Call-out for international support against Calais evictions and against the borders // Appel à soutien international contre les expulsions à Calais et contre les frontières

Calais Migrant Solidarity



One more time, the French government – in collusion with the UK – has announced plans to evict the homes and shelters of many undocumented people living in Calais. People have until 20:00 on Tuesday 23rd February to leave the Southern half of the Jungle. According to the government, those resident in the eviction zone should move, disappear, be put behind walls, be locked up or deported. The only reason for this, their lack of regularized status. Eviction notices were served on Friday. Many inhabitants of the Jungle, supported by associations, served a complaint against the eviction and destruction of the camp. This appeal will be heard in court in Lille on Tuesday, 23rd February at 2pm. The judge presiding over the case will visit the Jungle on Tuesday morning. These are the facts so far.

The announcement to destroy the Jungle is not surprising to us. For…

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