A Response to the Article “A Basic Explanation of Recent Events July 13-15, 2013”

GrayFistPosted on Anarchist News

The article written by Anon is a misunderstanding of how things went down in Oakland over those three days and how locally anarchists and other militants interact more generally in the streets. The play by play put forth by Anon is an informative account but most of the analysis is inaccurate and detrimental to an understanding of our present moment. There is an essentialization of both race and anarchy in Anon’s piece. This response offers a counter analysis that attempts to push the discussion about the tensions around race and insurgency into a fresher terrain that reflects our recent experiences and especially our excitement around building racial solidarity through lawlessness. The terms “black” and “white” are used throughout to cut to the main racial dynamics, but obviously ignore the aspects of racial diversity that adds layers of complexity to the discussion that this piece can’t touch on. Continue reading