[Video] Dhoruba bin Wahad on the Nexus Between Islamophobia and White Supremacy

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Bay Area, California

From: A Muslim Contributor to Bay Area Intifada

Earlier today I had the great pleasure of conducting a video interview with a solid Brother, and true internationalist revolutionary elder Dhoruba al Mujahid bin Wahad, former political prisoner, Black Panther and co founder of the Black Liberation Army.

The following segment is a short message to Muslim youth who are newly becoming politicized, but also touches on a brief history of Muslim social and political movements, white supremacy and Islamophobia, the War on Terror, Black Power and How / Why Dhoruba bin Wahad came to Islam while in prison.

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The continued violence of #AllLivesMatter: Mural of Sandra Bland defaced in Ottawa

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The backlash to the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, which sprung up last summer during the resistance in Ferguson, New York, Cleveland, Baltimore and beyond, was as speedy and as certain as the three seconds Cleveland PD needed to gun down Tamir Rice in a park. The hashtag #AllLivesMatter sprung up as a pushback to the centring of Blackness; the hashtag was challenging and fear inducing to white supremacy even in its centering of Blackness as an epicentre of white violence. This violence is visited by white supremacy upon Black bodies in a white colonial state and this revelation, while not really a revelation to anyone who is not white, seemed threatening enough to white folks that they immediately erased Blackness yet again and reasserted white violence with the #AllLivesMatter hashtag.

Many penned their reasons explaining why #AllLivesMatter was racist and violent, hoping perhaps that there were some well meaning white people out there using it by accident. And perhaps there were a few. Yet, the sentiment survives and, in fact, has seen a revival in the recent US presidential race, most notably with Democrat candidate Hillary walking into a Black church and proclaiming “All lives matter.” Understanding the power of #AllLivesMatter matters…

What has also continued is the murder of Black people by police. As activists have noted, hardly a day has gone by without someone in American being murdered by a police officer, the ones who some still trust to ‘protect and serve’. One of the most recent cases was that of Sandra Bland, a Black activist pulled over for an alleged traffic violation, roughed up by the arresting officer for daring to assert her rights in the face of routine police intimidation, and found dead in her jail cell days later. While an investigation is still ongoing, to many there is no doubt that Sandra’s murder is part of an ongoing pattern of the state and their belief in the disposability of Black life. Continue reading

Curfews, Undercovers, and Chest Cams, OH MY!

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Written by Jabar

On June 5, 2015, Mayor Libby Schaaf’s ” protest curfew” on night time demonstrations was tested again as 100 people marched through First Friday celebrations yelling “Fuck The Curfew”.

Oakland Police cut the march off on the north and south side of the First Friday corridor, but police remained fairly hands off. The general sentiment around town is that OPD took a hands off approach because the protesters and the First Friday revelers were indistinguishable from each other and any crackdown would have made for bad press and a possible backlash from Oakland’s new coveted affluent class: the gentry.

The treatment of “Say Her Name” protesters a couple weeks back was very different. Police responded to a predominately black, woman led march by blasting “LRAD” (Long Range Acoustic Device) and throwing flash bang grenades at marchers, eventually detaining and arresting many from the demonstration.

Video Produced by WeCopwatch

Both events had heavy police presence with a zero tolerance approach to people being in the streets, but there is no question that there was a discrepancy of treatment to the different groups– largely because of who they were comprised of, and who was there to witness. Continue reading


Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 10.55.48 AMFrom Digboston.com

An off-duty Boston Police Department officer appears to have had a doozy of a ride home from the North End this morning.

 According to a police report obtained by DigBoston of events that began at 2:45am, two responding officers answered a radio call “that a taxi driver had been beaten by a passenger at E 1st @ Farragut Rd.” in South Boston.

 It all started when the driver “picked up a white male … who was with [another] unknown white male at 200 Hanover St.” in the North End.

 He then “drove the unknown white male to Charlestown and was then asked to take [the second white male] to E 2nd in South Boston.”

 But when they arrived at that address, the “suspect stated they were in the wrong location.”

