SF Man Beaten By Plainclothes Officers For Riding Bike On Sidewalk Is Suing The City

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San Francisco, California

A man who was viciously beaten over a year ago by three plainclothes San Francisco Police Department officers for riding his bicycle on the sidewalk is now suing the city and the officers involved, reports Courthouse News Service.

Back on November 15, 2013 around 3:30 p.m., D’Prince “DJ” Williams was riding back to his Valencia Gardens apartment in the Mission District from the ‘Batkid’ event when he was accosted by three plainclothes SFPD policemen for apparently riding his bicycle on the sidewalk. At that point, Williams had already entered his home. The ensuing melee turned ugly and escalated, leading to neighbors and even more police officers joining in on the fray. The officers named in the suit are Gregory Skaug, Milen Banegas and Theodore Polovina, and the complaint alleges none of them identified themselves as policemen to Williams.

Williams further contends that the officers asked him to leave his home, which he says they had no right to do, pulled him out when he refused, and beat him unconscious. Video was taken of the incident by bystanders, although none has surfaced that shows the inciting incident. According Williams’ friend Travis Jensen, surveillance footage from cameras in the Valencia Gardens complex exists showing what happened though it has yet to be released.

The then-21-year old City College student and employee was arrested and later taken to the hospital, suffering a broken jaw as a result of the fight. Williams faced up to five criminal charges but the district attorney’s office later dropped all charges.


8 thoughts on “SF Man Beaten By Plainclothes Officers For Riding Bike On Sidewalk Is Suing The City

  1. Fucking pigs that y every one going to start fighting back they don’t have shit no one else can’t get suck ass pigs

  2. Y is it even illegal 2 ride on da sidewalk anyways? It’d seem like common sense since some streets don’t have dat lane anyways!

  3. this is why cops are getting shot. hopefully more will be shot. we would have sent the undercover cops to the hospital. shame on that family just standing by while some cowards who did not announce they were cops attacked their family member..

  4. since when do undercover cops bother a kid riding a bike on the sidewalk? you white cops think u are so tough with your badges.. Do not complain and cry when people start dropping you and maybe people in your own family.

  5. Just a note….It’s all about karma with these officers that are like that. They’re are going to get flushed out, and weeded…Those that are like that will defend their way, and it’s just not the law….The difference is that we should educate ourselves more on who’s about the law, as opposed to “their” way….They love feeding us to the prison’s for free labour, so…We just need to awaken and awaken more

  6. We must ban these thugs from our neighborhoods. On Dun and Bradstreet you will find that the police force of your town is a private corporation operating for profit. They instigate violence upon peaceful residents escalating turmoil until the whole neighborhood is hurt or angry. And we pay State and City taxes for this farce. Just refuse to pay and create laws that ban them from your neighborhood. If you feel you must have a police service then pay your own local residents to do so.

    You can also write the laws for your own community banning these violent entities from operating there . Here is how https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Prylnj4NQ8&index=8&list=PLfL9_nprqaLwszBrh1EPVFYL99sEuaekq

  7. This is excessive just like anything cops do. Like all of the civilian population is out to get and hurt the cops? Yes riding your bike on the sidewalk is against the law. Why, because a bike is considered a vehicle and has to follow the laws of the road. I got a ticket for running a red light with no traffic present, and for riding on the wrong side of the road. Did he break the law, yes. Was the police response out of control, as always yes!! Need some federal intervention and accountability here.

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