The Challenge of Autonomy: Prospects for Freedom Going Into 2021

The Challenge of Autonomy: Prospects for Freedom Going Into 2021

  1. Intro: Do For Self Politics vs. Hypothetical Radicalism

“And i prayed to God to make me strong and able to fight…”

– Harriet Tubman

“Freedom is something that you have to do for yourself.

– Malcolm X

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Young people getting active in the streets today are entering a desert of political options and conversations. A degenerate political left represents the only well-known alternative to openly fascist Democrats and neo-nazi-courting Republicans, a left that has grown so petty bourgeois (middle class) in its class character that it has very little relationship to the physically existing world, as outlined in section 1. For those of us who actually want to make this thing materially viable, we need to focus on building the actual material infrastructure for self-determination, independent of police and State assistance…

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We put this together in three parts: 1. an introduction 2. an analysis of the events of 2020 and how they show us the limits and “prospects for freedom” available in the foreseeable future, and then 3. a list of concrete, tried and tested baby steps that serious comrades can start from scratch with. We speak from generations of experience and successful communal structure – not from our own personal opinions, left-wing jargon, dreams, theories or books alone…

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No one is going to get us ready for what’s coming except ourselves. No one is going to get us free except each other…

Let’s each and every one of us, wherever we are right now, whatever we’re working with no matter how few or how poor, analyze our situation, form a plan, and start right now. And let’s see it through!


[Video] Dalton, GA: Cops, Racists, Confederate Flags and an On Point Black Man

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 5.03.57 PMWritten by Jabar

Cops, Racists, Confederate Flags and an On Point Black Man

The video starts off with an astonished Mario Blanding narrating his view: “Man, look at this sh*t…” as he films a caravan of racists in pick up trucks parading around town with confederate flags.”These motherf**kers is crazy” Blanding continues, “They GOT A GOD DAMN DAY FOR THE CONFEDERATE F**KING FLAG, THIS- IS- SOME- BULLSH*T! I want to know what kind of motherf**king parade we can have?!”

Blanding then focuses his narration and his camera on the police who seem to be on the side of the caravan, blocking the roads so the trucks can continue with their display of hatred unmolested: ” And we can’t even…, They got the roads blocked off… Look at this shit… what the f**k is this? … Just so yall dont think I’m bullsh*tting, there goes the police right there, they got the roads blocked off for these f**king confederate flags. I dont know what the f**k going on…”

Things then take a turn towards hilarity

“OHHH, Their about to wreck!”shouts Blanding. And sure enough, a speeding racist in a pickup truck slams into the racist in the truck ahead of him, who also rear ends the racist trucker in front of him as well, making it a three-fer ( or a racist hat-trick).  Continue reading