Crazy Ass Cracker Holds Muslim Couple at Gunpoint

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A Brooklyn Park woman has been charged after police say she threatened a couple with an apparent gun while they were trying to pick up their son from a friend’s house.

Officers were called to a Brooklyn Park home on Friday, May 22. The victim told police that he and his wife went to pick up their son at a friend’s house and then called him from the car to let him know they were there.

While they were waiting, the man said a woman came up to their vehicle and pounded on their window, demanding to know what they were doing there. The woman, identified as 48-year-old Nancy Kay Knoble of Brooklyn Park, had some sort of gun, the victim told police.

The man and woman told Knoble that they were there to pick up their son, and Knoble then ordered them out of the car and pointed a rifle at the man’s back, according to the criminal complaint. The man said she then ordered him to go up to the home to get his son.

When they got to the entrance to the home, the couple’s son came to the door and asked what was going on. Knoble asked the boy if he knew who the man was, and the boy identified him as his father, according to the complaint.

Knoble then apologized and admitted that the gun was a pellet rifle.

When they got home, the couple called police and reported the incident.

The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations has asked the FBI and Brooklyn Park Police Department to investigate the incident, calling it a “bias-motivated crime.” CAIR officials say the couple is from the Middle East and that the wife wears an Islamic headscarf, known as a hijab. They also said Knoble identified herself as a member of the Neighborhood Watch.

Knoble has been charged with terroristic threats. If convicted, she faces up to five years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines.

Source: kstp News


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