[Find Video Here ]Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Attempt to Suppress Video Of Palestinians Youth Cutting Power To Settlements

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Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google have actively suppressed videos of Palestinians cutting down power lines to a settlement west of Ramallah.

On Monday July 21st people woke up to find various posts had been deleted from social media sites. This post in particular was wiped off a number of sites, but seems to be viewable from the original source. A number of social media users who shared the post however had their accounts deleted without warning.

Here are a couple links to where the video can be viewed:

1: Liveleak

2: Shehab News Agency

Direct Action Gets the Goods…



Israel to coordinate with Google, YouTube, to censor Palestinian videos of conflict

The Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister, Member of Knesset Tzipi Hotovely, held meetings this week with representatives of YouTube and Google, to find ways of cooperating to censor Palestinian videos from occupied Palestine, videos she dubbed as “inciting violence and terrorism”, as stated by IMEMC.

Israeli newspaper Maariv said Hotovely will be working with Google and YouTube officials in a joint mechanism that will be in charge of “monitoring and preventing” any publication of materials deemed by Tel Aviv to be “inflammatory.”


[Video] French Zionist Group “Jewish Defense League” Attack Pro Palestinian March, Get Beat Up, Hide Behind Police


From Soufain Al-Qadi

“Here is (Video) proof that the JDL (Jewish Defence League) is responsible for the brawl near the synagogue Rue de la Roquette (13 July 2014).We can see thegroup destroy property to undermine the pro-Palestinian demonstrators. All this before their final escape with all the cowardice that characterizes them, under the watchful eye of the police, always ready to protect Jewish extremists” Continue reading