Ferguson Protesters Are Occupying St. Louis Police Headquarters

eviction noticeTwenty-five people in Ferguson, Missouri,are occupying the St. Louis Police headquarters. In the meantime, SLPD are busy chasing around a diversion march on the streets. This comes as ongoing anti-police actions around the country have gained momentum, sparked by the most recent murders by police.


We have received a cry for help, that as mothers, grandmothers, fathers, grandfathers, brothers and sisters we can NO LONGER IGNORE.

In response to this dispatch, we intend to evict injustice and blight, by occupying St. Louis Police headquarters on December 31st, 2014, at 11am. The decision to reclaim our police department is the result of willful neglect and violence on behalf of the department toward the community, which they are bound, by oath, to protect and serve. Continue reading

[Photos/Video] “The Black Community Stands With Palestine from Oakland to Ferguson”

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 5.40.14 PMOakland, California

How does one honor the call to “black out black Friday” for Mike Brown & Ferguson, to Boycott Walmart and to connect all the dots by showing solidarity w/ Palestine and BDS? Here’s How:

In the Bay Area protestors know how to be creative. In the past week since the acquittal of Darren Wilson in the murder of Mike Brown demonstrations have moved away from symbolism to strategy through diversifying tactics: Continue reading

Activists Shutdown Israeli Arms Factory in UK

Police look on as protesters occupy the roof of an Elbit owned factory in Birmingham. (Photo: London Palestine Action)

From Mondoweiss

For nearly a month, Israel has bombarded Gaza from land, sea and air. More than 1800 Palestinians have lost their lives and war crimes have been committed. To our collective shame, the UK government has not only failed to take action to pressure Israel to stop its massacre, but has refused to take steps to end the material support it provides to Israel’s brutal regime of apartheid and colonialism. When governments support crimes against humanity, grassroots movements must take direct action.

A group of activists from the London Palestine Action network have today (5/8/14) chained the doors shut of an Israeli weapons factory based near Birmingham in the UK and are now occupying the roof. As part of the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement (BDS) and in response to calls for action from Palestinian movements, we are demanding the permanent closure of the factory and an end to all forms of military trade and cooperation with Israel.

Protester hangs "Elbit Arms, Israel Kills" at shutdown Elbit factory in Birmingham. The factory produces drone engines which are exported to Israel and used over Gaza. (Photo: London Palestine Action)

The factory that we are occupying produces engines for drones and is owned by Elbit Systems, Israel’s largest military company and the world’s largest drones producer. Drone engines manufactured at this factory have been exported to Israel in 2010, 2011 and 2012 and Elbit Systems drones are being used in Israel’s ongoing massacre. Any claims that components manufactured at this factory are not being used in Israel’s current attack on Gaza are not credible. Continue reading

[video] Indonesia: ELF torch manufacturing plant of bulletproof vests for police and military


Bandung, Indonesia

Originally posted by ELF Indonesia


The police are the enemy . This is our final statement that is not negotiable. Police are not born to be friends, as individuals and as an institution, and can not be excluded from the list of enemies that must be addressed by for our attacks. As an institution and as individuals, the police goal is to protect civilization and the exploitation it is doing to the earth.

The objective of the police -as well as the other repressive instruments- is to secure the money and investment interests for the sake of the anthropocentric way of life as it is today. The police are not for representing our interests. Instead, the police are one of the thousands of faces of outrage alive today. Police must be attacked, as hard as possible. Continue reading

(Video) Migrant Justice Organizers Use Direct Action, Blockade Deportation Buses


Aug 21st Deportation Blockade

Aug 21st Deportation Blockade


August 21, 2013

Undocumented & Unafraid

Organizers from ” United We Dream ” & ” Arizona Dream Act Coalition” have released a video from an August 21st action against ICE ( Immigration and Costumes Enforcement) and deportations.

This action came after hundreds of migrants were rounded up for deportation across Arizona in recent days.

Demonstrators chained themselves to the gates of an ICE detention facility, effectively blocking any buses of deportees from exiting.  After  hours of blockading the demonstrators were arrested and released later that evening. Continue reading

Kenneth Harding’s Mother: Shut Down MUNI on Tuesday

Bay Area, California

kenneth-harding-posterOn Friday, Bay Area Intifada caught up with the mother of Kenneth Harding–the young black youth who was killed over a two-dollar San Francisco MUNI bus fare evasion in July of 2011. [Video–Warning: Graphic]  The conversation happened just days before the murderer of Treyvon Martin walked and Amerika’s cities marched, riotedshut things down and resisted in other less-recognized ways (like the “white journalist beat by a black mob”–videotaped and then pulled off the Internet the next morning). Each city could easily relate Treyvon’s murder to those of numberless sons and daughters lost in their own cities. Denika Chatman, Kenneth’s mother, was handing out a flyer with information about his death at the Oakland premiere of the Fruitvale film–a newly released narrative about Oscar Grant’s murder that was heavily funded by BART and leaves out both the officer’s name and the community’s responsive rage.

(You can catch up on the background details of Kenneth Harding’s murder here.)

“It’s not just my cry that”s important, but the voices of all parents whose children’s lives have been stolen by law enforcement,” Denika told BAI in between reaching out to movie-goers. “MUNI has to take responsibility. You know they send inspectors into the impoverished areas? Bay View, Hunter’s Point, the Mission and nowhere else. They do stop and frisk. Kenneth was the worst case of stop and frisk.” She shifted the sign she was carrying, “I’ve raised boys. We always felt that they condition the youth so they will fear the police–condition them to be afraid. And the officers’ Bill of Rights protects the police from murder.”

“It seems like a lot of times, these struggles get caught up in individual lawsuits that can last for years,” BAI noted. Continue reading