Solidarity With The Greek Struggle

By Sam Hamad

CD9uZ9iUkAEcTbtJust because the SYRIZA government has solidarity with Al-Sisi, as opposed to those who resist his regime, and enthusiastically sign racist, imperialistic ‘counter-terrorism’ deals with the fascist mass murderer, doesn’t mean that I can’t or won’t support resistance to the Troika’s determination to impose more devastating austerity on not leftist pin-ups like Alexis Tsipras or Yanis Varoufakis, but on the already shattered Greek people. These are the clear dynamics of the upcoming referendum. I resolutely oppose those who want to use the crisis caused by the avarice of finance capitalists to reshape societies in the image of those very same finance capitalists, and, therefore, within the context of this struggle, I support all those who oppose the cruel strategy of austerity.

On the other hand, SYRIZA’s deals with Sisi ought not to be ignored, as it has been by most of their supporters in the international left (it certainly won’t be forgotten by revolutionary Egyptians), as it tells you much about the political nature of the party (it certainly kills the idea that they’re somehow ‘radical’ beyond the dynamics of the anti-austerity struggle), but, to be biblical about it, I do rather agree with the sentiment of ‘do unto others’ etc. etc.. To not support the Greek people’s struggle against austerity based on their elected government’s support for fascistic counter-revolutionary tyrannies would make you as bad as SYRIZA in this regard. Solidarity with the oppressed, whatever it’s worth, ought never to be selective. I want to be better than them.


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