Afghan refugees on hunger strike; demand border opening.

A group of around 150 Afghanis in Victoria square, central Athens, go on hunger strike. They demand that the northern borders of Greece leading into Macedonia are opened to let them in. They announce their plan to march by foot from Athens to the border, which is more than 500 km away.

Afghanis go on hunger strike – Athens from Ross Domoney on Vimeo.

Rethinking Solidarity with Refugees


By Budour Hassan

In an attempt to challenge the rising tide of prejudice and incitement against refugees, world renowned artist Banksy sprayed a graffiti of the late Apple founder, Steve Jobs, on a wall in Calais Refugee Camp last month.

The piece depicted Jobs, himself the son of a Syrian immigrant to the United States, carrying an Apple computer in his hand and a black bin bag over his shoulder.

Banksy, who rarely comments on his art, wrote in a statement:

“We’re often led to believe migration is a drain on the country’s resources but Steve Jobs was the son of a Syrian migrant. Apple is the world’s most profitable company, it pays over $7bn a year in taxes – and it only exists because they allowed in a young man from Homs.”

While it is commendable that Banksy is dedicating his art and reputation to the cause of supporting refugees, he has provided an example of how even the most well-meaning initiatives to counter anti-refugee propaganda can get it completely wrong.

The problem with Banksy’s latest work does not solely lie in the fact that the move whitewashes Apple Inc., overlooking the corporation’s exploitation of workers and its flagrant and well-documented violations of their most basic rights.

Banksy’s action points to another profound problem: namely, the resort to a consequential argument in order to encourage more humane policies towards refugees.

While it is true that the myth that immigration is responsible for draining resources must be debunked, should our priority then be to saturate the media with individual success stories of immigrants to prove the propagandists wrong?

What position does this argument then force us into when confronted with the reality that millions of immigrants fail to become Steve Jobs? How will then we discuss those who were never granted the opportunity and privileges afforded to Jobs? Should they be dismissed? Of perhaps we agree they are worthy of vilification?

And even more still, what about those who cannot or do not want to be assimilated? Why should immigrants bear, in the first place, the burden to prove that they can “pay back” to the communities that absorb them, a burden with which a white male citizen isn’t encumbered?

In recounting the success stories of immigrants who turned out to be profitable to their host countries, not only are stories of wealthy, educated, and pioneering immigrants brought up. Some even go as far as boasting of those immigrants of Muslim origins who would go on to serve in the American army and fight in the Iraq war.

One can understand why Muslim immigrants facing blanket defamation would desperately try to prove their loyalty to their host countries. Yet was is not so readily recognized is that such arguments only further boost right-wing propaganda, reinforcing the notion that immigrants and refugees must constantly be obliged to prove their loyalty through assimilation—and that those who fail to do so are somehow the “bad immigrants” who then deserve our scorn and disdain.

The same applies to using the consequential argument that refugees, in the long run, will bring economic assets to their host countries.

It is likely that the migrants and refugees trapped in the Calais jungle will identify more with the sweat-drenched workers at the Apple factories than with Steve Jobs, the man who founded said factories.

It is also very likely that many of them will not be able to undergo such a dream transformation from being lost migrants to spectacularly successful businessmen.

That should not make them unworthy of reception, and they should not always be expected to beat impossibly tough odds to show that giving them asylum will provide the host country a sizable return on investment.

When advocating for the reception of migrants and refugees, our main argument should be a deontological rather than a utilitarian one. That’s not to say that there are not actual benefits for opening the borders. And those benefits are not just economic. The social interactions and multicultural diversity that open migration allows can only advance us a species. But it is the conviction that we hold a moral duty to open our borders and hearts to people fleeing war, poverty, persecution and other vulnerable statuses that should guide our attitudes towards refugees. Migrants and refugees should be welcome even if they fail to become the new Steve Jobs of this century or commit the very human sin of struggling to settle and succeed. In fact, human survival is dependent upon our consciousness of this moral duty not only to welcome refugees but to overthrow the man-made boundaries that restrict their movement.

