Solidarity Is A White Woman: Or A Perpetraitor At Least… Right?

Been there.By MIkael

Earlier yesterday the recently treading black/white woman Rachel Dolezal’s parents were interviewed on CNN, further torpedoing a career built on lies. As the momentary tidal wave of Dolezal’s whiteness comes to dominate the airwaves and cyberspace, I can’t help but wonder why the fact of Tamir Rice’s police murderers coming up on charges, the gross injustice about the murder of Natasha McKenna, and the ongoing uprising around the brutality endured by Dajerria Becton is all getting bumped out of the news cycle? Or how this latest public drama all seems so reminiscent of so many months ago when the public was bristling over Miley Cyrus’s attempts at ratchethood or Robin Thicke biting off Marvin Gaye while saying rape is just A-Okay! Or our seemingly daily reminders about Iggy Azalea’s latest failed attempt at faux blackness that continually flood our Social Media Newsfeeds in endless and infinite repetition. Breaking through the get dumb stupidity of this Dolezal drama, I can’t seem to get rid of this ever louder loop echoing loop stuck on repeat of Denzel doing his best Malcolm X:

“Oh an I say, and I say it again. Ya been had! Ya been took! Ya been hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Led astray! Run Amok! This is what He does!”

Yup, this is what He does, the Man, that ever present devil, the White Power Structure, that force de jour that puts deluded whiteness into motion time and time again, to run roughshod over all our backs. Let’s be real here people. As some of the quotations recently shared by some other folks at BAI through our Facebook page point out, why are we foolishly centering all our attention on yet another white woman? After all, she’s all kinds of messed up, this we know, and know all too well. What bothers me, is that while us Jerry Springer pavlovian trained mass media consumers focus on Rachel Dolezal the individual and her messed up head/story, we’re missing the much more important story of how White Supremacy is getting reinforced right in front of our eyes.

So, let’s look at it objectively:

1) A white woman actively, and intentionally displaces black people, black voices, and black participation cause she’s very literally occupying a black or at a minimum a “POC” space as the head of the NAACP, remember CP = Colored People. This is white supremacy. When a white person feels so entitled that they can utterly replace blackness with themselves, and assert being black, that’s taking being a cracker to a whole other level. But perhaps we should expect something different from someone who claims to have been born in a Tee Pee, raised on food hunted down by bow and arrow, and was baboon whipped with the rest of her siblings for being too dark while on the homefront of South Africa, between of course living life in a white missionaries family that claims that not only weren’t they missionaries, but they never lived in Cape Town or anywhere else in Africa at all. But you can just Google all that info for yourself, and the whack twitter posts, and weird pictures while you’re at it. “Yeah, but Identity is fluid?” Riiiiight…. “… but liminality… intersectionality… diversity… blah… blah… blah…” Why can’t we just call racial fascination like this what it is – racist?[1]

Some examples of her melanin-cravin’-brand-o-fantasy…

Afrocentric indeed...

She'd know, now wouldn't she?2) When white parents, who adopt black kids, out their white daughter for “pretending to be black”, what does that say about them and where their head is at? There is a subtext here, that goes beyond just telling the truth. First off, for every expropriated child taken from or given up by their parents to be raised outside of their culture, their community, their place of origin, let’s not mistake what that is, and how it is occurring. This is still the legacy of the slave trade, folks be selling babies. Cause it ain’t like there is a grip of Native Americans, Blacks, Asians, and “Latin@” running round the world out adopting white babies and taking them out of their communities and homes. So let’s not get it twisted. So her parents are not “heroes”, cause they assert authenticity. Look at some of their own statements, there is a very weird racism behind it, so we shouldn’t be surprised that they produced an equally weird and racist like Rachel. Black children, “their” black children (note the use of the possessive pronoun there) are being used by both Rache’s parents, and herself as an assertion of ownership and control of the determination of blackness!!! By definition that is White Supremacy! And if that don’t remind you of the plantation, what will?

Yes, you too can get your hair did!Then again, maybe not. We're having 1970s white people bad perm flashbacks over here!

3) The issues of which this cracker woman put her white mouth and face in front of are getting utterly ignored now. The issues of active prejudice, police brutality, harassment and racial terror have been displaced by apologies and excuses. It’s bad enough a white woman put herself as the arbiter of all things black. But now, bumped from the headlines and subverted is the legitimate causes, issues, and struggles the black community face. It’s all become “suspect” and a question of “credibility”. That’s trifling! Again, White Supremacy win’s out cause it can keep doing what they be doing, with no end in sight, or speed bump in the road.

