UPDATE: Philly 10 released on summary charges! The struggle against the racist police state continues

Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee, PHL

IMG_0054-3Ten Philadelphia-area activists and comrades were released from the Philadelphia Roundhouse jail at 3AM, the morning of 20 March, 2015, having been arrested while peaceably demonstrating against the violent and racist PPD and Fraternal Order of Police. The activists, representing the Philly Coalition for Racial Economic and Legal (REAL) Justice, Action Against Black Genocide (AABG) and the local Trayvon Martin Organising Committee (TMOC), were demanding accountability and an end to the coverup relating to the case of the police murder of Brandon Tate-Brown.

Philly comrades demanding justice and an end to police terror. The meeting, described as a “police-community meeting, ” was in fact a platform for the pigs to sweep the national crisis of police brutality under the rug.

The Philly Coalition for REAL Justice reports that comrades were holding signs and chanting slogans at a public meeting hosted by the PPD, the FOP, District Attorney Seth Williams…

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