Audio Recording: Steven Salaita at Berkeley’s La Pena

From La Pena

From La Pena website

On Tuesday, Steven Salaita spoke at Berkeley’s La Pena Cultural Center, with the support of the Middle East Children’s Alliance.

Steven Salaita is a professor who was “unhired” from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for publicly speaking out against the Israeli occupation of Palestine. A few weeks before classes were about to start, he received a letter from Chancellor Phyllis Wise, informing him of his termination. Ever since, there’s been a media frenzy around his termination and his unapologetic Twitter feed. In the tweet that gets quoted and gasped at the most, Salaita asked, “If Netanyahu appeared on TV with a necklace made from the teeth of Palestinian children, would anybody be surprised?” Check out the rest of his feed here.

On his Berkeley stop of a national tour, he spoke at La Pena about Palestine, his termination and forms of colonization and repression in the academy. Continue reading

Rasmea Odeh: Another Example of US Courts’ Political Bias

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After only two hours of jury deliberations, Palestinian-American activist, Rasmea Odeh, has been convicted of “unlawful procurement of naturalization” for failing to disclose that she was conviction by an Israeli military court, forty-five year ago, on dubious and discredited terrorism charges. The conviction came after Odeh was kidnapped, tortured, and raped by Israeli soldiers, who induced her to confess to a crime she denied committing. Though she renounced the forced confession, an Israeli court convicted Odeh anyway and sentenced her to life in prison. She was eventually released in a prisoner exchange and immigrated to the United States in 1995. Journalist Charlotte Silver recently recounted these events in a piece for the Nation:

When she was 21, in 1969, Odeh was arrested in the middle of the night by Israeli soldiers at her home, and for twenty-five days her interrogators tortured her. She was beaten from head to toe with sticks and metal bars; her body, including genitalia and breasts, was subjected to electric shocks after she was forced to watch a male prisoner tortured to death in this very way. All the while, she was told she would die if she did not confess. But it was not until they brought in her father, threatening to force him to rape her, that she agreed to sign a confession stating that she had helped orchestrate two explosions in West Jerusalem that killed two civilians. Even then, her torturers raped her with a thick wooden stick.

Standing before a military court less than one month later, Odeh renounced the confession. But the panel of judges ignored that, and Odeh was sentenced to ten years plus life in prison. Ten years later, she was released in a prisoner exchange, along with seventy-five other Palestinians. That same year, in 1979, Odeh traveled to Geneva, where she described to the United Nations precisely how she came to be convicted of terrorism by Israel. In the years following, Odeh lived in Lebanon and Jordan, where she obtained a law degree. In 1995 she immigrated to the United States, joining her brother and father, both US citizens, and the large Arab-American communities in Detroit and, later, Chicago.

Odeh did not divulge the conviction on her U.S. naturalization papers or to immigration representatives, before being granted citizenship in 2004. About a year ago, she was arrested by officials from the Department of Homeland Security and charged with unlawfully obtaining her naturalization, a crime that carries anywhere from probation to ten years in jail.

But for the U.S. government’s active pursuit of Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim activists since 9/11, Odeh’s Israeli court case may never have been discovered…

Read the entire article here.

Free Jihad! Fundraiser for Comrade Facing Repression

From RBG Street Soldiers Think Tank

From RBG Street Soldiers Think Tank

Come out for a fundraiser to support Comrade and Brother Jihad, who is facing repression. (Please donate here if you can’t make it.)

Saturday,  April 5, 6PM-Midnight, at Qilombo (2313 San Pablo Ave, Oakland):  There will be a screening of the Black Riders Liberation Party documentary “Let Um Hear Ya Coming;” hip-hop performances by Ras Ceylon, Shango Abiola, E Da Ref, Ms. Incredible, and Fly Benzo; a raffle and halal food.



“Most of today’s black convicts have come to understand that they are the most abused victims of an unrighteous order.” –George Jackson


As many of you know, Comrade Jihad Mujahid Muhammad, Minister of Spirituality for the Black Riders Liberation Party, was scheduled to be released last week after being held captive for a year in San Quentin and Folsom Prison. On the day he was supposed to be released, he was transferred to Santa Clara County and arraigned on new trumped-up charges. This incident continues the repression comrade Jihad has faced for his revolutionary organizing. Jihad is a political prisoner/prisoner of war and an unrelenting advocate for the brothers and sisters off the block. He is being targeted for his work with the Black Riders Liberation Party, his influence in the community and his devout Muslim faith.

Comrade Jihad has flourished within the ranks of the BRLP, displaying a fearless go-hard-or-go-home attitude when  confronting the pigs. He was arrested on the 4th anniversary of Lovell Mixon Day, on the same block where Lovell Mixon was killed shortly after taking down four pigs in a gun battle. Jihad has put himself and his freedom on the line for Black people, always willing to accept the most dangerous missions without hesitation. He has been a shining example to a lot of brothers off the block of what political education, street smarts, discipline and scientific strategy can do to change the direction of the lumpenproletariate from self destruction to Revolutionary Afrikan Inter-Communalism. brlp

One example of this is when Comrade Jihad along with Comrade Askari had to break up a fight and prevent a riot at Fremont High. While the teachers stood by and called the pigs, Jihad and Askari intervened to stop the fight. When the pigs arrived and attempted to illegally detain a young Xicano student, the comrades informed the youth of his rights, which he then demanded until the pigs reluctantly released him. The anger of the young people then turned toward the Occupying Army (OPD), and they hurled insults at the pigs until they were forced to retreat. The comrades, along with over 150 students armed with knowledge and heart, drove the pigs away. prisonhungerstrike Continue reading

Attacks On EZLN Support Bases By Followers Of CIOAC Are Denounced

From La JornadaDorset Chiapas Solidarityand a compa who compiled these articles

Lee en español aquí.

attack on EZLNSan Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, February 1. The Good Government Junta (JBG), Heart of the Rainbow of Hope, from the Zapatista Caracol of Morelia, reported a serious attack on EZLN support bases in the ejido 10 de Abril, autonomous municipality 17 de Noviembre, perpetrated by a mob of followers of the leaders  of CIOAC democratic, the Central Independiente de Obreros Agricolas y Campesinos, Miguel Vázquez Hernández and Jaime Luna González. The incident occurred on Thursday 30th January, although they had already suffered a fierce attack on the 27th.

