US-Backed Egypt Regime Murders 24-year-old Taxi Driver Mohamed Ali Ismail


The killing sparked a protest by residents at the Cairo security directorate


Ahram Online

Thursday 18 Feb 2016

A low-ranking policeman killed a citizen “by mistake” in Cairo’s impoverished and populated neighborhood El-Darb Al-Ahamr, Egypt’s interior ministry said on Thursday.

“A low-ranking policeman was accompanying his relative to buy some goods and when both were uploading goods to a taxi, they had a fight with the taxi driver,” Cairo’s security directorate said in a statement.

“The policeman pulled his gun to end the fight but a bullet came out of the gun by mistake, killing the taxi driver.”

The taxi driver is 24-year-old Mohamed Ali Ismail, whose body was transferred to Cairo’s Ahmed Maher hospital. The general prosecution is investigating the incident.

According to local news reports, El-Darb El-Ahmar residents staged an impromptu protest at the nearby Cairo security directorate.

“A large number of people gathered in an attempt to catch the policeman but he managed to escape,” a security source told Ahram’s Arabic news website.

General Khaled Abdel Mataal, the head of the security directorate, met the victim’s sister at the directorate to offer his condolences. He promised to arrest the policeman, who is still at large, according to Ahram.

[Video] Witnesses: WA Police Shot, Killed Man Who Was Attemping to Flee

In a video interview with eyewitnesses to a police shooting in Pasco WA, Tri City Herald has revealed a police murder of a man attempting to flee. In the video interview (below) eyewitnesses repeatedly state that the police shot the man from 20 feet away as he had his back toward them and was attempting to flee. The only thing the man may have had in his hand was a rock.

Ferguson Protesters Are Occupying St. Louis Police Headquarters

eviction noticeTwenty-five people in Ferguson, Missouri,are occupying the St. Louis Police headquarters. In the meantime, SLPD are busy chasing around a diversion march on the streets. This comes as ongoing anti-police actions around the country have gained momentum, sparked by the most recent murders by police.


We have received a cry for help, that as mothers, grandmothers, fathers, grandfathers, brothers and sisters we can NO LONGER IGNORE.

In response to this dispatch, we intend to evict injustice and blight, by occupying St. Louis Police headquarters on December 31st, 2014, at 11am. The decision to reclaim our police department is the result of willful neglect and violence on behalf of the department toward the community, which they are bound, by oath, to protect and serve. Continue reading

Police Shoot, Kill Man, Get Attacked by Angry Local Residents


Newark, New Jersey

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 Two Sheriff’s officers investigating possible drug activity shot and killed a suspected drug dealer after police claim the man approached them with a loaded weapon, Essex County Chief of Detectives, Anthony Ambrose, said today.

The two plain-clothes deputies were conducting a narcotics investigation and approached their target in a building on North 9th Street in Newark. Ambrose said the man came out of the building with a loaded weapon. The deputies fired one shot each, killing the man, whose name was not divulged, Ambrose said.

A group of residents, who had a different story about what happened during the confrontation, threw rocks and debris at the sheriff’s car breaking at least one window after the incident.

Several people at the scene told a reporter that the two deputies hit the man, whom they identified only as “Jose” (street name, “Menace”), with their vehicle and then shot the man on the ground. None of the neighbors interviewed wanted to give their names saying they feared retribution from police.

During brief remarks to reporters several people shouted over Ambrose and Sheriff Armando Fontoura, saying, “Why did you have to hit him with a car? Why’d you have to shoot him in the back?” Continue reading