4) Who outs this woman? Her white parents, the Ya always gotta be bout that plus one. Only problem is, the commentator is right, and to think Rachel dissed the writer of white journalist, in order not to add “light to the issue” but to add “white” to the issue. I mean seriously WTF?! The attack on this woman is motivated by deep rooted anti-black racism on every level. Cause for sure there is the fascination with and condemnation of the Race Traitor. That’s a tradition as old as Colonial America itself. From making interracial marriage illegal, to casta systems, one drop rules, race based pornography and the ever present constantly resurrected Tarzan phenomena and on, and on, and on. White folks have been on the prowl to control, dictate, determine and appropriate everyone else from the outset. But still that ain’t the totality of what has gone down here. Is it tragic and controversial and deeply upsetting that this woman put herself out there as the literal face of blackness? Hell, yes it is. But do you all really think the folks who initially gave this story traction, and plotted to ambush her care about that? Nope. This was about undermining black struggle itself. How could it not be? Because let’s just say, she WAS Black. How and what would the motivations behind these attacks possibly Only problem is you know here invited guest, well ummm... let's start with the fact his ain't her son, it's her adopted brother, the one Maw & Paw was talkin' bout, and that ain't her daddy who supposed to speak, that's legit Civil Rights Activist Albert Wilkerson, and even he's been quoted as saying he's confused about why Rachel been frontin' as a, if we go by her status alone: head of the NAACP, Chair of the Ombudsman Committee of Police Oversight, Africana Studies College Professor, black activist? Nahhhh… home girl is all kinds of messed up, that much is obvious just by reading her interviews but Crackadom is who done cracked down on her, not some benevolent friend to black struggle or truth telling. This whole thing was designed to sideline dealing with much more serious issues facing the black community as a whole, and keep us occupied with a white woman, so White Supremacy can win again!

This deluded white woman is for sure gonna get ostracized, laughed at, and pitied as she should. But what will have changed at the most basic level? The NAACP (and now the “National” office as well, considering their recent statement) will still have to rebuild and recover from this fiasco, as will all the work, campaigns and issues that this woman had been involved with. Her white self and her white parents are still gonna be raising black babies, into a white is right world that seeks to destroy them. Black Struggle in Spokane is on the backfoot now. The range of discussion has developed (devolved) into rudimentary arguments about cultural appropriation, imploding identity politics, and worse yet this ridiculously confused conflating of “Transracialism” in the immediate wake of the already nauseatingly racist and classist over emphasis and fascination with Caitlyn Jenner. Events like the revelations regarding Rachel Dolezal’s whiteness have not changed or altered White Supremacist power in the least. It’s just keeping us confused with the wrong issue and preoccupied with momentary nonsense and mocking entertainment. It’s only a matter of time before the call for sympathy becomes so deafening that we end up busy talking about either this poor white woman, or the authenticity of or playing to black victimhood, and lose sight of the violent predatory system that puts all of this mess into motion in the first place! You know that Racist Social Order called White Supremacy, that we’re supposed to be at war with?

The ego driven culture vulturism of white folks is nothing new, we’ve all seen it. The Pretendian from the Wannabe tribe, the “Wigger”, you name it, we seen it. The list is literally endless, if it’s not hipsters in headdresses or Vanilla Ice 2.0’s, its touristy Caucasians making sure to get their dreads on lock, their henna right, and the purtiest sari they can find. Bro’s preaching the Bushido Code, and talking bout the lineage of Gung Fu, over their cerveza and tacos while wearing a sombrero at their Cinco de Mayo themed frat party, watching their girls get “ratchet”. No matter what it is, it is as always, just more, and more and more of that Great White Hype we’re supposed to just tolerate. In a phrase, F-U-C-K That Noize! Draw a line y’all, use some sense and get some git back!

And before we let ya go maybe the best caption available might just be a hashtag y'all! Share, Share, Share!!!!

[1] For more info see Rachel Dolezal’s interview from February of this year: A Life To Be Heard

One thought on “Solidarity Is A White Woman: Or A Perpetraitor At Least… Right?

  1. Thank you for writing this and bringing up the never addressed topic of white saviours who adopt and relocate children without the slightest concern or consideration for the trauma that creates for the children. One of my children’s friends was in just such a position, her parents were Hatian, her mother and siblings all still alive and she was well aware of this and longed to be with them but their economic reality gave them no option except to rely on white benevolence because that is how the global system has been constructed, for white advantage. So the white person who is living off the benefits of years of oppression for economic gain uses that gain, forty thousand canadian petro dollars to purchase one Hatian child, drag her into a foreign and hostile land where she cannot even understand the language being spoken and most white people, including the adopter of the child, are oblivious to the racism and violence visually identifiable non-whites endure continually from settlers and especially the police in this colony. That Hatian family were destroyed so that settler could appease their white guilt, which is more of the same. Serious reparation’s with no strings are conditions are long over due, and that is all you should do if you are still stuck in white western culture, if you still haven’t gone to the bother of educating yourselves or developing empathy then please stop trying to control and destroy everything and everyone around you.

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