[Music Video/Lyrics] “Right Back” A Theme Song to the Baltimore Rebellion

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 12.18.32 AMBaltimore, MD

Arguably every rebellion has its soundtrack or theme song. In recent memory the Rodney King Rebellions/ LA Riots had NWA’s “F**K Tha Police”. The Oscar Grant Rebellions had Killer Mike’s “Burn“, the Trayvon Martin Uprisings had Zoeja Jean’s “All Black In My Hoodie and the police murder of Ezell Ford in LA had Fords own cousin, Ceebo the Rapper’s  “Fuck Tha Police” .

Undoubtedly the list will grow as there’s no end in sight to the colonial project known as the USA and its genocidal police and security forces.  With conservative estimates of police shootings reaching between 900 and 1200 per year we could have 3 or 4 new songs a day. The latest edition to the soundtrack of police murders comes from the latest rebellion itself: Baltimore. Continue reading

From Oakland to Greece! Anarchists are F***ing Up! Golden Dawn and Next Level Fascism

Survivor of Vicious Golden Dawn Attack

Survivor of Vicious Golden Dawn Attack

[BAI NOTE]: The following is a conversation between a Bay Area Intifada admin and a comrade engaged in the anti-authoritarian scene on the ground in Athens, Greece. Anna, whose name was changed to protect her identity, is an unemployed geologist in her early 30’s. The primary focus of Anna’s political work is around migrant justice. 

The BAI admin is a refugee in his early 30’s who has been living in the Bay Area off and on since the early 1980’s. He has been active in many struggles in the Bay Area over the past decade.

The following conversation took place on September 13th in Oakland, CA/ September 14th in Athens, Greece, following a brazen Golden Dawn attack against KKE (Communists Party) members in Athens. BAI has made very few edits in the text below and aspires to keep things raw, human and unapologetic.

BAI does not see itself as separate, neutral or sitting-on-the-sidelines in regards to liberation struggles. On the contrary, those who contribute are long-time participants in these struggles themselves.

Golden Dawn Nazis

Golden Dawn Nazis

Athens, Greece / Oakland, California 

[BAI]: Hey Anna! Hows it going??? Wtf is going on over there??? I’ve been reading that Golden Dawn beat the shit out of the commies last night?! What happened? I had a really poor translation…

[ANNA]: This is a total confusion! Actually, now well few minutes before I find you! A friend from the anti-authoritarian scene was saying how happy he is the communist people were beaten up by the nazis!!!! Continue reading

BREAKING [Video]: Migrant Detention Center in Greece Set Ablaze During Riots

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 5.37.37 PM

(For the latest on the situation in Amygdaleza: ” 10 escape in Migrant Rebellion in Notorious Greek Detention Center ” )


Riots have broken out in a migrant detention center in Amygdaleza, near Athens.  The conditions in these facilities are known as some of the worst in the world with regular stories of beatings, torture and deplorable conditions. There are several reports of badly injured refugees and one dead, but none is yet confirmed. 10 police are said be injured. The police allegedly regained control at around 02.00.

From Mainstream media reports: 

“Last week, leftist rights group KEERFA said Muslim detainees had been beaten by guards during prayers.”

“In July, the same group reported the death of an Afghan detainee died from a pulmonary infection which prison guards had allegedly ignored for months.”

The Migrants, most of which are unspecified “Asians”, Pakistani, Afghan and Syrian burned containers and mattresses protesting against the police brutality inside the camp, the inhumane conditions and the arbitrary extending of their detentions from 12 months to 18 months simply for being in the country.. Continue reading

A Response to the Article “A Basic Explanation of Recent Events July 13-15, 2013”

GrayFistPosted on Anarchist News

The article written by Anon is a misunderstanding of how things went down in Oakland over those three days and how locally anarchists and other militants interact more generally in the streets. The play by play put forth by Anon is an informative account but most of the analysis is inaccurate and detrimental to an understanding of our present moment. There is an essentialization of both race and anarchy in Anon’s piece. This response offers a counter analysis that attempts to push the discussion about the tensions around race and insurgency into a fresher terrain that reflects our recent experiences and especially our excitement around building racial solidarity through lawlessness. The terms “black” and “white” are used throughout to cut to the main racial dynamics, but obviously ignore the aspects of racial diversity that adds layers of complexity to the discussion that this piece can’t touch on. Continue reading

(VIDEO) Machete Attack on Police Station – Uyghur Autonomous Region

Video and Excerpts from Sina July 8

Autnomous Uyghur Region, Turkestan

“Surveillance video showing rioters with machetes attacking a local police station on June 26 in Shanshan county of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region was released Saturday.

Reports stated that 24 people, of which 16 were ethnic Uyghurs and eight were Han, were killed. The attacks also left 21 others injured.”

June 26th, Uyghur Autonomous region

June 26th, Uyghur Autonomous region

watch video here

[BAI Note] The clashes in “Turkestan” have been going on for decades as the Muslim Uyghur population has been in a decolonial struggle against the Chinese state and the Han Chinese. The Hans have been flooding and settling the region which is often called “Xinjiang,” which means “New Frontier” or “New Colony,” by the Chinese state and global mainstream media. The security forces in the region are Han Chinese as well and any act against the settlers is considered an act against the state. Since 9/11, the Chinese government has taken to calling the Uyghur rebels “insurgents” and the uprisings acts of “terror.”  The Muslim Uyghur community, now an ethnic minority group in the region, has also been banned by the Chinese state from observing Ramadan. Other Muslim activities such as visits to the masjid (mosques) have also been curbed. Continue reading

“My name is turmoil, and it is written in stone” (Graphic Video)

Rio De Janeiro. Posted on A Nova Democracia on 17 June 2013.

