[Transcription] EZLN Press Conference with the Free, Autonomous, Alternative, or Whatever-You-Call-It Media

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August 10, 2014, La Realidad Zapatista, Chiapas, Mexico

First part: the words of SubGaleano

Good morning Gotham City… whenever you finish taking pictures of the stage over there, we’re going to start the press conference over here.

Please take your seats so that we can start in a few minutes, and so that afterward you can take your departure. Please find your places compañeros, compañeras. Please sit down.

Good morning Gotham City (that is a greeting to a compañero who uses that as a twitter handle).

What you just saw a few moments ago is what in military terms is called a diversionary tactic, and in laymen’s terms is called magic. And what took just a few minutes to actually happen, took someone 20 years of work to make happen that way.[i]

We want to begin, taking advantage of the fact that we have the free, autonomous, alternative, or whatever-you-call-it media here, as well as compañeros from the national and international Sixth, by thanking you. And in order to thank you, I am going to tell you the story of a death.

This August 25 marks the 10-year anniversary of the death of Infantry Lieutenant Insurgente Eleazar. In 2004, really in 2003, he began to show signs of the kind of illness that only appears on Doctor House or stuff like that. It is called Guillain-Barré, and it consists of a gradual decline of all systems of the body until the patient dies. There is no cure, and the patient must be kept connected to life support.

When he began to get sick they took him to a hospital in Tuxtla Gutiérrez. They diagnosed him with this illness and told him that he should just go home, that it wasn’t that serious. But when I heard what he had I knew what they meant by those instructions. The doctors, when they saw that he was indigenous, knew he would not be able to pay for treatment. It’s really treatment for survival, not a cure.

#&*%^$*… let’s see if the milicianos can be moved into the shade, they’re going to be cooked alive out there, Lico…

The eye patch is so everybody thinks I have a glass eye, but I don’t. Me and my damned ideas, now I have to walk around with this thing on. Continue reading

[Video] Conferencia de prensa del EZLN con Medios Libres

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 11.20.50 AMFrom Los Tejemedios

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La Realidad, Chiapas, Mexico

Words of Subcomandante Insurgent Galeano in the Free Media Conference on August 10, 2014, at the Caracol 1 of the Autonomous Municipality of San Pedro Michoacan, Chiapas, Mexico.

Palabras del Sub Comandante Insurgente Galeano en la Conferencia con los Medios Libres realizada el 10 de Agosto de 2014, en el Caracol 1, del Municipio Autónomo de San pedro Michoacán, Chiapas, México.


Escuelita Students Report Back in Oakland

Mural in an Oventic school

Mural in an Oventic school

Several folks living in the Bay Area, California, attended the Zapatista Escuelita, or Little School. Below is a report back given at Oakland’s Qilombo community center by the students. The students talked about some of their experiences from spending time in the caracoles, what they shared while they were in Chiapas and how the journey has shaped their ideas and efforts in building autonomy in the Bay Area.

Though the Little School was in December, the students deliberately waited several months to report back–in order to take time to reflect on their journey.

A brief history of Zapatismo is given at the beginning of the presentation and the QnA session at the end is included in this recording.

For more information, read the latest Zapatista communique here (in English here) and news regarding Galeano’s murder here.

Slideshow: Lxs Zapatistas no están solxs! (The Zapatistas Are Not Alone!)

IMG_2839Photos by Bay Area Intifada
(Scroll below slideshow for English translation.)

Como miembros de diversas comunidades autónomas y como estudiantes de La Escuelita Zapatista, nos reunimos hoy en el Consulado mexicano de San Francisco para demostrar nuestro dolor y digna rabia ante el asesinato del maestro Zapatista Galeano en la comunidad autónoma de La Realidad, Chiapas. Repartimos volantes con información sobre lo sucedido en La Realidad, y manifestamos nuestra rabia con gritos rebeldes y el ruido de las cacerolas. En respuesta al incremento de agresiones en contra de bases de apoyo Zapatistas en Chiapas, Mexico, como el pueblo digno y rebelde del área de la bahía nos hemos organizado a condenar en los términos mas fuertes, el escalamiento de los ataques en contra de nuestros compañeros y compañeras del sur.


