[Video] Texas Police Attack Black Children at Pool Party

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From Bay Area Intifada

Written by Jabar

This is truly shocking. A McKinney, Texas police officer has been suspended after video emerged of police violently attacking black youth who were attending a pool party in a Dallas Fort Worth neighborhood.

In the video, a white police officer can be seen chasing and corralling black children while screaming profanities at them. Things escalate quickly as the out of control white police officer attacks a young black female for seemingly no reason. The white officer can be seen grabbing the young girl and tossing her around before pulling the girl’s hair and smashing her face into the ground. The officer then kneels on the child with all his weight in complete disregard for the child’s safety or any sense of professionalism. At one one point in the video, the raging white officer can be seen pulling his gun on the children. Adding an extra level of disgust and inappropriateness is the fact that this officer is on top of a female child who is wearing nothing but a two-piece bathing suit.

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Even the most ardent pro-cop racists would be hard pressed to explain away the overt racial components shown in the video in absolute clearness: White police officers specifically profiled and attacked young black children with the help of white bystanders in a shocking display of white racial unity. The black children in the video were treated like a horde of invaders, much like the sentiment reserved for migrants in the border regions of the USA. Another horrific example of what Black people specifically, but people of color generally, deal with on a daily basis. Also, it is another example that should not only encourage, but compel people of color to work and organize together to dismantle white America.

8 thoughts on “[Video] Texas Police Attack Black Children at Pool Party

  1. I think police are abusing their power in justice. Personally after most of the news I’ve watched cops aren’t justice. I mean like yea sure there’s a lot of cops that are good hearted and kindness but cops like this one I do not like. Really, pointing a gun at kids is not the way to go especially if they have 0 weapons and are just trying to stop a friend or family even a stranger. This girl just stood there talking and a police officer just showed an act of aggression towards an innocent citizen. That one cop is only stopping African Americans even though some of them just got there is racism. What about the white people that went violent on the kids or older citizens? Is this really the image you want for the guardians of justice and peace? If he pulled a gun on me and I was black I would say shoot me, why do i want to live in a world where blacks are treated as monsters and wrong do-ers. The society and the world is in chaos and we as a community need to fix it if we don’t who knows more deaths more hatred and more corruption is in the future. I have had friends due suicide for many reasons one of them was racism. I just don’t want to see cops do these things anymore it actually quite sad on my part. By the way I’m white and just a kid who wants better for the world.

  2. I cried the children are so scared and Police are suppose to protect us. We must teach are children to set down if a Police tell them to no matter what to keep them from being Gun down like animals. Where is the women who started the fight with the young girls that’s abuse to put your hand on someone else child. Let a black woman touch a white child and they’ll give her life in prison. We must teach are children to be strong and proud. Not to let bad policemen steal there JOY and to Pray that’s what they should have done and start singing. They didn’t know what to do,but running well get them KILLED. We need lot more JESUS on our side cause things are getting worse. Black gangs its time to come together for each other and stop killing one another.BLACKS MUST LOVE ONE ANOTHER CAUSE THIS OLD WORLD IS COMING TO A END.

  3. In the video the police officer is letting his racism show. You should also note that all of the white people are helping the police. Now there is a point where all of this gets way out of hand. When the officers protested of unnecessary arrest, he lets go of the girl and pulls out his gun . Now if the other two officers are not there is the young black child shot? See if your watching they are being recorded on video. If this is a white lesson they would burn down the white house.

  4. Reblogged this on juniorstopdiscriminationtodaymayema and commented:
    Shame on those officers who are engaging in misconduct behaviors instead of of doing their duty which is to protect all citizens and preventing crimes and acts of violence, Officers like this Officers like this motherfuka must be suspended and fired immediately without notice or delay, this country has a bad reputation in the world for being home of police brutality and racial profiling shame, shame,shame.

  5. OMG I have seen excerpts of this,but this is the first time I have seen so much.This is pure evil! One small thing. Just like fire drills, we should practice drills for pulling out our phones or whatever, and start recording, almost reflexively, when things like this start.

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