Comrades Reporting on Michoacan Need Support

gofundmemexicojournosAs you have probably heard in recent weeks, there are people down in the Nation State of Mexico disarming corrupt police. And WeCopwatch has folks on the ground that need your support here and now to be able to document these actions safely. . .

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This is from a comrade down south. . . 

We are going to spend several days in the Tierra Caliente region of the state of Michoacan. This is the region which is currently having fire fights between community based self defense patrols and organized crime thugs. The military has been called into the region to disarm the self defense patrols, but the actual disbanding of the patrols has proven impossible because of tremendous popular support.

The situation is tense, and very little news is making its way out. In addition a national and international smear campaign has ensued in order to criminalize the self defense patrols. We have almost every thing we need to pump out regular reports with Photo and video from the region, however we are missing several key pieces of equipment at this time.

We need bullet proof vest and helmets. We are currently working as a crew of 4 and would like a vest for every one in the crew, however, there are several local and independent reporters in the field with out vest and helmets, so how ever much is raised will go to vests and helmets for independent journalist in the region. Anything you can give will be a great help. Continue reading

Documentary Trailers: The Ghosts of March 21

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This interrogation of a day in the life of Oakland, California, is focused on March 21, 2009, when a shoot-out between a young man named Lovell Mixon and members of the Oakland Police Department resulted in the death of Mixon himself and four Oakland police officers. Intimately following the day’s events, this documentary examination of the encounter’s underlying contradictions seeks to challenge the mainstream narrative of the shoot-out and shed light on the nature of racism in the contemporary United States.

The first trailer for the documentary:

Click here for the second trailer from /CRONISTAS/ on Vimeo.


“Neither the life of an individual nor the history of a society can be understood without understanding both.”

This quote by renowned sociologist C. Wright Mills summarizes our documentary approach. To date, the dominant narrative of the shoot-out, propagated by the Oakland Police Department, state officials and the media, has been that Lovelle Mixon was a monster and a rapist and the slain officers were angels and heroes. This perspective, viewed through a liberal lens and reliant on misleading labels, pretends the shoot-out occurred in a vacuum, devoid of history and sociopolitical factors. This situation has resulted in an illusion through which the status quo has been reinforced and critical thought has been suppressed. Continue reading

“Pigs are Haram!” – Undercover Police Confronted on May Day

Oakland, Co-produced by WeCopwatch and Bay Area Intifada

This past May Day, autonomous/anarchist people of color held a contingent of about 75 people within the Sin Fronteras’ Immigrant Solidarity march. Although the contingent had a clear non-reformist and unapologetic stance about immigration, they spent the day in solidarity with those struggling against unjust labor and immigration policies.

Officer Crum

Officer Crum

The mood of the march was joyous and celebratory. During the march, two Muslim anarchists spotted large men who seemed out of place and were paying too much attention to the group. One cop was snapping photos of the Muslims within the contingent.

Officer Borocio

Officer Borocio

The Muslim anarchists confronted the men who were clearly undercover police, stopped them from taking photos, and with the support of the rest of the autonomous/anarchist contingent sent them on their way with chants of “Pigs Out!” and “Pigs are Haraam!” Embarrassed and exposed, the two undercover officers slipped away through the crowds watching the spectacle.

From Oakland to Istanbul, pigs are haram!


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