CRS fires tear gas grenades into Jungle (2/11/2015)

Calais Migrant Solidarity

CRS fire tear gas into Jungle ​/ CRS tire du gaz lacrymoégne au Jungle

On the night of the 2nd of November, at around 9:00 pm, refugees were violently attacked by the CRS. This assault lasted for two hours. This video documents the actions of the police and begins at around 11:30 pm.

The CRS (French riot police) delivered several salvos of tear-gas. During the whole operation, approximately 20 tear-gas grenades were fired into the camp. Several shots landed in areas where refugees were sleeping. One shot (0:29) directly hits the living-area of a majority Eritrean community.

At about 12:45 am, the police formed a blockade of about 25 men at the main entrance of the Jungle. The whole event disrupted an entire community trying to rest while angrily provoking others. The police’s action show a level of barbarism, gassing sleeping people, including women and children.

Dans la nuit du…

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