“Only in a world in which the spaces of states have been perforated and topologically deformed and in which the citizen has been able to recognize the refugee that he or she is,” writes Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben, “only in such a world is the political survival of humankind thinkable.”

In other words, our collective social, political and cultural survival rests upon realizing that we are all, in one way or another, refugees on this earth. As such, shaking the holy trinity of state-nation-territory, and dismantling the political, economic and bureaucratic regimes and structures that protect and buttress it, is our collective obligation.

Many might claim that this sounds too utopian and will be of little value when we face impoverished local workers who are convinced that migrants seek to deprive them of the scant opportunities they have and compete with them over the very limited resources at their disposal. It is inevitable that this perceived competition over meagre resources will lead an embattled working class to express antagonism and react with outright hostility towards migrants.

As the late historian Howard Zinn argues in his seminal book “A People’s History of the United States,” “the victims, themselves desperate and tainted with the culture that oppresses them, turn on other victims.” This conflict is not solely fueled by the far right and the populist fascist propaganda. It is also the state, the political and business elite who also fan the flames as they thrive on the emergence and perpetuity of conflict amongst the different oppressed and marginalized groups. While the latter have the kind of rationality and political correctness that prevent them from employing the blatantly racist lexicon promoted by the far right; they incessantly work to alienate oppressed groups against each other to maintain the status quo and remain in power.

But just as abstract utopian principles will not suffice to overcome those very real and tangible tensions and clashes, neither will consequential arguments. Our empirical data to prove the opposite will matter little for those whose racist incitement against refugees is not grounded on facts and figures even if it is cloaked by them.

Highlighting the falsehoods of their claims is essential; yet more essential is to build alliances between the local working classes and marginalized groups and between refugees and migrants. The genuine conflict doesn’t take place between the oppressed but rather between them and the political and corporate elite. The latter are the ones monopolizing the wealth and concentrating resources in their hands while antagonizing their victims against each other and deflecting their outrage from the real oppressor to the most oppressed. Building those alliances and coalitions requires a long process but can only be achieved through intense and horizontal organizing on the ground and forming new networks of solidarity.

Such networks of solidarity are also important to build among the different groups of migrants and refugees. The starting point this process is for our advocacy not to be confined to legal definitions and classifications. The 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees only applies to those persecuted “for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion.” Excluded from this protection are those who leave everything behind in their home countries to escape poverty and economic deprivation and in search of a more dignified life.

Poverty is war by other means and is the result of a structurally unjust local and global systems. It is primarily funneled by the same global powers that fund wars. Incidentally, those are the same forces that create this division between refugees and labor migrants, barely accepting the former while completely dehumanizing the latter.

It is mandatory to move beyond this legal classification and adopt a humanist, universal approach, because, as Nigerian novelist Teju Cole puts it: “moving for economic benefit is itself a matter of life and death. Because money is the universal language, and to be deprived of it is to be deprived of a voice while everyone else is shouting. Sometimes the gun aimed at your head is grinding poverty, or endless shabby struggle, or soul crushing tedium.”

Rather than being embroiled in a formalistic debate on who is a ‘real” refugee and on who deserves protection, our vocation should revolve around supporting refugees and migrants in challenging the global capitalist system that dispossesses them by shaking the borders that protect it. Shifting the discussion from refugees vs. migrants to mobilizing for open borders. Our discourse has to be as radical as the sacrifices of those migrants and refugees risking their lives leaving their homeland.

Driven from country to country, they, in Hannah Arendt’s words, “represent the vanguard of their peoples.” They do so not only by virtue of their courage to pave the way for others and search for new routes; they do so by exposing the crisis of the nation-state and shaking the concept of sovereignty to its very core. Inspired by their courage, we should follow their lead and break with the narrow legal categorizations that only aim at protecting the modern nation-state and defending its sovereignty. As the slogan goes, “protect humans not borders,” and this stands whether those trying to cross the borders are asylum or job seekers.

