[Video] Oakland to Ferguson Protest FTP

Oakland To Ferguson: Get Free

Ferguson To Oakland : Get Free

Oakland, California

From Justice for [Fill in the Blank]

On Friday August 15th Oakland residents took to the streets in solidarity with those resisting police violence in Ferguson, Missouri. Here’s a short video of what took place:

[Video] Paris Defies Ban On Pro Palestine Demonstrations, Clashes Break Out


Video From Revolution Et Libertes

Paris, France

The following video helps breakdown the sequences of events in Paris during todays (July 19th) demonstration in support of Palestine and in defiance of the French governments ban on Pro Palestinian / Anti Zionist protests.

The video breakdown is clear: 1: Peaceful Protestors Defying The Government Ban 2: Police React With Tear Gas Attacks 3: The People Resist

The French police can be seen HERE attacking a disabled pro Palestinian demonstrator who is bound to a wheelchair. As people rush to defend the man from the police and cameras appear, the police back off. Continue reading