[Video] Hartford, CT Teen Defends Himself Against Police Officer Who Attacked Him

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 5.59.06 AMHartford, CT

For a brief moment, the tables turned.

Cell phone video captured the moment a police officer lunged at a teenager at a Burger King and nearly got choked out.

In the video, the teenager in the altercation can be heard repeatedly saying “whats wrong with you man?!” indicating to the officer to calm down and he would be set free. Unlike the police, the teenager showed mercy by allowing the police officer to get up. The police officer, however, showed his true self and used the teenagers mercy as a weapon against him- peppers praying him and his friends, attacking him with a baton and arresting him for assault when all the teenager did was defend himself from an illegal arrest.

The debate happening in the background amongst the youth is an important one note. Someone can be heard asserting that the teenager was wrong for defending himself. That argument is quickly shutdown by others exclaiming that the officer deserved it for attacking the teenager unprovoked.

Early on in the video the youth can be heard detesting the police harassment as constant and unwarranted.

In this instance elders could learn from the youth.


2 thoughts on “[Video] Hartford, CT Teen Defends Himself Against Police Officer Who Attacked Him

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