Rough Translation:

r R. Miner

We can see the streets, the greatest legacy of the Confederations Cup. Thanks Fifa.

The ministers and communication monopolies, astonished, say they understand the meaning of such revolt. Isolated in his artificial paradises are scared to face the country. There are at least ten years, I hope that things like this happen. The day dawned, “Every night – has auroras, rays – all the darkness.” “Brazil woke up”, this phrase could be read on posters of many manifestations. Waking to dream.

In a historic night, lucky those who could not sleep. Insomnia of that attack is much more pleasurable than the defenders of the old fort.

The reactionary ruling classes and, amidst the nightmare of the streets, outlining its strategy to empty the demonstrations. Last week saw the venomous attacks of its spokesmen. Arnaldo Jabor said that the youth was not worth a penny, Luiz Datena called us vandals and troublemakers. After it became clear that repression only increased the rebellion, the discourse changed. Yesterday, Jabor spoke of a generation that finds ideas; Datena told the CQC, which despite being in the journalism police, his specialty was human rights. Continue reading

Clashes as Jakarta Plans Fuel Price Hike

Posted on The Peninsula from the AFP, 18 June 2013

From the AFP. An Indonesian student launches fireworks towards police during a protest against the fuel price hike outside parliament in Jakarta on June 17, 2013.

From the AFP. An Indonesian student launches fireworks towards police during a protest against the fuel price hike outside parliament in Jakarta on June 17, 2013.


Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at stone-throwing protesters in Indonesia yesterday, as thousands demonstrated nationwide against the government’s plan to increase fuel prices.

Several people were injured in the clashes which came as lawmakers at parliament in the capital Jakarta were set to approve budget amendments that will pave the way for the first fuel hike since 2008.

Five protesters, a journalist and seven policeman were injured during clashes in the city of Ternate, in the eastern Maluku islands, said national police spokesman Agus Rianto.

A 2,000-strong crowd hurled sticks and rocks at police, who responded by firing rubber bullets at the demonstrators, he added. A reporter at the scene said police also fired tear gas.

In Jambi, a city on Sumatra island, hundreds of protesters tried to push through the gate in front of the local legislature, provincial police spokesman Almansyah said “The situation became somewhat chaotic and the police had to fire tear gas to disperse them,” said the spokesman, who like many Indonesians goes by one name. Continue reading

Istanbul: Come On Neighbor, Please Wake Up

Posted from Insanlik Hali 17 June 2013

A cop drawn in Gezi

A cop drawn in Gezi. From Insanlik Hali.

Good morning Neighbor,

I say good morning, but I am writing this to you at the break of dawn, after a night of no sleep. You know me, we’ve been living in the same building for years. I am the quite one, without many visitors. I go to bed early and wake up before morning prayer. But last night I didn’t sleep a wink. You slept instead of me dear neighbor. I know you did because I was out on the balcony so many times, banging pots and pans.  My husband was turning the lights on and off. We tried everything to get your attention.

But you kept on sleeping, neighbor.

While we sat with our hands on the door knob, our hearts racing at top speed, our eyes sore, you slept. I am not angry with you. If I had relied on that box called ‘television’ to be informed about what’s going on in the world, in my country or even on the next street, I would also go to bed and sleep peacefully after the evening news.

After all, what have they said on TV? Gezi Park has been evacuated. And it was done with utter ease. Without causing any harm. “Our people started leaving the park on time, due to the announcements made half an hour in advance. The marginal, illegal terrorist groups who stayed behind were treated with tear gas and water cannons.” On top of it our Mayor has made a speech, explaining that no harm was done to the people and children. That Gezi Park was evacuated and the public workers were taking down the tents. We should be at peace. This story has come to an end.

Dispatches from Ankara: Correspondence from a Protester

Yotam Ronen/Al Jazeera: The Ankara-based Human Rights Association says up to 1,000 people have been injured in protests.

Yotam Ronen/Al Jazeera: The Ankara-based Human Rights Association says up to 1,000 people have been injured in protests.

Ankara, Turkey

Following up from Clarity Within the Smoke: Thoughts From Inside Turkey’s Uprising, a candid look into the situation is Istanbul, Bay Area Intifada (BAI) sought out those in Ankara after a brutal attack by police on live TV.  Melih, a 24-year old protestor on the ground in Ankara found us instead.

These brief conversations took place between June 6 -9 (Turkey Dates).  The first dispatch will be the most recent. After that all correspondence is presented in chronological order starting with the first communication between Melih & BAI:

Continue reading

Updates From A Comrade in Turkey

REUTERS/Murad Sezer A protester in Turkey braves tear gas.

REUTERS/Murad Sezer A protester in Turkey braves tear gas.

Update as of 6 am (PST) 

Due to a media blackout, the following updates are hard to confirm, but come directly from comrades on the ground in an undisclosed major city.

Vicious attacks from state security

  • Police chased protesters towards military barracks. The military opened their gates to allow protesters in and pointed their guns at the police. No shots were reported to have been fired.
  • Four people are said to have died so far. Other reports from the ground say this is not at all confirmed.

  • Internet and satellite services are scheduled to be be shut down by the State. Mobile communications were down the entire day yesterday, as well as throughout the night.

  • Anyone seen filming (with exception of mainstream media) targeted with violence by police.

  • Street lighting shutdown.

  • Helicopters are shooting plastic bullets indiscriminately into crowds of protestors and pedestrians.

  • The massive amounts of tear gas being used has caused many injuries and is said to be the biggest obstacle.

  • From a source on the ground, the numbers of injuries are in the thousands. Continue reading