Notes on Repression and the Blood Economy

Webs of Samsara

Notes on Repression and the Blood Economy

The following pages are being scribed with words intended to describe the intricacies of the Blood Economy in hopes that they will assist the reader in understanding and navigating its existence in ways compatible with and complimentary to its ultimate destruction.

The Blood Economy begins with the operating assumptions of separation and isolation. The first stage of manifestation of the Blood Economy is witnessed as an extractive relationship between humans and the Earth, but the infrastructure for this extractive relationship also requires that the humans themselves have extractive relationships amongst them; it is only with the violent hierarchical organization of humans that some may coerce others into the utterly undesirable role of frontline “resource extractor”—working in the mines, on oil rigs, slaughters houses etc.

A great deal of work must go into maintaining the relationships of domination and submission necessary to the functioning…

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