[Video] Dhoruba bin Wahad on the Nexus Between Islamophobia and White Supremacy

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Bay Area, California

From: A Muslim Contributor to Bay Area Intifada

Earlier today I had the great pleasure of conducting a video interview with a solid Brother, and true internationalist revolutionary elder Dhoruba al Mujahid bin Wahad, former political prisoner, Black Panther and co founder of the Black Liberation Army.

The following segment is a short message to Muslim youth who are newly becoming politicized, but also touches on a brief history of Muslim social and political movements, white supremacy and Islamophobia, the War on Terror, Black Power and How / Why Dhoruba bin Wahad came to Islam while in prison.

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[Video] Hilarious! Racist Phoenix Mosque, Armed Protest Organizer Makes Pathetic Plea for Support

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Written By Jabar


Jon Ritzheimer, the US Marine who organized and mobilized a couple hundred armed racists, Bikers, Neo-Nazi’s and other charming US patriots/ Islamophobes to stand in front of a Phoenix, Arizona Mosque and shout threats and obscenities during prayer services has released a video on Facebook, practically in tears, about how hackers have turned his life upside down.

In the video he claims hackers have stolen his identity,  his credit cards and social security numbers, made fake Facebook profiles, and fake wepay and gofundme accounts. Ritzheimer  says that the event blew up in his face. “The stress is killing me and my family… I went there (the Mosque) with a gun on my hip expecting to die. That a terrorist was going to kill me. I fully, fully expected to die that night” said Ritzheimer, unaware of his hypocrisy. Continue reading

[Video] French Zionist Group “Jewish Defense League” Attack Pro Palestinian March, Get Beat Up, Hide Behind Police


From Soufain Al-Qadi

“Here is (Video) proof that the JDL (Jewish Defence League) is responsible for the brawl near the synagogue Rue de la Roquette (13 July 2014).We can see thegroup destroy property to undermine the pro-Palestinian demonstrators. All this before their final escape with all the cowardice that characterizes them, under the watchful eye of the police, always ready to protect Jewish extremists” Continue reading

ISIS claim to have restored the Khilafah

The "Islamic State" has declared the restoration of the Khilafah today.

From 5 Pillarz

The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) has announced the restoration of the Khilafah over the areas under its control.

In a video, Sheikh Abu Mohammed al-Adnani (a spokesman for ISIS) declared Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi as the calipha and called upon all Muslims to give him bay’ah (pledge of allegiance).

According to the statement, the new caliphate stretches from Iraq’s Diyala province to Syria’s Aleppo.

An exert of the speech translated in English:

Therefore, the shūrā (consultation) council of the Islamic State studied this matter after the Islamic State – by Allah’s grace – gained the essentials necessary for Khilafah, which the Muslims are sinful for if they do not try to establish.

In light of the fact that the Islamic State has no shar’ī (legal) constraint or excuse that can justify delaying or neglecting the establishment of the Khilafah such that it would not be sinful, the Islamic State – represented by ahlul-halli-wal-‘aqd (its people of authority), consisting of its senior figures, leaders, and the shura council – resolved to announce the establishment of the Islamic Khilafah, the appointment of a Khalifah for the Muslims, and the pledge of allegiance to the Sheikh, the Mujahid, the scholar who practices what he preaches, the worshipper, the leader, the warrior, the reviver, the descendent from the family of the Prophet, the slave of Allah, Ibrahim ibn Awwad ibn Ibrahim ibn Ali ibn Muhammad Al-Badri Al-Hashimi Al Husayni Al-Qurayshi by lineage, as-Samurrai by birth and upbringing, al-Baghdadi by residence and scholarship. And he has accepted the bay’ah (pledge of allegiance).

Thus, he is the imam and Khalifah for the Muslims everywhere. Accordingly, the “Iraq and Sham” in the name of the Islamic State is henceforth removed from all official deliberations and communications, and the official name is the Islamic State from the date of this declaration.

Sheikh al-Adnani said all jihadist organisations including Al Qaeda and their global cells must offer their physical and material support to al-Baghdadi, the “calipha” of the new state.

