“Refugees Welcome” demo: why numbers aren’t everything

Calais Migrant Solidarity

Today over 2000 refugees and supporters marched to the port from the migrant camp known as the Jungle. The demonstration, called by the humanitarian organisation CalAID, was the largest in recent times and it was great to see so many people marching on the port.

At least 100 women and children held a separate march with banners reading “We have come here to save our lives” and “Where are the refugee rights? Where are the women’s rights? Where are the children’s rights?” Despite the lack of media coverage, as the first known womens-only action in Calais, this was a significant event.

However, we have a number of serious criticisms of today’s official event:

  • There was no real effort made by the organisers to consult the migants living in Calais in advance.
  • Some of those involved in recent self-organised migrant protests in Calais felt frustrated by the top-down organisational style of…

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Turkey: Help On-the-Ground Organizers Create A Free & Safe Space for Refugees !

From Solidarity in Practice / Tatbiki Dayanışma / تضامن عملي

Please Donate: HERE 

For More Update/Information Read: In Edirne, they say “We just want to cross!”

Who We Are & What We’re Doing! 

We are a group of people with a shared understanding of the refugee situation in Turkey and abroad. Between us we are involved in a variety of social justice work, including refugee rights and support. We decided to act on our ideas; to put solidarity into practice.. but we need your support to make it happen!


We are creating a flexible space that can meet the desires and needs of the people using it. This means that it can be a space for women to meet one day and can be a workshop for learning first aid or simply an evening meal on another. The space will not be issue-specific, meaning that if (somehow!) the situation of refugees in Izmir dramatically improves, the space will still be able to function as a healthy and vital place in Izmir. It is ultimately a community space by and for whoever uses it, with particular attention to refugees. Continue reading

[Refugee Support] Info: Are You Interested In Volunteering in the “Jungle” of Calais – Read This!

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 2.30.14 AM[BAI NOTE: The following information and analysis was pulled from a refugee support page on Facebook. The information below was written by an anonymous volunteer and although many important points are made – does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Bay Area Intifada contributors. ]

For More Info: Calais Migrant Solidarity

This report was written on Sunday September 13th and could be outdated at any given moment. Everything evolves so quickly here that by next week the situation might be completely different.

Dear people,

In spite of all the good intentions of so many, I would like to give a few last minute pointers. I’ve been here for a week now to volunteer and I’m helping out where help is needed. (I am here as an individual, unconnected to any organization so it is easier to write unprejudiced. On the other hand, this is merely a personal impression, although formed after having lots of conversations with the organizations here and people on the field.)


If you have goods available, try to stock these at your own place or at friends for now. Currently all storage here is full and organizations are looking for more space but it is unlikely that they are going to find more space this week and probably not even in the first few weeks. To be sure of storage place, contact Salam, L’Auberge des Migrants or Secours Catholique (these are the organizations that usually have space. If they say they don’t have any space left, they don’t, so there is no point in coming with stuff anyways) Continue reading

Neo-Nazi mob riots at anti-immigration protest

Anti-fascists blocking route of fascist march in DoverOriginally Posted in Libcom
By Anonymous

Around 200 neo-Nazis and racists rioted in Dover at an anti-immigration protest yesterday. Clashes with anti-fascists early in the day saw people on both sides hospitalised.

The protest was organised by the National Front (NF) and English Defence League (EDL) splinter group South East Alliance and supported by nearly every other group to have split from the EDL.

A counter-protest was organised by the Anti-Fascist Network (AFN) and supported by anti-fascists from across the country. The day began with groups of fascists gathering in pubs around Dover.

The AFN protest began at midday, a crowd of around 150 set off behind a banner calling for an open border and marched to the Castle Inn pub where the far-right protest was due to start.

Kent NF organiser Mark Freeman was chased into the pub which was quickly surrounded by anti-fascists. While the police were trying to hold anti-fascists back more far-right activists arrived.

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From Borders: Injustice, Atrocity, Tragedy & Resistance [The Refugee Struggle]

Survivor of a Golden Dawn attack in Greece

Survivor of a Golden Dawn attack in Greece

The following is a media report, info-drop and commentary I wrote two years ago this month while consumed with frustration about the lack of interest and attention on what everyone is calling the “Refugee Crisis”– which we refer to as the “Refugee Struggle”. After finding this unreleased writing just a few days ago I realized that all the information below is just as pertinent now as it was when I originally wrote it. The idea was/is that by exploring the struggles of Refugees from and in different regions that people, especially in the US would naturally connect the dots.

Shortly after writing this piece, I boarded a plane for Greece to find out for myself what was really happening in this “First Entry” country where so many Refugees are stuck (in arbitrary detention or by the Dublin III– More on that later). Due to unforeseen complications, all the video footage, photographs and writings compiled during that trip sit on a shelf collecting dust.

The Refugee Struggle is real and it’s global, and its knocking at all our doors. Now that the flood gates to “Fortress Europe” have opened with the blood of Syrians, this struggle is finally getting the attention it deserves, but so much is being left out the story. BAI hopes to dust off our aging material and release some new writings on this topic in the coming days. (So if you don’t see anything new, bug us about it, sometimes we need that)

A big and belated THANK YOU! to Lampedusa in Hamburg, Lampedusa in Berlin, We Are Here / Wij Zijn Heir (Amsterdam), KEERFA (Greece), Pakistani Workers Union (Greece), Afghan Refugee and Migrant Community in Greece, Finn Henning of Moogtography (Hamburg) and Global Uprisings (International) for all the time, stories, space and support.

