[Video/Pictures] Neo Nazi’s In Germany Have Been Attacking Refugee Buses & Housing

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 2.26.45 PM

Photo: Christian Ditsch Photography: http://bit.ly/1JetSPr

[BAI Note: The following is a translation of a first hand account of the past two nights in Heidenau, Germany ( Near Dresden). Minor edits have been made for readability. Scroll down for video]
Photo: PM Cheung - Photography

Photo: PM Cheung – Photography


“About my visit to Heidenau” – From PM Cheung – Photography

 In my career as a photographer I have seen and been in many close call situations, but what I experienced in Heidenau made me very thoughtful and frankly speechless.

As if highly aggressive Neo-Nazis, who being protected by the dark (night) bombarded the refugee housing in a massive way with bottles, stones and fireworks were not bad enough, I found that the so called “Besorgte Bürger”  were even worse.

[BAI Note: Right wing protesters and online activist try to get rid of their Neo-Nazi image by referring to themselves as worried citizens – besorgte Bürger. This has in itself become a synonym for Neo Nazis].

Groups of people, families with children even, who mingled with the Nazis and under the influence of a lot of alcohol encouraged them ( Nazi’s) when they threw rocks or the likes towards the housing or the police. For one or two of the more “well placed” throws there was even applause.

Along side this was an unwilling and simply incapable police force who did not attack the neo nazis in any consequence. Instead teargas was fired uselessly and nazis chased around a bit. I myself only witnessed about 2-3 arrests.

I am not talking about Rostock 1992 , but about this little town last night. [ Click Here to Watch Video from Rostock, Germany- 1992 ]

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 2.05.50 PM

Photo: PM Cheung – Photography

Second Night of Violence:

On the night of August 22nd a group of several hundred Hooligans and Neo-Nazis once again took part in severe rioting and fights with the police.
The right wing thugs kept attacking the police with bottles, stones and fireworks. Police moved against them with riot gear and shields.
Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 2.07.48 PM

Photo: PM Cheung – Photography

During the whole day a large group of roughly 250 people had gathered in solidarity with the refugees in Heidenau. Around midnight this group was dispersed and moved as a closed group towards the central train station of Heidnau.

For MSM Coverage: Fresh clashes in Heidenau as de Maiziere condemns anti-refugee violence (DW)

For More BAI Coverage of Refugee Struggles: Click Here


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