 The “suspect then stated ‘[You] think I’m stupid you fucking spic’ and told the victim to continue driving.” Continue reading

Florida Police Officers Fired For Being KKK

Klan and cop

By Ian Millhiser

Posted In Think Progress

A confidential FBI report reportedly links two Fruitland Park, Florida police officers to the Ku Klux Klan — one of whom was, until recently, the local police department’s deputy chief. Deputy Chief David Borst resigned his office shortly after the FBI provided a copy of the report to police Chief Terry Issacs. Borst also served as the city’s fire chief, although he’s resigned that post as well.

Despite his dual resignations, Borst denied involvement with the Klan. Though Chief Issacs said he saw no indications that his deputy chief was a member of a notorious hate group, he acknowledged that he “read the [FBI] report, and it’s convincing.” Issacs also fired the other officer named in the report, Officer George Hunnewell. Continue reading

“Cushi” – Being Black In The Holyland


From Existence is Resistance

To Donate: Cushi – Being Black in the Holyland

The term “Cushi” is the only Israeli word for blacks literally translating to “Nigger”. The fact that this is the only word in Hebrew to describe people of African decent or those with dark skin, denotes the racism prevalent in Israeli society today.

For the past 1.5 years, Existence is Resistance along with filmmakers and activists from the US and UK committed to bringing social justice through the use of cultural mediums have been working together to produce a documentary which would highlight the conditions and treatment of various Black communities within the Holyland. We are planning on taking M1 of the group Dead Prez among others for this journey in order for them to build with the various communities. Additionally, this film seeks to create a platform for these different groups to tell their stories and connect with each other. . The group will spend two to three days in each community, speaking and connecting with people of all ages who will guide us through their daily lives. Once each destination has been visited and documented, the group will bring one person from each community to spend three days together. This would culminate in ten people of African descent in the Holyland connecting together for the first time.   Continue reading

Behind Islamophobia, Fascism and Complicit Antifascism – Houria Bouteldja

Paper presented by Houria Bouteldja 

5th International Conference on Islamophobia

UC Berkeley (April 17th, 2014).

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First, I would like to thank the conference organizers for inviting me. I want to pay tribute to their efforts for putting together this high-quality conference. As is the case every year, I will speak on behalf of the Party of the Republic’s Indigenous People (Parti des Indigènes de la République or PIR). This time, however, I will also speak on behalf of Mothers All Equal (Mamans Toutes Égales), a collective to which the PIR belongs and that struggles for the repeal of an administrative text that bans mothers who wear the veil from participating in school outings. If I take on the role of representative here today, it is to raise awareness and denounce such unfair discrimination against these women and their children.


By way of introduction, I would like to start by saying that the situation in France and in Europe is quite worrisome. The economic crisis magnifying the situation, we observe, across the continent, the problematic rise of far-right, fascist and neo-Nazi forces. These radical nationalisms are increasingly uninhibited. Some of them take part, democratically, in different elections and quietly become institutionalized. The National Front is the third political power in France, and its president is a woman with a steel grip who does not hide her ambitions for the country’s presidency. To reach this objective, she will stop at nothing to make her party appear respectable and she is admirably successful. Admittedly, her task is facilitated by a number of circumstances. For instance, Islamophobia — and more exactly a State-supported anti-Muslim type of racism — is a national sport in France. The white political field that goes from the extreme right to the extreme left is completely contaminated. However, we must be precise in our analyses. Let me unpack some of this. Continue reading

Is This Shirt ‘Racist’? A Tribe Called Red Threatened With Boycott

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Racist Anti-immigration flyers single out Sikh community in Brampton

Brampton resident Jamal Jones holds an anti-immigration flyer that was delivered to his home this week. Jones says he finds the flyer offensive and racist.

Brampton resident Jamal Jones holds an anti-immigration flyer that was delivered to his home this week. Jones says he finds the flyer offensive and racist.


In Brampton, set to launch Sikh Heritage Month on Friday, residents a stone’s throw from city hall were shocked this week to find on their doorsteps anti-immigration flyers highlighting the Sikh community.

“Racism is real; it’s still here. People have the fallacy that it’s ended and stopped. It’s very much not that,” said Wellington St. resident Jamal Jones, who discovered the flyer on his door earlier this week.

Jones, 23, a second-generation Jamaican Canadian, found it offensive and racist. He decided to draw attention to this unacceptable act by posting a photo on Facebook, which later got picked up on Twitter and went viral.

“We should not judge people based on religion, race or skin colour,” said the actor and retail clerk. “We should judge by character and should not paint anyone with a broad brush.”

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