Bay Area Intifada Update from Afghanistan

***Note: One of our BAI contributors sent us this journal from Afghanistan. It has been extremely difficult to film as they can afford “handlers” and bringing that much attention on one’s self could get them stuffed into the trunk of a car.

Currently in Jalabad city listening to a 10yr old kid tell me a story of when Daesh came to his village and sat 10 people on top of bombs and blew them up in front of them and other villagers.

He says they must have been Pakistani because they only spoke urdu and had a translator with them.

As of now they’re relatively small and are suggested to be numbering around 3000 but I don’t think its even possible to know because its a mass state of confusion out here.
Its very clear that the security situation is far worse than this time last year.

The Taliban have proven there will be no peace under occupation and practically hit their targets at will. Just a couple nights ago the they shot out the electricity of all of Jalalabad.

When I got to Kabul on Thursday, I asked my cousin how the situation was and he said in a straight face “its good, there hasn’t been a major attack in 10 days.”

The central govt is extremely weak and is growing more and more unpopular by the day. So far Ashraf Ghani is a total failure. Its not entirely his fault as Dr Abdullah basically held the country hostage after failing in the ‘elections.’

He now has a 50/50 share in running the government.

Which means almost 100% gridlock. Very much American democracy at work. Corporations and the rich running amuck.
The central government and the security apparatus occupy the streets. Its not looking good for them. The helicoptors and drones are nonstop. No one even blinks at them though. The  helicoptors shot out flares the other day and I ducked down like a fool.

Back to the little kid: this boy is 10, wearing some old n dirty clothes, smart as a whip and currently has to work 15 hr days instead attending school. He wants to do both and doesnt flinch at the thought. He was mostly concerned where he could get some shoes as it is getting cold.

That is just one kid out of millions that face this reality.

I’m pretty sure hes gonna try to leave here at in a few years like the 100,000s of young men that have this year. This exodus is a catastrophe.

I’m on my way to my village to say a prayer for my uncle who was martyred 14yrs ago today. His moselium is there and last I heard was damaged by a Taliban rocket a month ago.

I spoke with a man who worked on the property of someone the Taliban has beef with. He’s a groundskeeper. The Taliban showed up at the property a few months back (which isn’t particularly strange because they’re very active here). They took a look around, then came back and shot him in the stomach. They realized he wasnt dead so they shot him in the temple. It wasnt this brother’s time to go though as he told ua what happened himself.

I still would rather stay here than ever look at the US ever again.

***Nota: Uno de nuestros colaboradores en BAI envió este diario – de viaje – desde Afganistán. Ha sido extremadamente difícil de filmar ya que pueden pagar a manipuladores y atraer tanta atención a uno que podrían meterlo a la cajuela de un auto.

“Actualmente en la ciudad de Jalabad escuchando a un niño de 10 años diciéndome una historia de cuando Daes vino a este poblado y sentó a 10 personas sobre unas bombas y los voló frente a ellos y otros pobladores.

Dice que han de haber sido pakistaníes porque solamente hablaron urdu y tenían un traductor con ellos.

Por ahora son, relativamente pequeño y sugieren que son alrededor de 3, 000 pero no creo que eso sea siquiera posible de saber porque es un estado de confusión en masa.

Es muy claro que la situación de seguridad es mucho peor que hace un año.

Los Talibanes han probado que no habrá paz bajo ocupación y prácticamente atacan a voluntad. Sólo hace un par de noches cortaron la electricidad de todo Jalalabad.

Cuando llegué el Jueves a Kabul, pregunté a mi primo cómo estaba la situación y dijo con cara seria “está bien, no ha habido un gran ataque en 10 días”

“El gobierno central es extremadamente débil y está siendo cada día más y más impopular por día. Hasta ahora Ashraf Ghani es un fracaso total. No es su culpa completamente ya que el Dr. Abdullah básicamente tuvo como rehén al país después de fallar en las ‘elecciones.’

Él ahora tiene un 50/50 en la gestión del gobierno.

Lo cual significa casi el 100% en contra. Mucha democracia estadounidense en el trabajo. Las corporaciones y los ricos están incontrolables.

