White Cop Does Not Kill Black Motorist, Becomes National Hero

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White Cop Does Not Kill Black Motorist, Becomes National Hero ( Or: Why America Should Not Be Saved)

Posted by Bay Area Intifada

Written by Jabar

In 2015’s United States of America, a white police officer that does NOT shoot and kill a black motorist is considered a hero. In recent mainstream media (MSM) reports a white police officer named Matt Okes is being praised as a “hero” for not brutalizing or killing a young black male, Joseph Owusu, who was pulled over to the side of a road due to a flat tire.

Joseph, a Virginia Tech University student and son of Doctor Nada Owusu, has become famous overnight for not becoming the next victim of police murder.

The sheer fact that this story has been shared nearly a million times on social media and has been picked up by MSM tells another story altogether. One in which dark people; young and old, male, female and trans, are being considered lucky to walk away unscathed from encounters with police in the US. This shows a wild desperation in not only MSM, but in the PR departments of local, state and federal agencies to push banal “feel good” stories upon the US populace. Their message: “See? Good cops still exist.”

The truth of the matter is that some basic reasoning would prove to anyone willing to consider the facts that GOOD COPS DO NOT EXIST.

1) If there are “good cops,” why haven’t we heard the thousands upon thousands of them exposing the rotten and corrupt cops within their departments?

2) If there are good cops, why don’t they know better than to join the ranks of murderous scumbags to begin with?

3) Why would “good cops” continue to brutalize and repress areas in rebellion against egregious and obvious police violence?

Again, this is basic. And the list could go on and on.

The point for CBS (VIACOM) and others to emphasize these “feel good” fluff stories is to reassure the white American populace of the continuing “good ole days,” where hard working, purebred white folk didn’t have to experience the presence and reality of dark-skinned peoples. This task is surprisingly easy to accomplish even though hundreds of hours of police brutality and military atrocities have been recorded, documented and archived and are accessible to anyone with internet connection. There is a predominate white supremacist assertion that FOX News and others use:  to declare systemic oppression exists is to perform an abhorrent act of conflation. Only the dark can be lumped into groupings and deemed criminal while whites are capable of individuality independent of group thought. After all, in the white reality, how could any of these violent acts, past or present, be more than isolated incidents (repeated day after day, hour after hour)? The “white man” is “Super Man” (Übermensch), “Captain America,” the US marine, the police officer, the security guard (or vigilante, thanks to George Zimmerman) and the high school principal. They’re Mr and Ms. Rogers. And they are all courtroom judges.

On the other hand, most people who aren’t white (or affluent, or a son of a doctor, etc) should already knows that there are NO GOOD COPS. The proof is staring at us everyday on social media — in grotesque stills of bloodied faces, shattered glass, burnt down buildings and graffiti in cities across the colonial Americas. It has become inescapable. For the dark nation under the boot of white supremacist violence, the truth is being written in the streets by the angry youth of Baltimore, Ferguson, Oakland, New York City and so on. This year’s death toll of police murders has already reached 440 and will grow to between 1000 and 1200…. numbers which will predictably dwarf anything the federal government releases (or feeds us) as fact.

At this point the question should not be how to reform police departments, but rather how to dismantle them. Those engaged in movements against police and state oppression should not be begging or demanding that the state “grant civil rights.” That strategy was debunked by Malcolm X, some 50 years ago. By now the people should be aware of the brutal histories we are a part and product of. This is where the essential questions should start– with no further need to explain why, but with a determination to figure out how. With no concern for saving “white America”.

Source: CBS

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