This Picture’s Not Funny: ‪#‎French‬ ‪#‎FarRight‬ Official Sparks Mob Violence Against Journalists

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By Andy Beale

Front National European Deputy Bruno Gollnisch attacks journalists from French satirical news program Le Petit Journal with an umbrella. Gollnisch’s attack incited FN party members to mob violence against the journalists (Screenshot from Le Petit Journal aired 4 May 2015).

Front National European Deputy Bruno Gollnisch attacks journalists from French satirical news program Le Petit Journal with an umbrella. Gollnisch’s attack incited FN party members to mob violence against the journalists (Screenshot from Le Petit Journal aired 4 May 2015).

Where the hell are all the #jesuischarlies?

Following the attacks against the cartoonists and journalists at the Paris headquarters of Charlie Hebdo, the English-language media fell all over itself to show support for the magazine. The New York Times published a column describing the attack as “an assault on French identity.” The Guardian, the Wall Street Journal, the Daily BeastUSA Today, and many others all republished a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad to show their support for the magazine. Nearly 4 million people gathered in a giant Paris “unity rally” to condemn the attack. Charlie Hebdo and its anti-Muslim cartoons are still in the news four months later as the magazine was awarded the prestigious PEN Freedom of Speech award this year, despitestrong objections from PEN members.

So why aren’t any English-language media covering the vicious mob violence perpetrated against Parisian journalists on May Day?

The violence was carried out by Front National members and, most importantly, by an elected, sitting Front National European deputy. You may know the FN as France’s anti-gay, anti-Muslim fascist party. Party founder Jean-Marie Le Pen recently described the Nazi gas chambers as an unimportant “detail of history.”

On May 1st, as it does every year, the FN held a rally and march to commemorate Joan of Arc. The event quickly went south for the fascists, with much lower turnout than previous years due to rain, and immediate disruptions by topless FEMEN activists. In the FN’s first assault on free speech of the day, FEMEN was immediately and violently removed by the fascist party’s private security service. (French newspaper Le Monde says FN security’s removal of FEMEN was blatantly illegal, as “Following the penal code, coercive power is exclusively reserved to the police and the gendarmerie.”)

Then came the mob violence.

French satirical program Le Petit Journal, which has been described as the “French Daily Show,” sent two camera crews to the FN demonstration, capturing party supporters saying really dumb and racist things and supporting the Nazi-collaborating WWII Vichy government of Maréchal Petain. It was all fun and games until party leader Marine Le Pen took the stage.

Le Pen’s hour-long speech was pretty standard FN stuff, decrying the French government for its supposed multiculturalism. “They have allowed massive immigration to install itself in France. They have unpinned the Islamic fundamentalist grenade,” Le Pen told the crowd of 3,500.

Though Le Pen’s xenophobia was expected, Bruno Gollnisch’s violence was not. Gollnisch is an elected member of the European Parliament, one of 23 French deputies representing the FN at the EU. Le Petit Journal installed itself next to the FN’s VIP box, recording Gollnisch and other elected officials’ responses during Le Pen’s speech. Gollnisch, recognizing the journalists as employees of Le Petit Journal, grabbed an umbrella and attacked the journalists, managing to break their boom mic before being pulled away by FN security.

Gollnisch’s umbrella assault, on its own, might have been harmless, or even kind of silly. What came next was definitely not.

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[Video] Paris Defies Ban On Pro Palestine Demonstrations, Clashes Break Out


Video From Revolution Et Libertes

Paris, France

The following video helps breakdown the sequences of events in Paris during todays (July 19th) demonstration in support of Palestine and in defiance of the French governments ban on Pro Palestinian / Anti Zionist protests.

The video breakdown is clear: 1: Peaceful Protestors Defying The Government Ban 2: Police React With Tear Gas Attacks 3: The People Resist

The French police can be seen HERE attacking a disabled pro Palestinian demonstrator who is bound to a wheelchair. As people rush to defend the man from the police and cameras appear, the police back off. Continue reading

[Video] French Zionist Group “Jewish Defense League” Attack Pro Palestinian March, Get Beat Up, Hide Behind Police

From Soufain Al-Qadi

“Here is (Video) proof that the JDL (Jewish Defence League) is responsible for the brawl near the synagogue Rue de la Roquette (13 July 2014).We can see thegroup destroy property to undermine the pro-Palestinian demonstrators. All this before their final escape with all the cowardice that characterizes them, under the watchful eye of the police, always ready to protect Jewish extremists” Continue reading

Camp Evictions met with Occupations and Resistance


From Calais Migrant Solidarity

May 28th, 2014

Calais, France

Today more than 300 police descended on Calais to evict three tent camps in the city centre which have existed since last October: the «Syrian camp», which was set up following the occupation of the port, the «Eritrean camp» under the bridge, which was established after the eviction of their squat, also in October, and a smaller camp close to the food distribution. Together these places were home to around 650 people in Calais. The state has tried to disguise this police operation as a humanitarian intervention, citing scabies and poor sanitation to justify destroying people’s homes without providing them with any alternative solution. They neglect to mention that these problems exist only because they have forced people to live in very crowded conditions without regular access to toilets, showers, or places to wash their clothes and bedding. They legitimize the paternal intervention of the state by painting a picture of migrants as diseased and unable to care for themselves, rather than accepting responsibility for creating the circumstances which have caused these problems.
The humanitarian veil over this police eviction could not have been thinner. Last night at food distribution, nurses from the hospital arrived to distribute scabies medication to those who wanted them. The scene more closely resembled street pushers trying to convince passers-by to buy drugs to stop the itch than free patients consenting to a medical treatment. Understandably, many people were hesitant to swallow unknown tablets for a medical condition which they may not have under the watchful eyes of the police, just a day before they would be kicked out of their homes.