El gobierno central y el aparato de seguridad ocupan las calles. No se ve bien para ellos. Los helicópteros y drones andan sin parar. Nadie, parpadea siquiera frente ante éstos. Los helicópteros dispararon el otro día bengalas y me agaché como un tonto.”

Volviendo al pequeño: este niño tiene 10, llevaba ropa vieja y sucia, muy inteligente y actualmente tiene que trabajar 15 horas al día en lugar de ir a la escuela. Él quiere hacer ambas cosas y ni siquiera, en su mente, se le hace difícil. Él estaba más preocupado por dónde obtener zapatos ya que estaba haciendo más frío.

Ése fue sólo un niño de los millones que enfrentan esta realidad.

Estoy seguro que él intentará irse en algunos años como los cientos de miles de jóvenes que lo han hecho este año. Es una catástrofe este éxodo.

Voy camino a mi ciudad para decir una oración por mi tío quien fue martirizado hoy hace 14 años. Su mausoleo esta ahí y lo último que escuché es que fue dañado por un proyectil Talibán hace un mes.

Hablé con un hombre que trabajó en la propiedad de alguien que tiene relación con los Talibanes. Él es un jardinero. Los Talibanes aparecieron en la propiedad unos meses atrás (lo cual no es particularmente extraño porque son muy activos aquí). Echaron un vistazo, volvieron y le dispararon en el estómago. Se dieron cuenta que no estaba muerto así que dispararon en el templo. No era su tiempo – para irse – puesto que él mismo nos contó lo ocurrido.

Todavía prefiero quedarme aquí y nunca más ver los EE. UU. de nuevo.

Pakistan Crackdown on Afghan Refugees Living in Peshawar, 41 Arrested

From Khaama Press

(From Dawn Press)

(From Dawn Press)

At least 41 Afghan nationals were arrested by Pakistani police from Peshawar, the capital city of Khyber Pakhtukhwa on Friday.

According to the Pakistani police officials, the individuals were arrested for illegally living in Peshawar.

The detained individuals would be handed over to the authorities for deportation through the Torkham border, the officials added.

This comes as the federal government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had set a month deadline for the expulsion of Afghan refugees following a deadly attack on an army-run school in Peshawar city.

The provincial government spokesman Mushtaq Ghani had said that the government can no longer afford refugees, insisting that the “time has come for the federal government to take practical steps for the repatriation of the refugees.”

Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran backed the demand of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government to the federal government to expel the Afghan refugees illegally staying in the province.

[Photos] Afghans Protest Israeli Aggressions Against Palestine

Jalalabad, Afghanistan

Source: Reuters

Afghan protesters shout slogans and torch an effigy of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli flag during a demonstration against Israeli attacks on the Palestinian territories in Jalalabad on July 13, 2014. Hundreds of residents of the eastern Nangarhar province gathered to condemn Israeli airstrikes over the Gaza Strip. AFP PHOTO/Noorullah Shirzada (Photo credit should read Noorullah Shirzada/AFP/Getty Images)

Continue reading

Why refugees to Greece are sewing their mouths shut

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 2.56.33 PM
On Location: Why refugees to Greece are sewing their mouths shut

ATHENS — Greek authorities call them migrant pre-removal facilities, but they look more like prisons. Many of the residents are locked up not for committing a crime, but rather simply for trying to get asylum in Europe. For this, they say they’re held months, packed scores to a room, and often beaten.

“We didn’t have any choice so we started a hunger strike, we sewed up our mouth and we stopped eating and drinking,” said Farhad, who has asked not to be identified, fearing retribution for speaking out. “Anyone will do whatever it takes to get his freedom. Some people have tried to commit suicide to get free, others went crazy in there.” Continue reading

From Oakland to Greece! Anarchists are F***ing Up! Golden Dawn and Next Level Fascism

Survivor of Vicious Golden Dawn Attack

Survivor of Vicious Golden Dawn Attack

[BAI NOTE]: The following is a conversation between a Bay Area Intifada admin and a comrade engaged in the anti-authoritarian scene on the ground in Athens, Greece. Anna, whose name was changed to protect her identity, is an unemployed geologist in her early 30’s. The primary focus of Anna’s political work is around migrant justice. 

