Boston: Imam’s Facebook post alleges his brother Usaama Rahim was shot in back 3 times by police on way to work

Carol Anne Grayson (Radical Sister) blog


Imam Ibrahim Rahim posted message of his brother’s death on Facebook (image FB)

A Facebook post from Imam Ibrahim Rahim alleges his younger brother Usaama Rahim was shot today on his way to work by police in Boston, Massachusetts, US. The victim who was fatally wounded died in hospital. There were no reports of injuries to officers who were checked for stress or the public during the incident. Imam Rahim stated, “we are deeply grieved by the loss of my younger brother. While we understand the need for information. We ask that the press give us time to grieve. We will have a statement once we have met as a family.”

Sky News reported the incident as follows, 

“US terrorism investigators have shot dead a man who lunged at them with a knife outside a Boston pharmacy, say police.

An FBI agent and a police officer both opened fire on the…

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