White Mob Viciously Attacks, Nearly Kills Black Siblings and the Media Is Silent

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Photo from Kristina Fox

Racism & the Media: White Mob Viciously Attacks, Nearly Kills Black Siblings and the Media Is Silent

From Bay Area Intifada

Written by Jabar

A plea for support by way of a Facebook post started making its rounds early Wednesday morning. Kristina Fox of Chicago posted a horrifying account with graphic photographs of a vicious beating that nearly killed her and her brother Marcus Fox. The following is the full post from Kristina Fox:

From Kristina Fox:

“On the morning of Saturday, May 30, 2015, my little brother, Marcus Fox, my daughter’s father, Darrius Walton, and myself were sitting in [Chicago/Canaryville’s] Taylor Lauridsen Park conversing with 3 Caucasian people we had just met (Courtney, Kevin, and Jodie). Everyone was having a nice time. Approximately 7-9 more Caucasian people arrived in the park.

My little brother being the social butterfly he is introduced himself and began chatting with the new arrivals. After about 30 minutes, one of the guys out of the group we initially met and another from the group that arrived later got into a verbal altercation with each other.

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Photo from Kristina Fox

My little brother tried to calm things down but this soon escalated as everyone began jumping on him. It was at this point things turned for the worse as he and I fought this massive group of Caucasians consisting of both men and women. They were throwing glass bottles, crutches, bricks, and anything else they could find at us. As we continued to fight through this crowd of assailants to get away, more Caucasians came from out of nowhere and joined in brutally attacking us delivering closed fist blows and kicks to our bodies and head.

We began the fight of our lives. This MOB of around 20 Caucasians beat us until we were unable to move and left us laying in the park. My brother & I sustained multiple injuries. I was stabbed eleven times, eight times in the back & right shoulder, twice in the face & once in the head (which the knife was left lodged by one of the perpetrators). My brother was stabbed nine times, along his back, right side with one of the wounds causing him to have a punctured lung. Continue reading

[INFOGRAPHIC] Nakba Fact Sheet.



Nakba day (Day of the Catastrophe) is an annual commemoration of Palestinian displacement on May 15th where an estimated 700,000-800,000 + were forced to flee or were expelled after the 1948 war. Hundreds of towns and villages were later destroyed by the Zionist occupiers.


DARWISH ADDASSI, Nakba survivor:

We were forced to walk for two days to the nearest Arab village that was not under Israeli occupation. I was a 14-year-old boy. I, my father, my brother, and two uncles were taken as prisoners of war from the town of Ramleh. We were released in April 1949 to the Jordanian army. We lost everything: Our homes, our orange groves, and our land. We were never compensated for anything.”


David Ben Gurion, first Prime Minister of Israel:

“We must do everything to insure they [the Palestinians] never do return … The old will die and the young will forget.”


Infographic via Middle East Eye.


Black Student Union Condemns Campus Zionist Group, Reaffirms Solidarity with Palestine

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 11.19.52 PMFrom Columbia University Black Student Union:

In light of recent flyering campaigns done by Aryeh: Columbia Students Association for Israel (formerly known as LionPAC), in which they use the image and words of Martin Luther King, Jr. in favor of their Zionist views, we as the Columbia University Black Students’ Organization, write to condemn their co-optation of Black liberation struggle for the purposes of genocide and oppression and we re-proclaim our unequivocal support of Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine, Jewish Voice for Peace – Columbia/Barnard Chapter, and the people of Palestine in their fight for freedom from Israeli apartheid.

Numerous Black scholars and activists, both contemporary and otherwise, have already connected the Palestinian struggle for liberation with the struggle for Black liberation. The chant “From Ferguson to Gaza” echoed this year is not hyperbole, but a unifying idea against oppressive systems that subjugate Black people and people of color globally and act as a reminder of our tradition of solidarity and support. While we as an organization also acknowledge that Black and Jewish people also share a history of oppression, we understand that zionism has no place in our solidarity and, thus, we cannot and will not excuse the actions of the Israeli state and their acts of discrimination, segregation, and genocide. This is NOT what Black liberation activists stood for. This is not what we will stand for.

We encourage Aryeh and their supporters to more deeply explore the relationship of Blackness to Palestinian liberation and Israel before they continue to leverage our legacy and heritages in their favor. Until then, from Ferguson (and Harlem and Staten Island and Chicago, and Cleveland, OH, and Port Gibson, Mississippi and…) to Gaza, WE stand on the side of liberation and justice.

[Photos/Video] “The Black Community Stands With Palestine from Oakland to Ferguson”

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 5.40.14 PMOakland, California

How does one honor the call to “black out black Friday” for Mike Brown & Ferguson, to Boycott Walmart and to connect all the dots by showing solidarity w/ Palestine and BDS? Here’s How:

In the Bay Area protestors know how to be creative. In the past week since the acquittal of Darren Wilson in the murder of Mike Brown demonstrations have moved away from symbolism to strategy through diversifying tactics: Continue reading

break the laws/break the chains: political reflections on Mike Brown and White Supremacy from Oakland CA

Reposted from Kissing in the Dark

ftpTo be free is to break the law

“Nobody in the world, nobody in history, has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of the people who were oppressing them.”