The JBG relates that “the cioaquistas [members of CIOAC] attacked us again, fulfilling their threats” made three days ago. “18 Nissan trucks arrived carrying what we estimate to have been 300 people ready for violence.” They got out 30 metres from the Zapatistas and the truck tried to run them down. Among the aggressors “their complete readiness to attack us with machetes was noted because they carried (machetes) in their hands and had brought stones.”

The account by the junta continues: “Our compañeros resisted and did not answer their aggressive and mocking questions,” and “tried to tell them to leave them alone, because the land has been reclaimed since 1994, and so it is cared for.” The aggressors of CIOAC democratic “took a five-minute break” and started throwing stones, while others sought “sticks and clubs to beat us, our compañeros immediately began to fall from heavy blows to their eyes, head, nose and legs.

Although some cioaquistas would be treated at the IMSS hospital in Altamirano for minor bumps, among the Zapatistas there were serious injuries. Sebastian, aged 20, with a fracture of the left zygomatic bone, ophthalmic trauma on the left side, haemorrhage and severe inflammation of the retina, fractures of the skull and base of the nose, and in danger of losing his sight. Ismael, aged 22, with an open nose fracture, a head injury, and contusion to the left shoulder. Jhony, aged 32, with a head injury, trauma to the left eye and oedema of the eyelid. Three more indigenous received head injuries.

The JBG identifies the ringleaders as Arnulfo González Jiménez and Jaime Luna González, who fired guns. “They began to beat us followed by their accomplices Tranquilino González,  bilingual teacher, José Lino Álvarez y Humberto López, natives of the ejido 20 de Noviembre, where some people have for a long time tried to appropriate the lands of 10 de Abril, over which they have no rights. The people who carried them in the trucks were paid 100 pesos each as a wage for the violence with which they attacked us.

Read the rest of the article here.

Also, read about how the Chiapas government is ignoring CIOAC attacks on the Zapatistas here.

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el testimonio de personal del hospital San Carlos con respecto a la agresión a compañeros del ejido 10 de abril, ocurrida el 30 de enero de 2014 (aquí)


La Junta de Buen Gobierno, Corazón del Arco Iris de la Esperanza del Caracol IV, denuncia la agresión que sufrió bases de apoyo del ejido 10 de abril del municipio autónomo en rebeldía 17 de noviembre, Chiapas, México (aquí).

The Trayvon 2 Supporters Release a New Website

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Support the Trayvon 2, Hannibal Shakur (Lamar Caldwell) and Tanzeen Doha. They were arrested while protesting the George Zimmerman not-guilty verdict in the murder of Trayvon Martin. The Trayvon 2 are being railroaded through the judicial system on false charges. This web site will keep you updated on developments in the case and urge you to support the Trayvon 2’s freedom. [Note: This website does not represent the views of the Trayvon 2 (Tanzeen and Hannibal). This website is run by the supporters of Trayvon 2].


Why? Because Hannibal and Tanzeen have both been outspoken critics of the US racism and imperialism. Tanzeen worked actively on questions of race, religion, and colonialism at UC Davis and other universities like San Francisco State and San Jose State. Hannibal was active in the protests around Oscar Grant’s 2009 murder by police. They are being prosecuted for their activism against racism and imperialism.

The state has done this before. Police and prosecutors jail activists who have broken no laws and subject them to costly, time-consuming, and painful legal proceedings. In doing this, the state hopes to drain the activists’ resources, scare young people away from activism and break the resolve of a movement for justice. Other young Black activists, including Fly Benzo, Chris Moreland, J.R. Valrey, and several others, have been arrested, prosecuted, and jailed for being politically outspoken against the murders of Black men. And, as with the Trayvon 2, the evidence against them was questionable or nonexistent.

The state is trying to isolate and persecute activists and organizers who resist its genocidal practices right here in the USA and across the world. All of these protests have stemmed from the murders of Oscar Grant, Kenneth Harding, Trayvon Martin, and other Black people by the police state and white supremacists who serve as auxiliary to the police.

The District Attorney has yet to present evidence against them. The state has been dragging its feet, maximizing the impact of this lengthy prosecution on the lives of Tanzeen (who is a father) and Hannibal (who is battling cancer). One week, the state forgot the court date! And at the last court date, they asked for another continuance because the arresting officer has not responded to repeated subpoena attempts. The judge had to issue a warrant for the arresting officer.

Why is the state avoiding presenting its evidence? Why won’t the officer answer the subpoenas? The police and prosecutor are trying to stretch this out to maximize the level of inconvenience and the problems these two men face.

Let’s also not forget what the arresting agency is: The Oakland Police Department, a known criminal organization. They still operate under a consent decree because they have a long history of systematic abuses and cover-ups. By their own definition, they are a gang. Like the Los Angeles and New York police departments, the government has concluded that their own police department cannot be trusted to handle its own affairs. Somehow, known criminal organizations like the OPD enforce the law that they place themselves above. Make no mistake: The Oakland Police Department is itself a known gang.

Read the entire article and see the new website here.