Kenneth Harding’s Mother: Shut Down MUNI on Tuesday

Bay Area, California

kenneth-harding-posterOn Friday, Bay Area Intifada caught up with the mother of Kenneth Harding–the young black youth who was killed over a two-dollar San Francisco MUNI bus fare evasion in July of 2011. [Video–Warning: Graphic]  The conversation happened just days before the murderer of Treyvon Martin walked and Amerika’s cities marched, riotedshut things down and resisted in other less-recognized ways (like the “white journalist beat by a black mob”–videotaped and then pulled off the Internet the next morning). Each city could easily relate Treyvon’s murder to those of numberless sons and daughters lost in their own cities. Denika Chatman, Kenneth’s mother, was handing out a flyer with information about his death at the Oakland premiere of the Fruitvale film–a newly released narrative about Oscar Grant’s murder that was heavily funded by BART and leaves out both the officer’s name and the community’s responsive rage.

(You can catch up on the background details of Kenneth Harding’s murder here.)

“It’s not just my cry that”s important, but the voices of all parents whose children’s lives have been stolen by law enforcement,” Denika told BAI in between reaching out to movie-goers. “MUNI has to take responsibility. You know they send inspectors into the impoverished areas? Bay View, Hunter’s Point, the Mission and nowhere else. They do stop and frisk. Kenneth was the worst case of stop and frisk.” She shifted the sign she was carrying, “I’ve raised boys. We always felt that they condition the youth so they will fear the police–condition them to be afraid. And the officers’ Bill of Rights protects the police from murder.”

“It seems like a lot of times, these struggles get caught up in individual lawsuits that can last for years,” BAI noted. Continue reading