El asesinato del querido maestro Galeano a manos de grupos paramilitares respaldados por el gobierno crea el imperativo de construir relaciones autónomas y liberatorias aquí en la área de la bahía. Como tales, representamos nuestra fuerza en los que están aquí pero también de los que faltan, para denunciar los gobiernos títeres de tanto Estados Unidos y Mexico por su impunidad y brutalidad cometida en contra de los pueblos indígenas del continente. Nos unimos a muchos otros quienes protestan en cuidades alrededor del mundo como parte de una Semana Global de Acción en solidaridad con los Zapatistas y recordando al compañero Galeano.




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As autonomous community members and students of the Zapatista Little School from around the Bay Area, we gather today at the Mexican Consulate in San Francisco to demonstrate our dignified pain and rage while denouncing the murder of Zapatista schoolteacher Galeano, in the autonomous community of La Realidad, Chiapas. (Read the Zapatista communique here.)  We distributed flyers with information about what happened in La Realidad, and we expressed our rage with our rebellious cries and the noise of our pots and pans. In response to the escalating aggression against Zapatista bases of support in Chiapas, Mexico, as the dignified and rebellious people of the Bay Area we have organized ourselves in order to condemn, in the strongest terms, continued attacks against our compañeros and compañeras in the south.


The death of endeared teacher, Galeano, at the hands of government-backed paramilitary groups creates the imperative to build autonomous and liberatory social relations here in the Bay Area. As such, we will show our force in numbers and expose both the U.S. and puppet government of Mexico for the impunity and brutality committed against the indigenous people of the continent. We do so joining the countlesss of others who are demonstrating in cities around the world as part of a Global Week of Action in solidarity with the Zapatistas and in rememberance of our fallen compañero Galeano. See here to read a denuncia coming out of the West Coast, signed onto by countless individuals and groups. See here for solidarity shown from Palestine.




Palestinian activists condemn lethal attack on “Zapatista brothers and sisters”


This is the picture at the entrance of the Palestinian Consulate in Mexico. It features Emiliano Zapata and Abd al-Qadir al-Husayni. The arabic is translated to: Long live Zapata – hero of the Mexican revolution – 1915 Long live Abd al Kader al Husseini – hero of the Palestinian revolution – 1948

Originally Posted on Electronic Intifada

A group of Palestinian activists, writers and educators issued a statement last week condemning a lethal attack on a Zapatista community in Chiapas, southern Mexico.

The paramilitary attack on the village of La Realidad left one teacher dead, an autonomous school and clinic destroyed and fifteen Zapatista activists wounded, the statement says.

Sent to The Electronic Intifada, the statement draws an explicit parallel between Palestinian and Mexican indigenous struggles: “we understand that our brothers and sisters in Chiapas are struggling against a Nakba in a fight not just for themselves, but for all of humanity.”

The Nakba is the Palestinian catastrophe of 1948, which began when Zionist militias expelled some 750,000 Palestinians from their land.

Chiapas state is home to the Zapatistas (Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional), a mostly indigenous Maya liberation movement that has enjoyed global grassroots support since it rose up against the Mexican government in 1994.

The movement became iconic within the global anti-capitalist movement of the late 1990s, with the masked image of spokesperson Subcomandante Marcos smoking his pipe becoming famous the world over.

As Jimmy Johnson and Linda Quiquivix reported for The Electronic Intifada last year, the Mexican state and Israel have worked together on security coordination at the level of police, prisons and technology. Mexico has also bought Israeli weaponry.

Israeli personnel were sent into Chiapas in response to the 1994 Zapatista uprising for the purpose of “providing training to Mexican military and police forces.”


