[Video] Hilarious! Racist Phoenix Mosque, Armed Protest Organizer Makes Pathetic Plea for Support

From Bay Area IntifadaScreen Shot 2015-06-02 at 8.10.05 PM

Written By Jabar


Jon Ritzheimer, the US Marine who organized and mobilized a couple hundred armed racists, Bikers, Neo-Nazi’s and other charming US patriots/ Islamophobes to stand in front of a Phoenix, Arizona Mosque and shout threats and obscenities during prayer services has released a video on Facebook, practically in tears, about how hackers have turned his life upside down.

In the video he claims hackers have stolen his identity,  his credit cards and social security numbers, made fake Facebook profiles, and fake wepay and gofundme accounts. Ritzheimer  says that the event blew up in his face. “The stress is killing me and my family… I went there (the Mosque) with a gun on my hip expecting to die. That a terrorist was going to kill me. I fully, fully expected to die that night” said Ritzheimer, unaware of his hypocrisy.

The Hilarity Continues:

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 7.56.30 PM

One of the patriots at the white supremacist rally

Ritzheimer then attempts to address his “supporters” for criticizing him for going into hiding by saying he will be “returning fire” after things calm down while directing his anger at the US government for allowing him to be “harassed“:  ” I’m really pissed off at our government for letting this kinda shit happen.. to any American citizen.. No one should feel threatened in this country… not for anything…”

Ummmm… Are you serious?!?! The guy who organized an ARMED rally to threaten and scare US citizens while they practiced their constitutional right of freedom of religion is mad at the government for not “protecting” him from “harassment” – priceless.

Ritzheimer goes on to blame the media (of course) for all the unwanted attention he’s receiving and asks for help from his supporters. Its both sad and hilarious at the same time.

For your enjoyment, BAI has upload the video. Also, just in case Jon R decided to watch what he recorded. He might just notice how ridiculous he sounds. #EmpathyFail

Source Jon Ritzheimer

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