The “Islamic State” has removed Iraq and al-Sham (the Levant) from its name and stated “a new era of international jihad”. Continue reading

FBI Targeting Arab Community in Oakland

FBI Targeting Arab Community in Oakland


The Arab Resource & Organizing Center (AROC) has recentlylearned that the FBI has been making visits to Arab families in Oakland in an attempt to gather information about the Iraqi community. This is a gross attack on the civil rights of immigrants and residents, and an attempt to instill fear and division in our communities.  We stand firmly against FBI repression and the targeting of our community. We want to remind our members and allies that we are here as a resource for you. We encourage you to spread the word about this recent targeting in
attempt to proactively raise awareness about one’s rights in the case of an FBI visit.
If the police, FBI, DHS or anyone else tries to enter your home without a warrant, say, “I will not talk to you until I consult an attorney.”
Contact AROC’s legal services (415-861-7444) or one of the other civil rights organizations below for more info or support:
AROC: 415-861-7444
ALC:   415-848-7733
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Upcoming Discussion: Spied Upon: Surveillance and Resistance

From the Spied Upon Facebook page

From the Spied Upon Facebook page

The Bay Area Public School presents:
Spied Upon: Surveillance and Resistance
Join us Friday February 21st 7-9 pm at the Bay Area Public School (common room)
2141 Broadway (enter on 22nd), Oakland – three blocks from 19th St. Bart)

Between the ever-present fear of informants to the profusion of metadata
collection and the construction of the Domain Awareness Center (DAC) in
Oakland, the growing problem of surveillance has made it into the
mainstream dialogue, but the people and communities most affected are
sometimes being left out of the conversation.

Join us for an evening of ideas, discussion and your questions about
solidarity in the face of this intimidation. How do we support one another
and our movements when being targeted by police, surveillance and
informants? What are the legal, community and political responses that can
best keep the larger “us” safe and allow our movements to flourish?

Jason Kirkpatrick, filmmaker and activist, will show clips of and discuss
his upcoming film, Spied Upon. Interviewing activists across the world and
telling his own personal story, Jason will take us on a journey into one
of Europe’s biggest political surveillance scandals, documenting growing
movements of resistance to surveillance along the way.

Zahra Billoo, Civil rights attorney and Executive Director at the Bay Area
Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), speaks on the use of
informants in a post-9/11 context, their impact, the community’s
resistance and lessons learned.

Richard Brown, Black Panther and member of the SF8, will share his history
with undercover police and surveillance, imparting the ‘long view’ of
solidarity learned from a lifetime of activism.

-Panel Discussion –
Moderated by Nadia Kayyali of the EFF
(Electronic Frontier Foundation)

Q & A with the speakers will follow in conversation with representatives
Bay Area Anti-Repression Committee
Bay Area Coalition to Stop Political Repression (at AROC)
Legal Workers of the National Lawyers Guild (NLG)
Oakland Privacy Working Group (OPWG / anti-DAC)

The event space at the Public School is accessible.

All donations gratefully received will go to the Bay Area Anti-Repression
Committee and the Legal Workers at the Bay Area chapter of the NLG – two
groups long supporting the Bay Area radical community with legal and
educational assistance and solidarity. Thank you!

http://thepublicschool.org/node/36455   Event page at The Public School
https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/531604720271510/    Face Book Event

‘Trayvon 2’ fight for justice


Oakland, Calif. — More than 75 supporters packed the courtroom on Jan. 13 to support “the Trayvon 2,” Hannibal and Tanzeen, who were arrested during the massive protests after the George Zimmerman verdict, which let Zimmerman off scot-free for the killing of Trayvon Martin. Hannibal and Tanzeen, who, significantly, are both men of color and Muslims, are the only ones still facing charges.

The preliminary hearing was rescheduled to March 6 at the request of the prosecution, after the failure of their main witness, the arresting officer, to show, despite being subpoenaed by the defense. The judge was forced to issue a bench warrant for the Oakland Police Department officer to assure his presence in March! Continue reading