The statement characterizes the attack as “only the latest orchestration by the Mexican government at the service of neoliberalism, continuing the further theft of Mexico and the final expulsion of the country’s indigenous people from their land.”

It draws parallels to the European colonization of the Americas with the European Zionist colonization of Palestine, stating: “the world that began to be built on October 12, 1492 is the one that made possible May 15, 1948, and it has all been catastrophic for humanity.”

The Zapatistas are “a dignified threat to this new face of colonialism” and so “we call on all dignified Palestinian organizations, communities, collectives, and individuals in struggle to denounce these attacks against the Zapatistas as an attack on us all.”

The statement concludes by quoting words of solidarity that Subcomandante Marcos issued in 2009 during Israel’s brutal “Cast Lead” massacre in the Gaza Strip, which left over 1,400 Palestinians dead. FOR FULL STATEMENT Continue reading

The Good Government Council (JBG) and UniTierra of Oaxaca: We Denounce CIOAC Aggression

Scroll below to see the the Universidad statement in English and the statement from the Good Government Council released January 31, 2014.

art in the Oventic Caracol

art in the Oventic Caracol. Photo  by BAI

Universidad de la Tierra de Oaxaca

6 Febrero 2014


Integrantes del seminario “Caminos de la Autonomía”

Círculo de Información y Apoyo “Veredas Autónomas







Desde la Universidad de la Tierra de Oaxaca nos pronunciamos como estudiantes de la Escuelita Zapatista y adherentes a la Sexta Declaración de la Selva Lacandona por las recientes agresiones que sufrieron nuestras compañeras y compañeros bases de apoyo del ejido 10 de abril, municipio autónomo en rebeldía 17 de noviembre por parte de la CIOAC “democrática”.

El pasado 1 de febrero las y los compañeros de la Junta de Buen Gobierno del Caracol de Morelia denunciaron el ataque perpetuado por la Central Independiente de Obreros Agrícolas y Campesinos (CIOAC) donde compas resultan heridos de gravedad y otros presentan heridas leves. Así como las agresiones que recibieron los integrantes del Hospital San Carlos a l@s cuales se les impidió a toda costa realizar sus actividades. Denuncia aquí: http://enlacezapatista.ezln.org.mx/2014/02/01/la-junta-de-buen-gobierno-corazon-del-arco-iris-de-la-esperanza-del-caracol-iv-torbellino-de-nuestras-palabras-denuncia-la-agresion-que-sufrio-bases-de-apoyo-del-ejido-10-de-abril-del-municipio-auto/

Desde el dolor y la rabia alzamos la voz en la ciudad de Oaxaca. Esta agresión es el espejo del derrumbe de los malos gobiernos, los medios al servicio del poder quieren esconder, maquillar y silenciar sus torpes decisiones. No lo lograran, así como no lograran atacar a la autonomía zapatista. Consideramos esta agresión en el marco de la violencia y la represión que se vive en todo el pais y especialmente en contra de las organizaciones independientes y autónomas. Aquí en Oaxaca se ataca constatemente a tod@s aquellos que se opongan a los megaproyectos de muerte y a las y los que luchan contra la prisión política dentro y fuera de la carcel.

Hay que recordar que a los estudiantes y estudiantas nos abrieron las puertas de sus casas, aprendimos de su lucha, conocimos la resistencia desde adentro y vimos con nuestros propios ojos la organización cotidiana y rebelde, hoy nos sumamos a las denuncias que compañeras y compañeros de diferentes partes del mundo estan realizando, abrazamos atod@s l@s compañer@s bases de apoyo zapatista del Ejido 10 de abril y les decimos desde Oaxaca que ¡NO ESTANSOLO@S! ¡SI TOCAN A L@S ZAPATISTAS NOS TOCAN A TOD@S!

