Tonight In Oakland: Emergency Protest Against Mayor Libby Schaff And “Protest Curfew”

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 3.04.34 PMOakland, California


Information Below is from Saturday May 23rd

[ Join In Facebook: Call to Action: We Will Not Bow Down; We Will Not Stop Marching ]

BYP100: Bay Area , in collaboration with The BlackOut Collective , #BlackLivesMatter Bay Area, Anti Police-Terror Project, The Alan Blueford Center For Justice, and Onyx Organizing Committee are putting out a call to action on the behalf of all Black women and girls everywhere!

On the night of Thursday, May 21st, while marching and chanting, and standing up for the lives of all Black women everywhere, Oakland Police Department informed us that there was a new ordinance in place: not only were we told that we are not longer allowed to march at night, but we were not allowed to march in the streets. Who’s streets?! Our streets! They chose the national day of action for the rights of Black women against police violence to enforce aggressive policing of our right to peacefully convene and protest.

They want for us to go into the shadows. They want for us to be silent, to bow down, to forget the lives of so many Black women who have been stolen from us by police. They want us to give up, to ignore the trauma caused by the ways our Black women bodies have been violated, policed, harassed, exploited, demoralized, dehumanized, beaten, abused, raped, and murdered…but they are sadly mistaken. We will not back down; we will fight harder! We will wage war until our lives are valued. #BlackLivesMatter Black women’s lives matter. They always have and they always will. #sayhername #blackspring

We are sending out a call to action for all Black people and allies to come together TONIGHT at Oscar Grant Plaza/OGP. We will hold space as a declaration that the rights of Black women and girls WILL BE upheld.

We ask that you join us TONIGHT!

Please wear ALL BLACK.
Bring a white candle.
Bring a scarf.
Tell all of your family friends and comrades.

Please be advised that this is a peaceful protest but diversity of tactics is respected and honored.

See you in the streets!

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