Black youth organizers and ally organizers halt Trump rally traffic with “#ByeAnita #DumpTrump” blockade

Anita Alvarez Must Go



Contact: Joan Fadayiro

Social media: For updates from the action follow #ByeAnita #DumpTrump

HAPPENING NOW: Black youth organizers and ally organizers halt Trump rally traffic with “#ByeAnita #DumpTrump” blockade

Black youth urge Chicagoans to refuse support for Anita Alvarez in the March 15th, 2016 primary election.

Chicago 3/11: Right now, March 11, 2016 at 5:30pm, organizers from Assata’s Daughters, Black Lives Matter: Chicago, OCAD, and CLAW are halting traffic to disrupt the Chicago rally for Trump held at UIC in protest of two fiercy anti-black candidates for political office, Trump for the presidential nominee and Anita Alvarez for Cook County State’s Attorney.

Today’s action is the latest in a series of protests organized by Black youth targeting Anita Alvarez for her record of covering up police murder, criminalizing survivors of domestic violence, and supporting police terror in black communities.

Black youth organizers are…

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UC Davis Protest Israeli Diplomat George Deek


Statement of Action

Today, UC Davis students, alumni, and members of the broader community came together in response to the presence of George Deek – the so-called “Arab-Israeli” diplomat- on our campus. Our response was not organized by any single organization or group but rather, emerged from shared principles of anti-colonialism in general, and anti-zionism in particular. The protest took the form of a walk-out accompanied by the following chants:


Free, free Palestine

Long live the Intifada

Intifada, intifada

Israel is an apartheid state

Israel is anti-Black

When Palestine is occupied, resistance is justified

Palestine will be free, fight white supremacy


While we recognize our actions to be minimal in relation to the history of Palestinian resistance we invoke, we felt a responsibility to reject the zionist agenda that George Deek furthers – a settler-colonial agenda that is xenophobic, Islamophobic, and anti-Black. We refuse all efforts to normalize the Israeli occupation and recognize that the state of Israel was born and remains possible through the genocide and displacement of Palestinians. We did not participate within the established framework of the event because we are aware of how discourses about ‘dialogue’ and ‘democracy’ function to silence anti-zionist voices. We recognize that Israel’s voice is already over-represented in the media, our classrooms, and history books and refuse to provide the State another platform through which to normalize colonial violence. We have no more ‘tolerance’ for Israeli propaganda.

George Deek, a self-identified Israeli born to a Palestinian family, perfectly embodies the project of zionist liberal-democracy, which seeks to assimilate Palestinians into non-existence, after the exhaustion of genocidal State strategies. Deek’s public references to Israeli willingness to ‘dialogue’ and denunciations of Palestinians’ so-called self-victimization not only disregards the disparity of power between colonizer and colonized, but also erases the history of Palestinian resistance against occupation. We reject the kind of identity politics that values Deek’s Palestinian identity at the expense of asserting his function as a colonial collaborator.

In light of recent events on the UC Davis campus we also feel obligated to note the Israeli state’s foundational anti-Blackness. Israel’s investments in prison systems and direct involvement with American policing should preclude any bonds of solidarity between supporters of Israel and dispossessed communities, particularly the Black community. We note the continuity between the foundational racism of Israel and that of the United States, and see the continuity between Israeli anxiety over the reproduction of non-white, non-Ashkenazi bodies and the history of sterilization of indigenous and Black women in the United States.

We, therefore, are opposed to entities that impose or directly enable these injustices to persist, and we will not tolerate or allow for such people to have a platform to speak on our campus, nor will we engage in pseudo ‘dialogue’ with them.

Pro-Palestine Supporters and Community

Chiapas activist witnessed Berta Cáceres murder

Chiapas Support Committee

The Mexican activist Gustavo Castro Soto. Foto: Moviac The Mexican activist Gustavo Castro Soto. Foto: Moviac

By: Isaín Mandujano

San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas (apro) –

Mexican activist Gustavo Castro Soto [1] witnessed the murder this morning of the indigenous environmentalist Berta Cáceres, an attack perpetrated in her house located in the El Líbano neighborhood of La Esperanza, in Intibucá, Honduras.

Castro Soto, a sociologist by profession, was injured during the attack on the Lenca leader and coordinator of the Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (Copinh).

The police confirmed that Soto is a protected witness and could contribute elements that will permit clarifying Cáceres murder, Honduran newspaper La Prensa emphasized this afternoon.

Human rights defenders and members of the organization Otros Mundos, AC protested this afternoon in this Chiapas city because of the murder of Berta Cáceres and they also demanded assurances of security and protection for the Chiapas activist and environmentalist Gustavo…

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Afghan refugees on hunger strike; demand border opening.

A group of around 150 Afghanis in Victoria square, central Athens, go on hunger strike. They demand that the northern borders of Greece leading into Macedonia are opened to let them in. They announce their plan to march by foot from Athens to the border, which is more than 500 km away.

Afghanis go on hunger strike – Athens from Ross Domoney on Vimeo.

Calais Jungle Eviction: a chronology of resistance so far

Calais Migrant Solidarity

Afghan kid photographs burning shelters

Via the website, which is maintaining a chronology of resistance to the eviction in Calais and in solidarity in other places.

Today the southern half of the Calais ‘jungle’ enters it’s third day of eviction, in a process the authorities have now said will take 3 weeks to complete.

Here’s some of the acts of resistance that have been happening in & beyond the camp. It’s looking like it’s going to be a drawn-out process, so get busy researching, preparing and taking action now. This post will be updated as more action reports come through.

17th Jan:

Two vehicles used to carry out evictions were torched overnight.

24th Jan:

The UK Visas and Immigration office in Rome is graffitied with the words “standing side by side those who are fighting in Calais”.

22nd Feb:

Calais Migrant Solidarity issues a call for transnational solidarity actions, specifically…

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DAY ONE: “The Trial: Alex Nieto versus the SFPD”

Todo Bodo Down: The Bac Sierra Blog

Picture is of Closing Day One Court Room Embrace with the Nietos

Closing COurt Day Embrace day one Trial

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Time to put on our law hats! Daily I will post summaries of the actual action in the court room; here I review the Day One jury selection and opening statements.

DAY ONE: “The Trial: Alex Nieto versus the SFPD”


  • Eight jurors chosen—six are female (5 white) and two males. Age range from approximately 25 to 65 years old. Median age is approximately 40 years old.
  • In order for the Nietos to succeed in their demands, these jurors must unanimously decide that by a preponderance of the evidence the SFPD unreasonably killed Alex Nieto.
  • Before opening statements, City Attorney requested not to have Alex’s deceased body shown to the jury during opening statements. Her request was overruled.



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