Hacemos un llamado a tod@s los adherentes a la sexta y estudiantes de la escuelita zapatista a manifestarse y movilizarse cada quien con sus modos y formas y según sus posibilidades y geografías por nuestr@s compas zapatistas. Es el momento de demostrar que la Esuelita y los últimos esfuerzos de los pueblos zapatistas estan construyendo puentes con la sociedad civil nacional e internacional. Usemos nuestros espacios, calles y plazas para difundir e informar sobre esta agresión y no permitir que se repita.





San Cristobal, Chiapas

San Cristobal, Chiapas. Photo by BAI

Universidad de la Tierra of Oaxaca

6 February 2014








From the Universidad de la Tierra of Oaxaca we pronounce ourselves students of the Zapatista Little School and adherents of the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle in relation to the recent aggressions that our compañeras and compañeros of the support bases of the ejido 10 de abril, autonomous municipality in rebellion 17 de noviembre, suffered on the part of the “democratic” CIOAC.

On February 1st, the compañer@s of the Good Government Council of the Caracol of Morelia denounced the attack perpetrated by the Independent Center of Agricultural Workers and Campesinos (CIOAC) where compas were critically injured and others sustained minor injuries, as well as the agressions that the personnel of the Hospital San Carlos received from CIOAC, those who obstructed the realization of their activities at all costs. Denunciation here: http://enlacezapatista.ezln.org.mx/2014/02/01/la-junta-de-buen-gobierno-corazon-del-arco-iris-de-la-esperanza-del-caracol-iv-torbellino-de-nuestras-palabras-denuncia-la-agresion-que-sufrio-bases-de-apoyo-del-ejido-10-de-abril-del-municipio-auto/

With pain and rage we raise our voice in the city of Oaxaca. This aggression is the mirror of the collapse of the bad governments and the media at the service of the power and the clumsy decisions they want to hide, dress up and silence.They won’t be successful, just like they won’t be able to attack zapatista autonomy. We consider this aggression within the framework of the violence and repression that the whole country is living today and especially an attack against independent and autonomous organizations. Here in Oaxaca they constantly attack all those who oppose the deadly megaprojects and those who fight against political imprisonment—inside and outside of jail.

We must remind the students and remember as students [of the Escuelita] that the compañer@s opened the doors of their homes to us, shared with us their struggle, gave us the chance to know their resistance from the inside and see with our own eyes the organization of daily life and rebellion. Today we join in the denouncements that compañer@s of different parts of the world are making, we embrace all of the compañer@s zapatista support bases of Ejido 10 de abril and we say to them from Oaxaca that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! IF THEY MESS WITH THE ZAPATISTAS THEY MESS WITH ALL OF US!

We make a call to all of the adherents of the Sixth Declaration and the students of the Zapatista Little School to protest and mobilize for our zapatista compas, each one in their own modes and forms according to their possibilities and geographies. This is the moment to demonstrate that the Little School and the latest forces of the Zapatista peoples are building bridges with national and international civil society. We will use our spaces, streets and plazas to disseminate and inform about this aggression and to prevent that it be repeated.




Universidad de la Tierra of Oaxaca

Participants of the seminar “Paths of Autonomy”

Circle of Information and Support “Veredas Autónomas”



Chiapas. Photo by BAI

Chiapas. Photo by BAI

From the Good Government Council (JBG) 


Friday, January 31, 2014

The Good Government, rainbow heart snail Hope Iv, whirlwind of our words; denounce the attack suffered our colleagues support bases ejido April 10 autonomous municipality in absentia November 17, Chiapas, Mexico. Caused by people of democratic CIOAC and led by Miguel Vázquez Hernández González and Jaime Luna.

In the year 2007, was when he first led us to take our land recovered in 1994, presenting a simple sketch and with that, they want to spend on your business.

The October 18, 2013, again trying to provoke us and take our land reclaimed paid by blood of our fallen comrades, from this date returned to perform his famous demarcation to strip and saw that fully
is out of line as they came to do alley in the year 2007, avalándose with the same simple sketch.

