[Video] Dalton, GA: Cops, Racists, Confederate Flags and an On Point Black Man

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 5.03.57 PMWritten by Jabar

Cops, Racists, Confederate Flags and an On Point Black Man

The video starts off with an astonished Mario Blanding narrating his view: “Man, look at this sh*t…” as he films a caravan of racists in pick up trucks parading around town with confederate flags.”These motherf**kers is crazy” Blanding continues, “They GOT A GOD DAMN DAY FOR THE CONFEDERATE F**KING FLAG, THIS- IS- SOME- BULLSH*T! I want to know what kind of motherf**king parade we can have?!”

Blanding then focuses his narration and his camera on the police who seem to be on the side of the caravan, blocking the roads so the trucks can continue with their display of hatred unmolested: ” And we can’t even…, They got the roads blocked off… Look at this shit… what the f**k is this? … Just so yall dont think I’m bullsh*tting, there goes the police right there, they got the roads blocked off for these f**king confederate flags. I dont know what the f**k going on…”

Things then take a turn towards hilarity

“OHHH, Their about to wreck!”shouts Blanding. And sure enough, a speeding racist in a pickup truck slams into the racist in the truck ahead of him, who also rear ends the racist trucker in front of him as well, making it a three-fer ( or a racist hat-trick). 

Blanding continues: “BOOM! BOOM! OH I GOT THAT! OH I GOT ALL THAT. HAHAHA!” referring to capturing the accident on camera, ” I just said they’re gonna wreck! I just said they’re gonna wreck! HAHAHA!”

The video ends with Blanding walking closer to the street where the police have blocked the intersection and where the accident just took place shouting “Daaaaaaaamn! Daaaaaamn!” in a taunting, hilarious and charming way. “God don’t like ugly” Blanding says “God do not like ugly”.


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