The Indigenous People’s Liberation Party-Kanada

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 2.20.20 PMFrom Indigenous Liberation Kanada

On May Day 2015 in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario the Indigenous People’s Liberation Party-Kanada (IPLP-K) was announced. Flanked by representatives of the Indigenous People’s Liberation Party-USA (IPLP-USA) and the African People’s Socialist Party-USA (APSP-USA), this announcement was made following several months of consolidation work between comrades from Kitchener-Waterloo, Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, Northern Ontario and British Colombia.

The IPLP-K is a Revolutionary Indigenist organization. Its primary focus is to unite Indigenous People to resist ongoing colonization, genocide and ecocide, and to free our land with an eye towards the development of a genuine broad-based Indigenous People liberation movement.

Our struggle is fundamentally a struggle to achieve and actualize national liberation and decolonization. We do not seek to seize the reins of power of the settler occupational states, but rather hold that our liberation is to be found in fully detaching our nations and peoples from this rotting corpse of an empire.

The material basis for this empire is its occupation of our lands and the destruction of our peoples. In detaching ourselves from it we eviscerate it, in the process destroying its ability to wield continued power over us, eventually eliminating the very thing itself. In this radical dismantling of the entity we call “north amerika” we see the potential not only for our own liberation, but the liberation of all oppressed peoples on this land. It is also possibly the greatest act of solidarity we could send to the masses of oppressed and exploited peoples around the world.

To that end we state openly that the Party is avowedly revolutionary in its orientation. We see no value in strategies that do not recognize the need to remove parasitic colonial power as the fundamental prerequisite for our liberation and that would rather grovel at the feet of our oppressors for piecemeal reforms to the status quo.

The Party is also anti-capitalist. We consider to be snakes in the grass those neocolonial wannabe settlers who administer ottawa and washington d.c.’s colonial regimes and promote ideologies of “Indian capitalism” that would seek to integrate Indigenous People into the parasitic society of the colonial oppressor nation. They are enemies of our people. Globally we recognize that only the total overturning of the current parasitic capitalist world-system can ensure not only our own liberation, but the liberation of all oppressed and exploited peoples around the world.

In place of the parasitic capitalist-colonial power on this continent we raise up high the revolutionary banner of Indigenous Socialism. We strive for a society in which all land, resources and labour are divided in a way that is just too all members of our nations and the ecosystems in which we are embedded. We seek to live in a way that honors the seven generations before us and provides for the seven generations that will come after us.

Video of the May Day gathering and announcement of the Party:

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