Egypt: Hunger Strike in Qanater Women’s Prison


Since the State Security Prosecution Department banned visits for Dr Basma, she started a hunger strike a week ago.

However, the Qanater prison administration, here, ignored her protest and pleas completely. Consequently, we – her mates in Qanater Prison – have decided to show solidarity by joining her hunger strike.

We are:

Mahinour Al-Masry

Rafidah Ibrahim

Alaa Alsayed

Asmaa Syed Salah

Esraa Khaled

Rana Abdullah

Sarah Abdullah

Despite differences in our ideological orientations and intellectual affiliations, we will not give up the right of any detainee.

Therefore, we decided to start a hunger strike, here in prison, until Dr Basma is given her most basic human right – to see her children.

We will continue our strike until the implementation of the court’s decision to allow her visiting rights. Although some of us already suffer ill health, and Dr Basma is undergoing important heart check-ups, the prison administration continues to refuse formal complaints and statements to prove the hunger strike action. This makes us wonder: “Is it carelessness? Or orders from National Security (State Police)?!”

We suspect National Security (State Police) intervention in the non-implementation of the court’s decision. Hence, we will continue our strike, insisting on our demand, until the end.

People of conscience and goodwill understand that the accused is innocent until proven guilty. Dr Basma suddenly found both herself and her husband accused in a big sham lawsuit, deprived of seeing their two young children, who have no-one to look after them.

Let us hope the voice of conscience, humanity and justice will be louder than all voices of injustice and oppression.

Qanater Female Political Prisoners


Letter from Dr. Mutulu Shakur: On Seeking Parole

Forwarded from the Freedom Archives

[Who is Mutulu Shakur? Read more here

mutuluDear family and friends,

Thank you for giving me your support and resources during the recent parole hearing process. May (Allah) God bless you in the spirit of our ancestors. I deeply thank you.

As you may know, my parole hearing took place on August 12th in USP Victorville.  My attorneys, Tarif Warren and Peter Schey felt hopeful after the hearing examiner notified us that she would recommend to the US Parole Commission to grant me parole.

On September 15, 2014, I received a notice of action from the National Appeals Board rejecting the parole examiner’s recommendation to advance my release to April 2015. This rejection of the examiner’s opinion and recommendation is not the first time that we have had this experience dealing with the US Parole Board. Last week, we appealed this rejection and asked the Board to reconsider and provide reasons for its decision. The appeal is now pending and we will keep all friends, family and supporters advised of developments. Continue reading

Jalil Muntaqim Requests Call-In



NYC Jericho [more on the org here] received the following request from Jalil Muntaqim former Black Panther Party/Black Liberation Army/ Cointelpro Victim (known in the system as Anthony Bottom #77A4283). (Read about Jalil Muntaqim’s case here.):

I am preparing the Article 78 petition to the Court, however, I am still requesting friends to call Tina Stanford, Commissioner of the Board of Parole, and urge her to reverse the parole denial due to erroneous information in the parole folder: the COMPAS Report and their receipt and review of racist letters opposing …my release.I anticipate that, if several people make these calls, perhaps they will reverse the denial and order a new hearing. I ask that you all make phone calls to Tina Stanford’s office (518-473-9400) urging a decision in my administrative appeal. … In the hopefully short term, it is expected that the NYS Court of Appeals will decide two cases on parole that could establish a precedent on future parole decisions. It is expected the Court will make their decision before the end of the year, which will, if favorable, support my arguments. We shall see!? Yours in Struggle, Jalil A. Muntaqim

[Video] Jalil Muntaqim Interviews and Message From a Supporter

brother jalilWritten by Imani Asada Mohamed, with contributions from The Freedom Archives

as Salamu Alaykum, Greetings Comrades, Fam, Friends-and yes Foes!

I am writing in deep solidarity and service for our comrade Jalil Muntaqim, former member of The Black Panther Party for Self Defense. Jalil is also one of the USA’s longest held political prisoners. Comrade Jalil Muntaqim has roots here in the Bay area. He was born in Oakland in 1951, and lived in both San Francisco and San Jose. He was arrested at the age of 19 as part of a COINTELPRO target project. At the time of his arrest he was working as a social worker.

While some are not familiar with comrade Jalil, nor his case, he is in fact one of the Bay Area’s native sons. More in depth information can be found about his case here and here.

[Scroll below the videos for the rest of the essay.]

