that unless you had an ulterior motive. Didn’t a police chief shot his wife on new years day?! #TrustNoOne

  4. Glocks are known for catching strings,same goes for Walthers and Kimber compacts.Poor buddy.These things can happen.Freak accidents,even the most experienced and veteran officer,soldier,security,average Joe,can have this happen.Safety first,I know,I know.Accidents can happen.

  5. not even an issue in so many places outside the contrived culture of conflict. btw, his creation of a problem has contributed to that precious economy model

  6. No matter what your not supposed to flash your firearm.at first the woman was probably scared and was wondering why he was pulling out a pistol.he could have went to the bathroom to do that.first thing if I see a pistol get pulled out and you don’t have uniform I’ll probably beat someone’s ass.

    • That’s his wife, I do believe it said so above.

      To everyone essentially calling me stupid for not knowing a glock doesn’t have an external safety. I don’t own a glock, and I don’t spend all day researching guns. Many sidearms do have an external safety and a hammer, while I knew others don’t, in retrospect it makes sense considering the profile of the weapon. He was still more careless with a loaded weapon with an easily defeated safety with a round chambered than I am adjusting my grip on an airsoft gun.

      But jeez, instead of being jerks about it you could have just clarified and increased the knowledgebase, I wonder why people think gun owners are assholes.

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