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More than 500 refugees from war-torn nations wait in squalid Calais camp


From Mirror

Clawing his way over a 12ft razor-wire fence, an immigrant camped on Britain’s doorstep makes a desperate bid for a new life, reports the Sunday People in Calais.

The Yemeni is among more than 500 refugees from war-torn nations holed up in the French port of Calais where they hope to sneak on to trucks ferried 23 times a day to Dover.

Before hurtling over the fence, the Arab unzips his anorak and tracksuit top to display deep cuts across his chest which he says were inflicted by police in Saudi Arabia.

He believes the only place he will be safe is Britain.

So he braves the razor-wire, landing with a bump, then scuttles towards a lorry park in hope of clinging to the axle of a truck heading to the UK.

“This place is terrible,” he exclaimed when the Sunday People visited a new migrants’ camp this week.

Jabbing his fingers towards the sea, he ­insisted: “I must go to England.”

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“White Women and the Privilege of Solidarity” – Decolonial Islamic Feminism ( Speech & Video Interview w/ Houria Bouteldja )

Houria Bouteldja is a spokesperson for PIR, a decolonial political party in France called Les Indigenes de la Republique or Indigenous Peoples Party of the Republic.  This is her speech at the 4th International Congress of Islamic Feminism in October 2010 in Madrid, Spain.

This is followed by a video interview done by Tom Vee at the University of California in Berkeley in April 2011. Topics include Islamophobia, decolonial feminism, the privilege of solidarity and BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction).

Originally posted by Decolonial Translation Group

Madrid, Spain

Houria Bouteldja

Houria Bouteldja

I would, first of all, like to thank the Junta Islamica Catalana for having organized this colloquium, which is a real breath of fresh air in a Europe that is shriveling up in upon itself, wrought up in xenophobic debates and increasingly rejecting difference/alterity.

I hope that such an initiative will be able to take place in France. Before getting into the subject at hand, I would like to introduce myself, as I believe that speech should always be located.

I live in France, I am the daughter of Algerian immigrants. My father was a working class man and my mother was a housewife. I am not speaking as a sociologist, a researcher or a theologian. In other words, I am no expert. I am an activist and I am speaking as a result of my experience as a political activist and, I might add, my own personal sensibility. I am insisting on these details because I would like to be as honest as possible in my reasoning. Truth be told, until today, I hadn’t really thought about the question of Islamic feminism. So why am I taking part in this colloquium? When I was invited, I made it quite clear that I lacked the authority to speak about Islamic feminism and that I would rather deal with the idea of decolonial feminism and the ways in which, I believe, it should be related to the more general question of Islamic feminism. That is why I thought I would lay out a few questions that could prove useful for our collective questioning. Continue reading

Into the Fire – The Hidden Victims of Austerity in Greece

greek migrants

Into the Fire is being crowd-released: All over the internet people are embedding Into the Fire on their website or blog. With everyone who participates the audience and distribution network will grow. Are you participating?

A hard hitting documentary which shows the plight of refugees and migrants in recession hit Athens, Into The Fire is a film with a difference.

Shot and edited with sensitivity and compassion, it doesn’t pull its punches and makes for harrowing viewing in parts. It is the product of crowd funding, dedication, self-sacrifice and a burning sense of justice.

On 21 April, Into the Fire was simultaneously released on websites, blogs and other platforms around the internet. The film is available in various languages, including Albanian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian and Spanish. There are a number of public screenings planned in several countries in Europe and Northern America. To participate in the release or organise a screening see Continue reading

Tribute to Clement Meric: Behind Fascism Lies the Capital

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Paris, France


[Rough Translation]: Several thousand people, 6,000 according to police, marched Sunday in Paris against fascism, a fortnight after the death of Clement Meric and many windows were degraded in their path.

Fourteen people were arrested, “especially for carrying a prohibited weapon” on the sidelines of the event announced the Ministry of Interior.

Minister Manuel Valls “salutes the fieldwork of the Prefecture of Police will continue to exploit the many videos recorded throughout the rally. ”

“The route of the procession, many windows, including banks, as well as street furniture, were ransacked by thugs who do not respect the spirit of this gathering”, the minister said.

These are ultra-violent radicals and highly mobile thugs who came to battle groups, “said a source familiar with the matter.

The dense and motley procession lunged to 3:00 p.m. in the Place de l’Opera (II), bringing together political activists (NPA Left Party), anarchist groups, associations (Attac, SOS Homophobia) and Union (UNEF, CGT).

Marching behind banners proclaiming “Fascism kills, kills Islamophobia”, or representing the face of Clement Meric killed on June 5 in paris in a brawl between fascist and right-wing activists, protesters chanted “Clement, Clement, antifa “or” No quarters for fascists, no fascists in our neighborhoods. ” Continue reading