Frantz Fanon’s Widow Speaks


Interview with Frantz Fanon’s Widow

 Josie Fanon


 Christian Filostrat


After six years of revolutionary activities in Africa, Frantz Fanon arrived in New Yorkin early October 1961, suffering from an advanced case of leukemia. Admitted to Bethesda Naval Hospital, he died on December 6th. He was 36 years old.

     Born inMartiniquein 1925, Fanon was a product of the French colonial system. In 1944, he joined the free French forces to help protect “trueFrance” against the racist French sailors stationed in Martinique during the war — those “sailors who had forced [him] to defend and thus discover [his] color.”

     The army experience sharpened his awareness of the world where division and racism were the rule. His experience and a keen, sensitive mind made him one of the most lucid observers of the realities inherent to colonialism.

     Until the Algerian Revolution, Fanon adhered to the principles of Négritude…

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