Most recent provocation suffered by our fellow ejido support bases April 10 autonomous municipality in default on November 17, is on Monday January 27, 2014, about 7:30 in the morning they got 250 people to provoke CIOAC democratic organization, from the ejido November 20, township official! of Margaritas, Chiapas.

Arriving in our reclaimed land, as number one began to cut our sign is at the entrance of the ejido April 10, one was smashed and the other left burned

Read the entire JBG communique here.

Attacks On EZLN Support Bases By Followers Of CIOAC Are Denounced

From La JornadaDorset Chiapas Solidarityand a compa who compiled these articles

Lee en español aquí.

attack on EZLNSan Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, February 1. The Good Government Junta (JBG), Heart of the Rainbow of Hope, from the Zapatista Caracol of Morelia, reported a serious attack on EZLN support bases in the ejido 10 de Abril, autonomous municipality 17 de Noviembre, perpetrated by a mob of followers of the leaders  of CIOAC democratic, the Central Independiente de Obreros Agricolas y Campesinos, Miguel Vázquez Hernández and Jaime Luna González. The incident occurred on Thursday 30th January, although they had already suffered a fierce attack on the 27th.

The JBG relates that “the cioaquistas [members of CIOAC] attacked us again, fulfilling their threats” made three days ago. “18 Nissan trucks arrived carrying what we estimate to have been 300 people ready for violence.” They got out 30 metres from the Zapatistas and the truck tried to run them down. Among the aggressors “their complete readiness to attack us with machetes was noted because they carried (machetes) in their hands and had brought stones.”

The account by the junta continues: “Our compañeros resisted and did not answer their aggressive and mocking questions,” and “tried to tell them to leave them alone, because the land has been reclaimed since 1994, and so it is cared for.” The aggressors of CIOAC democratic “took a five-minute break” and started throwing stones, while others sought “sticks and clubs to beat us, our compañeros immediately began to fall from heavy blows to their eyes, head, nose and legs.

Although some cioaquistas would be treated at the IMSS hospital in Altamirano for minor bumps, among the Zapatistas there were serious injuries. Sebastian, aged 20, with a fracture of the left zygomatic bone, ophthalmic trauma on the left side, haemorrhage and severe inflammation of the retina, fractures of the skull and base of the nose, and in danger of losing his sight. Ismael, aged 22, with an open nose fracture, a head injury, and contusion to the left shoulder. Jhony, aged 32, with a head injury, trauma to the left eye and oedema of the eyelid. Three more indigenous received head injuries.

The JBG identifies the ringleaders as Arnulfo González Jiménez and Jaime Luna González, who fired guns. “They began to beat us followed by their accomplices Tranquilino González,  bilingual teacher, José Lino Álvarez y Humberto López, natives of the ejido 20 de Noviembre, where some people have for a long time tried to appropriate the lands of 10 de Abril, over which they have no rights. The people who carried them in the trucks were paid 100 pesos each as a wage for the violence with which they attacked us.

Read the rest of the article here.

Also, read about how the Chiapas government is ignoring CIOAC attacks on the Zapatistas here.

Also see…

el testimonio de personal del hospital San Carlos con respecto a la agresión a compañeros del ejido 10 de abril, ocurrida el 30 de enero de 2014 (aquí)


La Junta de Buen Gobierno, Corazón del Arco Iris de la Esperanza del Caracol IV, denuncia la agresión que sufrió bases de apoyo del ejido 10 de abril del municipio autónomo en rebeldía 17 de noviembre, Chiapas, México (aquí).

La Escuelita Zapatista: Radio Autonomia September Show


1 September 2013. Posted on Radio Autonomia

AUDIO is from the September 1, 2013 broadcast of Radio Autonomía: Zapatismo in the Bay on Berkeley Liberation Radio, 104.1FM, livestream at Berkeley Liberation Radio

The September 2013 show features an in-depth conversation about the Escuelita Zapatista with a few of our close comrades here in the Bay Area who recently returned from Chiapas. Continue reading