Originally written in August/September 2013

By A Refugee Contributor to Bay Area Intifada

[BAI NOTE: Refugees and Migrants have taken center stage in news reports across the globe this past week. There are stories of heroic defiance and resistance, and of immense tragedy. BAI has reported on some of these, but has fallen far short of being able to share the vast majority of the stories. The point of these following updates is to help our readers see the connections between the colonial policies of the West and injustices we see at nearly every border.]

The following stories, pictures, videos, infographics and analysis have been compiled from: Indymedia Brussels, UK Indymedia, Kabul blog, No Borders, International, Democracy Now!, BBC, Daily MailHuman Rights Watch, Calais Migrant Solidarity, Anonymous Contributors & Bay Area Intifada

(TRIGGER WARNING: Then again, everything we post should have one.)


The Undocumented & the Unafraid: ( From Democracy Now!)

In a few weeks, the number of undocumented immigrants deported since President Obama took office will surpass two million — more than any other president. In the time since the Senate passed the immigration reform bill in July, the Department of Homeland Security deported 100,000 people. Continue reading

7th September, 4th protest of the people from the jungle

Calais Migrant Solidarity



Today again over 300 migrants went from the jungle to the centre of Calais, marched down boulevard Jaquard and past the theatre and back to hold a sit in in front of the Town Hall, chanting ‘no jungle’ ‘open the border’ ‘we are not animals’. Strong presence of women with some young children, all with faces covered. Protests will continue every day until a positive result is reached.S1140045

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#RefugeeStruggle: ‘We Have Rights as Human Beings’


Excerpt from “Who’s Coming North? – Migrants’ Journeys Through Mexico”

Jorge has already been deported once from the US. His crime, a very serious one according to US authorities, was to work at a car wash.

“There’s not slavery like there was before, but there’s more deaths now,” he said. “They make slaves out of undocumented people, and once the work is done, they kick them out of the country.”

He’s lived more than eight months in the shelter, helping construct a dormitory for unaccompanied children and preparing to make the dangerous journey north to be with his wife and three kids, who are still in the US. He stayed longer than he planned to at La 72 because he believes in what they’re doing and because he wants to help others like himself on their journey.

“Here they give people help, a roof to sleep under, food, security, and they treat people in a dignified way,” he said. Continue reading

I Want to Live as if I Wasn’t a Criminal


Excerpt from “Who’s Coming North? – Migrants’ Journeys Through Mexico”

Wendy is just 17 years old, but she walked three days alone along the same route where Edwin and his friends were robbed by masked paramilitaries. As an unaccompanied minor making the dangerous journey north, she joins the ranks of what the UN has termed “children on the run,” the more than 60,000 underage migrants coming to the US every year without an adult to guide them.

“My family doesn’t care what happens to me,” she said. “They’re just not interested.”

Like roughly 80 percent of the migrants passing through La 72, Wendy is from Honduras. She says the economic situation and increasing security concerns have made the country all but unlivable.

“The law in my country doesn’t work. The cops don’t help you, you have to pay them first. Every day there’s more crime committed by the police,” she told me. “Someone has to do something.”

Her main goal in leaving Honduras, what she hopes to accomplish in the US, is to get an education. Continue reading

[Video/Pictures] Neo Nazi’s In Germany Have Been Attacking Refugee Buses & Housing

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 2.26.45 PM

Photo: Christian Ditsch Photography: http://bit.ly/1JetSPr

[BAI Note: The following is a translation of a first hand account of the past two nights in Heidenau, Germany ( Near Dresden). Minor edits have been made for readability. Scroll down for video]
Photo: PM Cheung - Photography

Photo: PM Cheung – Photography


“About my visit to Heidenau” – From PM Cheung – Photography

 In my career as a photographer I have seen and been in many close call situations, but what I experienced in Heidenau made me very thoughtful and frankly speechless.

As if highly aggressive Neo-Nazis, who being protected by the dark (night) bombarded the refugee housing in a massive way with bottles, stones and fireworks were not bad enough, I found that the so called “Besorgte Bürger”  were even worse.

[BAI Note: Right wing protesters and online activist try to get rid of their Neo-Nazi image by referring to themselves as worried citizens – besorgte Bürger. This has in itself become a synonym for Neo Nazis].

Groups of people, families with children even, who mingled with the Nazis and under the influence of a lot of alcohol encouraged them ( Nazi’s) when they threw rocks or the likes towards the housing or the police. For one or two of the more “well placed” throws there was even applause.

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[Video] Pakistani Authorities Continue to Destroy Refugee Camps Around the Country

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 10.03.43 PM

Pakistani Authorities Continue to Destroy Refugee Camps Around the Country

Written by Jabar

“Residents of a mud shantytown in Islamabad‬ have received orders to leave their homes before their neighborhood is destroyed. The inhabitants, mostly Afghan refugees and displaced Pakistanis, say authorities believe the district is a hotbed of militancy.” – RFE/RL

The destruction of refugee camps is part of a broader strategy to expel Afghan refugees from Pakistan entirely. Mass sweeps are scheduled to take place in many areas including ‪#‎Peshawar‬ later this year. Continue reading