Interview with Jalil, Part I:

Interview with Jalil Part II:

I highly recommend reading the particulars about his case, his life, and learning about the strong, compassionate, intelligent man, who sacrificed his life in a quest to address racism, police brutality, oppression and injustice in our communities. Comrade Jalil is not only a Political Prisoner/Prisoner of War-but he is a beloved son, father, uncle, friend, and hero.

Jalil is not a number, he is a victim of the COINTELPRO slave chattel, gathered up to feed the Prison Industrial Complex and imprisoned for his political beliefs that oppression, injustices, and brutality against people is vile and wrong. He is a human being, punished for opposing the ills of this un-just system. Getting to know Jalil, opens a whole new door into how this system functions, why it must be changed, and revolutionary visions concerning how to create and implement positive changes. Anyone who views this as “threatening” has lost the ideals and meaning of what human rights are all about-for indeed these are human rights issues. Beyond the intellectual writings from his myrid of essays, books and interviews, Jalil is also a prolific poet. Jalil has written several volumes of poetry that causes one to pause, reflect and to contemplate deep seated feelings and emotions as his poetry speaks intensely on various issues both socially and personally, from the depths of the soul -from the belly of the beast; wherein over four decades of incarceration have produced some of the greatest creative and intellectual material written. Continue reading

Free Jihad! Fundraiser for Comrade Facing Repression

From RBG Street Soldiers Think Tank

From RBG Street Soldiers Think Tank

Come out for a fundraiser to support Comrade and Brother Jihad, who is facing repression. (Please donate here if you can’t make it.)

Saturday,  April 5, 6PM-Midnight, at Qilombo (2313 San Pablo Ave, Oakland):  There will be a screening of the Black Riders Liberation Party documentary “Let Um Hear Ya Coming;” hip-hop performances by Ras Ceylon, Shango Abiola, E Da Ref, Ms. Incredible, and Fly Benzo; a raffle and halal food.



“Most of today’s black convicts have come to understand that they are the most abused victims of an unrighteous order.” –George Jackson


As many of you know, Comrade Jihad Mujahid Muhammad, Minister of Spirituality for the Black Riders Liberation Party, was scheduled to be released last week after being held captive for a year in San Quentin and Folsom Prison. On the day he was supposed to be released, he was transferred to Santa Clara County and arraigned on new trumped-up charges. This incident continues the repression comrade Jihad has faced for his revolutionary organizing. Jihad is a political prisoner/prisoner of war and an unrelenting advocate for the brothers and sisters off the block. He is being targeted for his work with the Black Riders Liberation Party, his influence in the community and his devout Muslim faith.

Comrade Jihad has flourished within the ranks of the BRLP, displaying a fearless go-hard-or-go-home attitude when  confronting the pigs. He was arrested on the 4th anniversary of Lovell Mixon Day, on the same block where Lovell Mixon was killed shortly after taking down four pigs in a gun battle. Jihad has put himself and his freedom on the line for Black people, always willing to accept the most dangerous missions without hesitation. He has been a shining example to a lot of brothers off the block of what political education, street smarts, discipline and scientific strategy can do to change the direction of the lumpenproletariate from self destruction to Revolutionary Afrikan Inter-Communalism. brlp

One example of this is when Comrade Jihad along with Comrade Askari had to break up a fight and prevent a riot at Fremont High. While the teachers stood by and called the pigs, Jihad and Askari intervened to stop the fight. When the pigs arrived and attempted to illegally detain a young Xicano student, the comrades informed the youth of his rights, which he then demanded until the pigs reluctantly released him. The anger of the young people then turned toward the Occupying Army (OPD), and they hurled insults at the pigs until they were forced to retreat. The comrades, along with over 150 students armed with knowledge and heart, drove the pigs away. prisonhungerstrike Continue reading

Mexico en Resistencia: State Repression and A People’s Rebellion

subversionesJoin us this Thursday for a discussion with a compa from Los Tejemedios and SubVersiones Media Collective in Mexico City. Conversation, photos and videos will be specifically focused on the Peña Nieto neoliberal government, ongoing repression  since December 1 2012, political prisoners and the autodefensas (self-defense) groups throughout Mexico.



2289 International Avenue, Oakland CA

Snacks and childcare will be provided. Please spread the word.

Go here for more information on SubVersiones Media Collective, here for Los Tejemedios or check out Thursday’s Facebook event page here.