[Video] “My ISIS is the Police”: 77 Yr Old State Senator Says Some Real Sh*t

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 8.56.41 PM77 year old State Senator from Nebraska’s 11th district, Ernie Chambers just said some real shit. And everyone’s freaking out.

During a March 20th legislative hearing on gun bills Chambers said that it was not necessary to travel to the Middle East to find an ISIS mentality.  It could be found right here in America:

“My ISIS is the police…You know what the [Douglas] County Attorney said, Don Kleine, if the officer makes a mistake- if he’s wrong – but he had reason to think he was right, then he’s clear. I cannot get away with that and shoot you and say ‘I thought he was going to do something.'”

“If I was going to carry a weapon, it wouldn’t be against you or the people who come here that I might have a dispute with. Mine would be with the police… And if I carried a gun I’d want to shoot him first and then ask questions later like they say a cop ought to do.”

“I wouldn’t go to Syria, I wouldn’t go to Iraq, I wouldn’t go to Afghanistan, I wouldn’t go to Yemen, I wouldn’t go to Tunisia, I wouldn’t go to Lebanon, I wouldn’t go to Jordan, I would do it right here… Nobody from ISIS ever terrorized us as a people as the police do us daily.”

As expected conservative media heard of the comments and freaked out. Condemnations and calls for an apology followed:

 Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer: “The comments that Senator Ernie Chambers made today at the Nebraska Unicameral are not only reprehensible but are completely without merit. The comments are unbecoming of a State Senator and have brought no value to the discussion of police community relations. I stand with my Omaha Police Officers as they are hardworking dedicated professionals.”

Mayor Jean Stothert:Senator Chambers’ attack on police officers shows total disregard for public safety. Why would any elected official state if he had a gun he would shoot a police officer? The Senator should be looking for ways to improve public safety, not comparing police officers to terrorists. He owes an apology not only to Omaha Police Officers but to every citizen of Omaha.”

Nebraska Attorney General: “Senator Chambers recent comments comparing local police officers to ‘his ISIS….’ and that he would shoot a police officer and ask questions later, are absolutely the most offensive statement I have ever heard made by a public official. Law enforcement officers put their life on the line every day to protect all of us. Both the officers and their families deserve our utmost respect, appreciation and support. They also deserve an apology from Chambers.”

Senator Chambers responded swiftly and unapologetically:

“Senator McCoy is out of his mind if he thinks I’m going to apologize for what I said about that cop. I will never do it. I will condemn him until I have no breath of my body”

“I meant what I said and I said what I meant” “I’m not going to resign. … I’m not going to apologize. Why do you think I would apologize?”



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