-assata shakur

 I write to you from a humbled place. Striving to be a warrior for my people; looking and listening. This is an attempt to share some political reflections as a Black womyn in the struggle since I left the womb. The last two days Turtle Island (united states) has been on fire in solidarity with Mike Brown’s family and Ferguson, Missouri to protest the murder of Mike Brown by pig Darren Wilson, who continues to live freely with no charges filed against him. Mike Brown, like many of my brothers and sisters before me, was murdered for being a Black man in the White mans system. A system built out of the genocide of Black and Native folks. No justice will ever be served in their courts. This week in particular is a powerful week to be remembering and honoring native resistance, and Indigenous resistance all over this earth to white supremacy and state violence. Nothing has changed including the lies and bullshit holidays they try to feed us to distract us from these truths. We honor by continuing to resist. Continue reading

Audio Recording: Steven Salaita at Berkeley’s La Pena

From La Pena

From La Pena website

On Tuesday, Steven Salaita spoke at Berkeley’s La Pena Cultural Center, with the support of the Middle East Children’s Alliance.

Steven Salaita is a professor who was “unhired” from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for publicly speaking out against the Israeli occupation of Palestine. A few weeks before classes were about to start, he received a letter from Chancellor Phyllis Wise, informing him of his termination. Ever since, there’s been a media frenzy around his termination and his unapologetic Twitter feed. In the tweet that gets quoted and gasped at the most, Salaita asked, “If Netanyahu appeared on TV with a necklace made from the teeth of Palestinian children, would anybody be surprised?” Check out the rest of his feed here.

On his Berkeley stop of a national tour, he spoke at La Pena about Palestine, his termination and forms of colonization and repression in the academy. Continue reading

Rasmea-Supporters in Oakland Lock Themselves to Fed Courthouse

Posted on Electronic IntifadaPhotos from Jaime Omar Yassin

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Following the guilty verdict against Chicago-based Palestinian American community leader Rasmea Odeh on Monday, activists in Chicago and Oakland held rallies and direct actions protesting the conviction and demanding her release.

In an interview with The Electronic Intifada on Tuesday, contributor Charlotte Silver said that “for a lot of the activists who were organizing the rallies outside the courthouse every day, who have been organizing really across the country in support of Rasmea for this past year, they are very aware that this is an attack on their community.”

In downtown Oakland today, activists chained themselves to the federal courthouse, condemning the trial as one that was politically-motivated in an attempt by the US government to silence Palestine solidarity activism around the country. The five activists were arrested by local police just hours after their protest began. They were cited and released.

In a recent press release, the US Palestinian Community Network states that “Activists in the [San Francisco] Bay Area will continue to protest, and vow to intensify their efforts until Odeh is released … The case against Odeh was originally part of a larger federal investigation in Chicago and Minneapolis,” USPCN adds, where the US government has led a probe of Palestine solidarity activists and Palestinian community organizers in the Midwest…

Read the entire article here.

[Action Alert] Block The Boat: Tampa!



Follow: @BlocktheBoatTPA
When: August 27th 8:00am – 5:00pm
Where: 2002 Maritime Blvd Tampa Florida
RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/541809929252987/


To all our comrades in the struggle for Justice in Palestine: Join us!

What’s happening?

The world has watched in horror as Israel has continued to bombard and devastate Gaza. Millions around the globe have come out in support of the Palestinian people and against the Zionist regime, holding massive marches, demonstrations, and actions. It’s time to step it up and hit Zionism where it hurts! Oakland blocked an Israeli Zim ship from unloading for 4 days thanks to the solidarity of ILWU Local 10 longshore workers who refused to cross the picket line. Now it’s our turn!

Call to Action!

Palestine is calling us to action! Palestinians laborers, Palestinian General Federation Trade Union (PGFTU), have called on workers around the world to refuse to handle Israel goods. Palestinians throughout Gaza, the West Bank and 1948 Palestine have demonstrated their unity in the struggle against Apartheid Israel and have taken to the streets in the tens of thousands, bravely facing Israeli military armed with US made weapons to call on the international community to stand with them as they resist Zionism throughout all of historic Palestine. We will be answering this call by organizing community pickets at the Port, asking the longshoreman and truckers to honor this request and to stand with the people of Palestine.

Israeli Ship Blockaded at Oakland Port For Two Days

Photo by Bay Area Intifada

Photo by Bay Area Intifada

At a couple hours notice on Sunday, hundreds of people in the Bay Area mobilized at the Port of Oakland to blockade the unloading of the Israeli ZIM ship.  Watch this video of AROC’s Lara Kiswani announcing the boat had not been unloaded, for a second day. A large number of longshore workers were supportive in the days’ efforts.

On Saturday, thousands of people had forced the ship to circle doughnuts in the ocean after flooding the port with shouts of “Ferguson to Palestine,” “Viva Viva Palestina,” and “Udhrub Udhrub Tel Aviv.” Organizers had called for protesters to show up for the early morning shift, but when the ship delayed, the word quickly spread to shut down the port for the afternoon shift. Read a recap of both days here on Arab Resource Organizing Center’s site.


Photos from the two-day blockade

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According to one organizer, there has never been a consecutive two-day ship blockade in Oakland’s long history of movements, which in recent years includes actions against the war on Iraq, South African apartheid, the murder of Oscar Grant and the Occupy Oakland shutdowns.

A video of Saturday’s blockade from Tom Vee.


Follow Block the Boat Gaza on Facebook for more upcoming actions.

[Video] Conferencia de prensa del EZLN con Medios Libres

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 11.20.50 AMFrom Los Tejemedios

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La Realidad, Chiapas, Mexico

Words of Subcomandante Insurgent Galeano in the Free Media Conference on August 10, 2014, at the Caracol 1 of the Autonomous Municipality of San Pedro Michoacan, Chiapas, Mexico.

Palabras del Sub Comandante Insurgente Galeano en la Conferencia con los Medios Libres realizada el 10 de Agosto de 2014, en el Caracol 1, del Municipio Autónomo de San pedro Michoacán, Chiapas, México.