Bay Area Intifada: Under New Management

       In the name of God the Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

After ten years of serving as an educational resource and news springboard Bay Area Intifada has now been passed on to an unaffiliated group of young radicals in the Bay Area. Over the years, the majority of the original admins fell back from the day-to-day running of the page and publishing original content, causing it to become mostly inactive for the past year. For this reason the OG admins were looking for new blood to pass Bay Area Intifada on to and they found that in us; a small group of homies who were looking to start a political education publication by and for black, brown and muslim youth in light of the current political climate. The apathy we’ve previously seen in our peers has been replaced by righteous anger. We cannot allow young people to be funneled into the same scene politics and petty beefs that were the failings of the generations before us. 

With the changing of hands we would like to state a few things.

  1. We have no affiliation with the prior admin; we were looking to start a platform to build with and educate our peers. It was only through word of mouth that the Bay Area Intifada admin heard of us and passed the page on.
  2. We have no interest in scene politics or the beefs of older organizers. We’re here to educate our homies and our peers so they can better resist white supremacy and that’s it. 
  3. We’d love and appreciate any admissions from old supporters and/or contributors seeing that they’re able to respect the autonomy of the new admins. 

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