The BAI admin is a refugee in his early 30’s who has been living in the Bay Area off and on since the early 1980’s. He has been active in many struggles in the Bay Area over the past decade.

The following conversation took place on September 13th in Oakland, CA/ September 14th in Athens, Greece, following a brazen Golden Dawn attack against KKE (Communists Party) members in Athens. BAI has made very few edits in the text below and aspires to keep things raw, human and unapologetic.

BAI does not see itself as separate, neutral or sitting-on-the-sidelines in regards to liberation struggles. On the contrary, those who contribute are long-time participants in these struggles themselves.

Golden Dawn Nazis

Golden Dawn Nazis

Athens, Greece / Oakland, California 

[BAI]: Hey Anna! Hows it going??? Wtf is going on over there??? I’ve been reading that Golden Dawn beat the shit out of the commies last night?! What happened? I had a really poor translation…

[ANNA]: This is a total confusion! Actually, now well few minutes before I find you! A friend from the anti-authoritarian scene was saying how happy he is the communist people were beaten up by the nazis!!!! Continue reading

( Action Alert!) No War In Syria – Bay Area Resistance Network Launch!


Syrian refugees flooding into Northern Iraq ( A 2003 Reversal )

San Francisco / Oakland Bay Area

From Bay Area Resistance Network

The Bay Area Resistance Network was initiated by those who are affected by colonialism, displacement and militarism who want to confront the forces of imperialism and fight back. Our communities refuse to assimilate and accept the conditions that continue to oppress us, and we sincerely hope to build and strengthen our bonds and struggle together in the face of global injustice.

Decolonization as a means to liberation can be successful through unity along principles of self determination and through the support of strategic allies who understand their role in our struggle. Continue reading

[Video] UPDATE : 10 Escape in Migrant Rebellion In Notorious Greek Detention Center

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 10.38.05 PM

Migrants and Refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria, among others, burnt down container-like holding cells and fought prison guards in one of the world’s most notorious immigrant detention centers.

10 police officers are said to have sustained injuries in clashes with stone throwing refugees. There have been frequent reports of deplorable conditions with beatings and torture being wide spread in what many describe as a concentration camp in Amygdaleza, near Athens.

BAI NOTE: The following are unconfirmed unedited updates from anonymous sources on the ground:

-10 migrant detainees managed to escape the camp during the riot (two people from Afghanistan and eight from Pakistan) and there is a huge police operation at the surrounding area and Athens at the moment for their arrest

– 41 migrants are being prosecuted and face deportation (17 from Pakistan – 9 Afghanistan – 14 Bangladesh – 1 Morocco).

– There are still no confirmations of injuries or the shooting (Many suspect a cover up is taking place)… as this was reported by the people inside the camp and there is no report or contact with people inside the camp once police blocked all phones and forbid all communications

The police have released a video showing the aftermath the riot torn detention center with burnt out holding containers and heavily damaged barbed wire gates.

Bai Note: Instead of the video’s intended purpose of demonizing the rebelling refugees, Greek security forces instead released footage of a concentration camp-style detention center with containers, which were used to hold inmates. The conditions shown give obvious reasons to why a riot would erupt. Many of the prison guards (along with police and other security forces) belong to the rapidly growing Golden Dawn, a far right political organization gaining strength in parliament, as well as on the ground through social programs and political outreach. On a daily basis, Golden Dawn members target immigrants all over Greece, using harassment and brutal violence, which oftentimes, leads to death. The group does this with impunity, due to its close relations with police and security forces–the majority of who are Golden Dawn party members.

The situation in Greece looks increasingly dire and headed toward fascism. Sources on the ground say that Golden Dawn has a chance of taking over many political positions in Athens, which would effectively give them control over implementing laws that their party members (police & security forces) can then enforce.

Read BAI original post on this situation here

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For more information on the plight of migrants in Greece watch “Into the Fire” .

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